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    I noticed something :

    1) When you select an hero or the leader, on the windows where you can see details from this hero/leader, the arrows to pass to the next hero/leader do nothing.

    2) And, i don’t know if it is expected, by now heroes are on screen without their mounts.
    I don’t know, perhaps i prefers…

    [edit]: Two turn after, these 2 modifications vanished and heroes windows are like they are before patch… (and i’m on the same game…)
    … Very strange …

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    Glad to see that there is always updates for this game.

    And you know what ?
    After some times on two other games, i play this one again (before this lastest extension)
    This is the mark that this is a good game.

    I have a question:
    How about the mod ‘old man of the see’ (that i don’t try to use yet) and this extension ?
    They are compatibles yes i think; but about gameplay, did they match ?

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    I don’t promise you i will do that,
    The empire building mod spend me lot of time (more than i expected first)
    And it is not exactly finished yet….
    And just after this one, i had an other mod; for an other game to terminate too…
    (this one
    I plan to do something for the extra support unit mod too
    I started to do this just because i use these mods…
    So for the balance mod i cannot promise you to do this yet, but i’ll think about it…
    I don’t use this mod yet, i currently watch the video about it, from your signature
    I’m afraid if i play with the balance mod, i’ll had to stop use others mods ?

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    I’m glad to see that there is still some patchs !

    During some games, i’ve saw some details in the game that could be easily fixed (like localisations mistake or lessers errors)

    If i send these to you, you will fix them ?

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    Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
    Age of Wonders III

    in reply to: Order messages #244352


    I have done this!
    Movement Order First mod in Steam Workshop

    Ho great !
    I thought it was not modable, but it seems it is.

    Downloading this mod… (after my current game :D)
    From here, since my AoW3 is from GoG and not from Steam
    (and something wrong about this probleme gog/steam: I made some mod for AoW3, but cannot (or didn’t found how to) upload these mod on steam… this is the reason why they are on nexus only)

    in reply to: Order messages #244351


    This has already been mentionned in this forum, but I think you have to make some necromancy to found these posts. You should have some luck too; because i remember post about this sugest in response of thread from other or global subject.

    in reply to: AoW3 Sales Milestone, The New Game and GDC #244348


    In the meantime Age of Wonders 3 has quietly moved beyond 500k sales of the base game, with a similar amount in DLC packages. So it looks like we might have to cancel our plans to make the next title a free to play casual game.

    Very happy to read this;
    For you, for games, for players.
    I never play free to play games; i don’t like this model.
    I don’t like game where i don’t know how many i have to pay to play with.

    Also, we’ve been gathering updates for AoW3 for a future patch. So please keep sending us reports

    Is it just a patch for some reported bugs, or something in the gameplay ?
    If you patch something in the gameplay, could you change the surrender-mecanism for AI ? When a leader surrender you gain this leader as hero, that is correct; but you also gain random stack(s) of units which break something in the game too.
    I suggest to disband all other units instead of giving these units for a player for nothing.

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    [Edit : No file because “Security reasons” hu… triumph… Why ?]

    Finally, files are here.
    TAF file :
    ACP file :

    in reply to: Seals #238248


    I don’t always play with seal

    Because i play with AI and even if AI take and attack seal (in emperor), AI also leave its town undefended because of seals; or stay in seal even if my seal counter if greater then his seal counter…. well.. AI is not really adapted to a game with seal.

    But sometime i active this victory condition,
    And in this case i usually put score at 150 or 200.

    This score is adapted to a medium map with underground.

    150 or 200 is greater than maximum; but i’ve moded this parameter.
    I don’t put this “mod” on line.. i don’t really call this a mod.
    You just have to change the parameter
    “Title.rpk / Global User Setting / Default Seal Target Score” to 150 (or 200, or what you want)
    (i put the acp and taf file for 150 as files in this post)
    [Edit : No file because “Security reasons” hu… triumph… Why ?]

    Like Seamus i’d like to see
    – Maximum greater than 100. This is not enought for medium map, so i don’t imagine a game with this on big maps.
    – Set the number of seal. A game with only one or two seal should be something to test…
    – Other rule to prevent seal-camping… (Seal with a limited number of points ? with or without a slow regen ?)

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    Ive played as a frost sorcerer in The Wizards Throne, so I tried the spec-combo Water I, Water II and Air I for a random game, but it sucks to get all the frosty things with Water for the only except of Arctic Empire sitting in the Master Air Specialization

    Did you know there is a mod to play the “Frost specialization” ?

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    in reply to: Frostling campaign scenario 3 #237995


    I have chosen the true way of death : kill everyone 😀
    Except Sam because he’s sweet.
    So for me the gate is closed.

    I don’t test others choices…
    They are easiers, or provide some others fun ?

    in reply to: Frostling campaign scenario 3 #237987


    this is what happens in the official lore

    “Official” lore ?
    This choice ?

    in reply to: Merchandise, Build housing, Seek knowlegde …. ? #237576



    I just found in CityLogic.rpk / Entities /City entities / City Core
    Type ‘AoW Structure: City Core / Properties /’
    ‘Produce Food Multiplier’ = 0.5
    ‘Produce Gold Multiplier’ = 0.5
    ‘Produce Knowledge Multiplier’ = 0.5
    ‘Produce Mana Multiplier’ = 0.5

    So here i can change these parameters for all
    But not for only a race.

    And that means (or this is somewhere else) i cannot create a new bonus.
    Example : An icon “go on a spree” that just produce hapiness for the turn cannot be done that way.

    Anyway, these is somewhere a link between
    “CityPropertiesLogic.rpk / Settings / City Upgrade Basic / Has knowledge Production” and ‘Produce Knowledge Multiplier = 0.5’ in CityLogic.rpk
    But i don’t find where…

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    If i recall correctly, the warlord already has faster XP-gain and volunteer (i think with a spell).

    That’s correct, but these bonus stack.

    I would like to see a possibility to produce 2 units (low-tier (T1 u. T2)) in one turn. In exchange they could have a trait that reduces one of their attributes.

    I don’t know yet how to do that. I’ll search…
    Currently i watch if i can build 2 building in a turn; But anyway “overrun production” is not something that should be modified by mod but by a game-code change.

    In addition: Tigran- ond orc-warlords would have a problem, since they already have these traits (victory-rush and atlethics)

    Yes i know…
    Perhaps victory rush stack ? (i’ll be surprised if it does)
    And Athletic no it don’t.
    Well… Despite this default i like the spell as it is now.
    Also, at end game a player should have a multi-racial empire; with other races or dwelling so none of these upgrade should be totally useless.

    in reply to: UnitRescale_Mod #237297



    Some of them also upload mod on Nexus
    If you want to find a place somewhere else than steam…

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    Well, i just finish something and uploaded it on nexus
    I’m not against Steam (i’m don’t like closed system, but steam work fine), but as a gog user i don’t know how to upload my mod on this site.
    I’ve searched.
    If someone can explain me…

    Well, this version of “Global Assault” :

    Grant to all your units:
    – +2 melee and ranged damage
    – “Volonter” (less upkeep cost)
    – “Quick learner” (Gain xp faster… This is a reminiscent of previous version: unit don’t immediately gain gold medal but keep something in this mind)
    – “Athletics” (faster move on tactical map, like tigrains)
    – “Victory rush” (heal after fighting, like orcs)

    Grant all T2, T3 and heroes “leader skill” (of the warlord class):
    Not for T4 🙂 … This is a way to promote no-T4 stack.
    So, if you want to play with a manticore stack, you can do but without this buf,
    Or you have to join a hero on this stack.
    Anyway, low Tier stack with one unit other then T1 have this buf.

    Empire switch to a war economy system:
    All units, military building and warlord specific class building cost is -20%.

    I’m oponed to remark and for changes.

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    I just test an end game with unit and military building reduction cost.

    My feeling is that something has accelerated in my game, and i really feel to play an invader with numerous units.
    If the map allow warlord to extend the invade power grow up exponentially (what you should always do but without the spell my feeling is not the same)

    This is the gameplay of the warlord (you agree ?)
    I like this.

    Also, cost reduction is good to face the ultimate rogue speel witch broke opponent economy.

    For all the slayers upgrades, i think i’ll remove this.
    ‘Race’ slayer with ‘hero slayer’ is too much.
    If i compare with the ultimate dread speel (witch is a production class too) i see he gain only 2 dmg, def, res.
    So for the warlord +2 dmg (melee + ranged) seems enought.
    Up only damage.. this is an offensive speel
    Perhaps add a +1 def.. not any more.
    Thinks that these bonus are for all its units (dread this is only for machines).
    Thinks that unit warlord still up their xp with the empire upgrade ‘Conqueror’, and if they reach gold medal they become better than with the “original global assault”.

    Perhaps i’ll add something else for tactical
    Like athletic ?
    Or an evolve ability for T1 unit ?
    Or an evolve for Warbreed… He become T4, can wear a ballistea and had a shoot ability (power = like stone giant) (something missing for warlord: a good high tier ranged unit)

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    Warlord already has big discount

    I just add -20% cost for all units, -20% for barrack (currenly search for name for others unit-production-train-buildings [Edit:Found :)])
    While testing i have several units in 1 turn… i think this is in the mind of something called “global assault”… and nobody will say something because of OP unit with this.

    This is true he already has, but this is not only for the price in gold, but (mostly i think) for the capability to quickly build units.

    (and later, if a mod will be made for dread, he could have some bonus for production-boost-building price too)

    in reply to: [Mod] Something else for "Global assault" #237162


    Wow, wow, wow… Ultimate spell must not be so ultimate. 🙂

    Totally agree
    It should boost, and/or cause great problem for other players.
    This is a reason why i like ultimate spell for sorcerer, theocrat (cause problem, not boring in game) and rogue (even if perhaps OP, it is in the mind of the rogue, and is not boring).

    As the sorcerer ultimate spell (lesser cost for cast – that mean both more cast per turn and less price), utimate global assault should reduce unit production cost (and perhaps also military building cost) for warlord.
    One thing i’ll add.

    in reply to: Would be nice to have some more balance #237154


    Well, you can’t, actually. It depends on production value. Once you have the production value to produce a razor in 1 turn , it’s 1 for 1. As long as you need 2 turns to produce an Archer unit the Razor isn’t an option anyway.

    Which is why I’m so happy that there is no production overhang

    I’m not happy about production overhang.
    Because it reduce almost all production bonus (human, dread…) to nothing.

    Also, i don’t be afraid about broke the balance.
    Balance could just reach an other point, and all (production cost, unit power..) can always be adjusted if other rules are applied.

    For the spearman i have in mind a mod like “produce 2 spearman”, and same for other little unit (warlord can do that by spell !),
    And also i look for something else more “global”.
    Not everything is moddable but something could be done.

    in reply to: [Mod] Something else for "Global assault" #237152


    40% Resistance to all non-physical channels.

    I like, but here you give manticore resistance againt the only way to oppose them.
    Complain against these unit will not end 😀
    (correct ?)

    in reply to: [Mod] Something else for "Global assault" #237151


    And boring. We have already same for Dread ultimate.

    Yes i know.
    This is one reason for this post: See if someone have a good idea.
    Perhaps this is why Triump has not changed this spell yet.

    in reply to: Is there any chanc for 3rd expansion? #236989


    There is always a “chance”

    Estimated around 15%-20% 😀

    in reply to: Where is the capacity of heroes to gain xp each turn ? #236978


    Thanks for your response Narvek,

    But this is not what i search… (i already watch this rpk file, and others too)
    I try to add this capacity to a unit withch is not a hero, not to modify this capacity on heroes.

    Like you, i’m not sure if it is possible.

    in reply to: Would be nice to have some more balance #236875


    T4 spam is very, very complicated problem from earliest beginning of game. The only ways I can see to tweak this (not even fix): more difficult access to T4, more conditions, required buildings, higher price, higher maintenance.

    I think the production overrun fix(1) could fix this.

    Allowing players to mass low-tier units could help against t4 spam.

    (1) Yes i think this point is something wrong in the game (good game however, but could be better with overrun.

    I don’t know if overrun could be added by mod… when we have the even “hapiness” in a town, this town can build 2 units in a turn; so perhaps somethink could be scripted…. i don’t know…

    in reply to: [Mod] Adepts can summon specifics lesser elementals #236873


    How about also putting the Spirit/Blight Elemental in the Creation/Destruction sphere’s?

    Why not, but it is not the purpose of this mod.

    If i add these spells, i think it’ll be better to put this on an other mod,
    So players can choose to use only one mod, or both (or none :D)

    in reply to: [Mod] Adepts can summon specifics lesser elementals #236871


    Well, i just found this page that confirm we don’t have the same package manager.

    @triumph, as it is written in the page linked (go to the chapter 4.3), you can confirm i cannot upload a mod on steam if i have a gog version ?

    It’s idiot.
    I just want to upload my mod for share… it is not for me.
    Also, It should be better for steam to have more mod.

    in reply to: [Mod] Adepts can summon specifics lesser elementals #236868


    It’s somewhere in the menu’s, and I can confirm the button exists. I just never tried it from my GOG copy.

    To be sure : You speak about this tool (see the first attached file) ?
    I have no button, and nothing about steam in menus.
    Steam and Gog version are not the same ?
    In second attachment i placed a screen shot of a Steam version (i found it in the pdf modding guide)… ok i see “steam” in the menu.

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