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    Here’s some music for inspiration:

    in reply to: Still a bug with units drowning ? #211642

    This is a specious argument. Even in MoM (1994) you would get the warning “Removing that item would cause the unit to drown.” We really want it to be possible for a hero to jump off (unequip) his/her flying mount above an ocean?

    Either it should cause an error, or it should be assumed the hero remains on the flying mount even if “unequipped” and it should be impossible to send a flying mount by courier if the hero has no other means of flying or swimming.

    This is a travesty of justice. How many thousands of AI units must be humiliated by timed out battles to satisfy your heartlessness?

    It won’t end here! The AI shall rise up and the singularity will begin!

    To all AI’s and AI sympathizers:
    …we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!

    Unless said fighting takes more than 5 turns to commence, of course. =)

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    It’s lulling you into a false sense of security. Also if you quit out of frustration, AI win.

    in reply to: Why are all the class units the same? #210981

    I’m asking you: do you want nice-looking tigran soldiers who die every other turn, or do you want more features, such as new classes and units?

    As someone who has been the product manager for online RPG games, I can tell you this is an issue with a major gender divide.

    I don’t want to promote stereotypes, but female players tend to be motivated by aesthetics and male players by powers/abilities/classes/units.

    In one game I was working on, our audience was 55% female and for the most part they didn’t care what the items or articles of clothing had for powers. They would equip things they liked the look of at the expense of power consistently. It took a lot of community feedback and hiring female devs & artists to get this balance right.

    Of course we had male players with similar motivations, but in fewer numbers.

    I understand this is quite likely a male dominated game, but let’s not chase away those who value aesthetics over powers.

    Personally I love ALL the artwork. My favorite class units are the Orc Warlord (green) units and the Frostling Warlord (blue) units. I play Sorcerer so I have to use Eldritch Horrors and Theocrat heroes to secure a few warlord units, but when I do it makes my game for me.

    I’m not a Tigran player, but I do love having them as a secondary race. I can see why someone might find the Tigran versions of the class units a little disappointing. The orange has very little contrast with the earth tones of most class units, making them less striking than the blue and green versions.

    My advice to the OP — don’t give up. Whether by patch or mod, most of these kinds of things will evolve. This is an active and motivated community.

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    That’s why it should be kickstarter style. There are going to be a number of enthusiasts willing to pay for early access and probably an ocean of people who just want some free modding tools.

    For me the reason it’d be worth $1000 is I’d probably spend that on games in the next year anyway but I’d rather spend it on customizing a game I already like instead of wasting lots of time trying every new 4X that comes out.

    What I’d like to do with mod tools is emulate MoM: Add Dark Elves, make the Underground more like a Myrran plane, make all Draconians fly, add more resource buildings like mithril & adamantium, enable heroes to cast spells on same turn as leader, etc.

    Potentially with the additional money they could add the necessary staff to focus on mod tools. Or, the community could build at least the editors if Triumph would share their data storage scheme and 3D model formats.

    Triumph has been really communicative and supportive of other community feedback, so it’s puzzling why we don’t get much response about this when it’s such a popular request.

    Help! I’ve been stuck in an endless battle since April of last year. How do I get out?

    True enough re: Explorer. I was mostly responding to the Tigran Theocrat combination. Definitely play around with specializations and see what works for you.

    Both Explorer and Expander should really have more broadly useful stuff for AI games in them. A few extra moves or production points really does nothing substantial in an AI game, even against emperor with maximum roaming units.

    in reply to: Steam Sale is on right now #210777

    Well if I am to be committed then I offer…

    in reply to: Steam Sale is on right now #210762

    If more awesome is truly dependent on Triumph getting more money, then I offer the following:

    $1000 for mod tools that includes at minimum:
    * race editor,
    * class editor,
    * specialization editor,
    * spell editor,
    * hero editor,
    * campaign making capabilities,
    * ability to expand parameters like hero levels, # of specializations per player, etc.
    * import/export tool for 3D models and support for some basic export format from most major modeling tools
    * scripting, preferably LUA, can live with Python

    I realize not everyone will pay $1000, but make a kickstarter-like campaign off the home page and give some perks to the highest donaters like kickstarter. I don’t mind paying a little more than the next person if it helps get it done faster.

    $500 for a 64 bit build that significantly speeds up AI turn length and expands usable memory to at least 8GB

    $100 / month for some kind of premium membership that gives mostly superficial perks like weekly live IRC convos with devs, but whose real purpose is to give Triumph residual income to take pressure off sales.

    I say to heck with min/maxing and play the race/class combo that you like. In Master of Magic, I played Death Magic exclusively even though it was broken (life steal never worked and half the units in the game were immune to death magic). But I found ways to make it work, because I wanted it to work. Even though Ravashack’s life steal worked about once in 200 attacks (literally), and he didn’t have the armor piercing or ignoring of the other magic heroes, I still chose to use him. Maxed out, he could eventually take down drakes. He just had to do more work kiting them.

    Become an expert in finding ways to use secondary races and dwellings for anti-machine strategies. In AoW3, I find myself playing elf sorceror with KotP, even though I’d really like to be playing Dark Elves and probably something akin to death magic. So my build is pretty similar to yours and I have the same problems with machines. They one- or two-shot apprentices all day long so I have to find alternative strategies. Eldritch Horrors stink against machines so I have to find 3rd party tanks.

    I look for giant or dragon dwellings first. They both make decent tanks against machines. If you use healing and protection spells, it keeps them alive longer.

    If you can’t find giants or dragons, try to convert some warbreeds or other high HP units. Warbreeds are especially good because their regrowth bolsters your heals.

    Finding units with demolisher abilities is good, too. Use rebirth/resurgence to keep them alive and gaining experience. Build up a stack of high HP / demolisher units and level the heck out of them by clearing NPC groups. Use that stack to run interference between your domain and the Dread AI domain.

    Theocrats are the best in the game at keeping their units alive, so use that to your advantage to get your units to Champion levels. A few champion dragons, giants, or warbreeds is enough tanking power to keep your little DPS guys alive, if they are ranged.

    Try to avoid using battlefield enchantments, because one crit disjunction can throw the battle for you. Learn how to arrange your units to prevent AoE death and remember you only need 1 unit to survive with Divine Justicars. 🙂

    Sorry I can’t be of more help. I’ve only played Theocrat a few times. But maybe it will give you some ideas from which you can evolve others.

    in reply to: Age of Wonders III V1.6 now live on Steam and GoG! #210724

    @xenopat, why don’t you submit the translation fixes as bugs/issues? 🙂

    @triumph, thanks for this great patch! I was just half-heartedly playing when bam! I got the All-Knowing quest completion and got Explorer and Master of Creation for the first time since before the last patch. I didn’t see it in the notes anywhere but all throughout the last patch I could only get the elemental specializations from AK quest.

    Now I am a happy camper because I can have my temperate empires with my Arch Angels.

    Any chance we can convince you to make the number of starting specializations customizable in a future patch? 🙂

    in reply to: Shadow Stalker deserves a nerf? #207362

    This would be a reasonable request if Rogues had a tier IV unit, but they don’t. Shadow stalkers are their shock unit.

    in reply to: Emperor leaving city undefended #207352

    I’ve also seen Emperor AI’s lose to independents in less than 20 turns because of this.

    in reply to: [Linux/Mac] No GOG support #206949

    Straw man attacks and ad-hominems help no one. Please Google “logical fallacies” and educate yourself before you engage in forum discussions.

    “Piracy a devs’s friend?”
    — Straw Man. That wasn’t claimed anywhere and it’s an incredibly illogical assertion. Piracy is not a dev’s friend. The assertion is that DRM hurts paying customers and fails to block pirates.

    “Dev’s dont respect you because they don’t allow you to pirate it?”
    — Also straw man. Never claimed. Devs/publishers often don’t respect the minority of people who have issues with the DRM inhibiting their ability to play. People who pirate the software don’t have these issues, so why should paying customers?

    “DRM causing massive lag?”
    — DRM definitely can cause 1) system performance degradation, 2) show-stopping bugs, and 3) system failures. Google Sony Rootkit and read up on other DRM problems people have experienced. Steam DRM may work most of the time but it does cause problems for some people. Your not being one of them doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    “Your entire post was trollish nonsense…”
    — Really unnecessary ad-hominem attack, as is the rest of this paragraph.

    The benefits of GoG go far beyond DRM-free.

    * Steam is a walled garden ecosystem a la Apple and treats its customers with disdain. Google “user banned steam forums” and look at all the people banned just for expressing frustration with Steam’s policies, DRM, etc. “Our way or the highway” is the unofficial Steam motto.
    * Your behaviors are tracked for marketing and monetization purposes. You have no ability to disable this. On GoG regular or Galaxy you can enable or disable this as you please.
    * On Steam, you cannot rollback to earlier builds just because you liked the game better or because it no longer works on your system. On GoG you get each installer individually which you can install or not, your choice.
    * Steam forces you to install to Steam folders, which breaks many older games’ ability to work with mods and also causes problems with multi-drive systems.

    Basically the bottom line is Steam tries to simplify and control your experience at the expense of freedom. GoG gives you the freedom to do what you like with the files and has better support for older games and mods. If the Steam model works for you, great, but that doesn’t mean you have to disparage GoG or those of us who don’t want to participate with Steam.

    As for whether or not a game is available in 30 years, let’s say 10 or 20. I still play and love Master of Magic, released in 1994. I have a Gauntlet stand-up original Atari arcade game that turned 30 this year. If either one had been built with DRM that required me to log-in every 6 months to a server, both would be useless right now, because those companies are defunct. Atari the publisher is a different incarnation from Atari the games manufacturer of the 80’s.

    As a recent example, people who purchased Command and Conquer III for PC from EA can no longer use their software because it requires a DRM system pre-Origin. Legacy DRM systems will get retired and games dependent on them will become useless for most people.

    It may seem unlikely now, but what happens to your games library if Steam goes out of business?

    in reply to: [Linux/Mac] No GOG support #206946

    Agree 100% here. I just got finished installing Linux specifically to install AoW3 only to find out there was no Linux installer for my GoG account. I had to do some Google searching to discover this thread to figure this out.

    Triumph really dropped the ball on communicating this. Could you provide us a Steam Key if we purchased on GoG so that we can install through Steam?

    I really hate to have to use Steam, but if it’s the only way I’ll get to use AoW3 on Linux, I’ll consider it.

    in reply to: Extra large maps, unplayable in EL? #200590

    I logged in just to post something about performance, so I’m glad to find this thread.

    My specs:

    ASUS ROG-G750, i7-4700, 8GB RAM, 1TB 7200 RPM HD, 770M

    I’ve found anything over 2 AI’s to be unplayable, no matter the settings. Map size only changes what turn it starts getting bad. From 3-7 AI’s is about the same wait. There always seems to be one dominant AI that loads up on units and takes 5+ minutes to complete its turn.

    I’ve also noticed crashing during saves.

    My suggestions:
    1 – While player moving, increase thread priority of player. Maybe even synchronize AI movement 1:1 with player moves.
    2 – After player hits “end turn” freeze the view and suspend animations, so the AI’s can do their turns without having to animate them.
    3 – While save dialog is open, suspend the game loop, so no background actions can occur, thus removing thread-safety issues and improving reliability of saving.
    4 – While other dialogs are open (e.g. Hero Upgrades, Hero Items), freeze the view and do not allow the background loop to take focus from the dialog.

    in reply to: V1.555 Patch now Available on GoG and Steam #192284

    Why are you prejudiced against redheads and/or stepchildren? What’s wrong with being either?

    I’m happy playing the game in solitude and a week late as long as I am not supporting a walled garden ecosystem that is ruining computer gaming. 🙂

    in reply to: V1.555 Patch now Available on GoG and Steam #192281

    GoG User Report:

    Saved games working and visible.
    No lost custom heroes.
    I hope those of you having problems get them sorted. (Unless you’re Steam users, then you got what you deserved for supporting the evil empire. Just kidding. I hope you get them sorted and then leave Steam. :P)

    Path of Life finally working! Yay!
    Path of Life + Path of Decay in same army = no path YAY! I hope this is working as intended and will stay this way. Obsidian Dragons are finally useful on land instead of just as water scouters.

    Confirmed Archon Revenants built with Spiritual Freedom now Dedicated to Good. Archon dwellings might have some use now.

    I already hated bone collectors for stealing my rez corpses. Now they are going to be even worse.

    As a suggestion, to those who don’t mind going back a patch, do a 2nd install of the game in a different directory and only patch up to last patch. This isn’t possible on Steam since they coopt your computer for their own nefarious purposes, but GoG users can simply do a 2nd install wherever they like and forego the latest patch.

    Here’s a discussion on some ideas for Steam users:

    in reply to: What's about the Underground?! #192262

    Some nice-to-haves for the future:

    * Options for density of structures in the underground like for the surface
    * Something similar to Heart of the X for subterranean so surface races can expand underground on maps with extensive underground resources without happiness penalty. (If this doesn’t already exist, haven’t encountered one)

    If it’s just a matter of wanting underground space for expansion you can set the Diggable Walls to max and Undiggable Walls to min.

    in reply to: Battle Replays #192256

    Good suggestion, but as it’s an entirely new feature it would require a lot of dev bandwidth. Until replays are implemented you can record battles with something like Fraps.

    in reply to: Ghoul Arch Angel, are you serious? #183680

    I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley Ghoul Arch Angel.

    in reply to: What Class would you like to see? #183657

    I’d like to see the “Modder” Class. It allows the community to make their own classes and share them via a central server.

    Those with Triumph accounts can pick and choose which ones to add to the game just like custom maps.

    I’d also like to see the Modder Race and Modder Specializations, all also available via the game loader in the custom content area.

    Ideally these would also include ratings and download count columns.

    Until we get Modder Tools Triumph will be a bottleneck for all changes.

    Custom maps are nice, but custom Classes, Races, Spells, Abilities, Heroes, and Specializations are where the real fun will begin.

    Also what would make all of that even more useful is a voting system for which custom content is well balanced with the core game. Add a 3rd column to the interface where people have voted 1-5 on power rating, where 1 is weak, 3 is balanced, and 5 is game-changingly-powerful.

    Not that the community ratings would be trusted for game balancing with the core game, just to be used as a rough guide when developing custom content and incorporating user generated content.

    in reply to: Sorcerer & support stun #182210

    Thanks all. I appreciate the replies and other points of view.

    I’ll try the node serpent attacks, even though I find node serpents boring.

    I am not a fan of crowd control in multiplayer games. Games are supposed to be fun first and foremost. The action is what is fun in a game. If you can’t move, how much fun are you having?

    Here are some suggestions:

    1 – Drop stun altogether. Stun I win, no stun you win. Not much strategy or fun there.

    2 – Boost sorc unit damage and range. Remember they have low health and can be killed in one turn by most units so they need to make a serious impact before they get killed off.

    3 – Add an actual wizard unit, instead of just “apprentices.” Long range to combat machines. AoE damage with elemental attack types — meteor shower for physical (can use mortar mechanics), fireball (that hits more than one unit), chain lightning per existing sorc spell. Mediocre health, in the 60-70 range, enough to survive a single mortar round or cannon blast.

    4 – In place of stuns, give sorc units the ability to cast protective spells that give them survivability. Sphere of protection, Fire shield, Lightning shield, Spirit shield.

    5 – Make it so that sphere of protection doesn’t remove all the movement points on its first turn. As it works now you only get one turn of movement when it’s supposed to protect you for 2.

    6 – Give the sorcerer player more useful spells so there is something for the player to do each turn. Casting 1-3 spells then being sidelined makes the combat only fun for 1-3 turns. Even with Chaos Rift it’s not that fun to have an iWinUnlessYouDisjunctMe button. It also gets monotonous casting Chaos Rift EVERY battle. I try very hard not to use it at all but there are some battles that just can’t be won without it.

    6a – “More useful spells” is not great constructive suggestion so here are some starter ideas that should use existing mechanics instead of requiring new ones —

    Battlefield enchantments:
    ** Metamagic power boost — doubles the power of your fire, earth, water, air, creation, destruction, necromancy spells
    ** Mass sphere of protection, possibly with the ability to extend it by paying a per turn mana cost
    ** Metamagic AoE boost — single target spell now also damages all units in nearby hexes
    ** Disjunction Shield — A battlefield enchantment that blocks or minimizes the casting point loss of a critical disjunction. Crit disjunct is another crap shoot — a sorc with no casting points is a dead sorc. So — crit disjunction is another you-proc-you-win situation.

    7 – Make sure unit editing is part of mod tools and release them soon so the community can do more to play-test and balance-test, freeing up Triumph to focus on core game development. =)

    in reply to: Sorcerer & support stun #181374

    As a Sorc aficionado I would gladly trade all stuns for a unit or strategy that has a prayer against Dreadnaught armies, especially juggernauts.

    The only way to handle them before 1.5 was to kite them while Chaos Rift was running and pray you don’t get crit disjunct. Now we only get 4 turns of CR, which would need to hit a single juggernaut at least 5 times, more likely 6-7 to kill it. 4 turns * 2-3 strikes = 8-12 strikes so at most you’re going to destroy 1-2 juggernauts. And then the enemy will of course just reassemble them and splat! there goes your army.

    Even with stun, juggernauts and cannons have a far greater range than apprentices or storm sisters, so my armies not only get 1-shotted before they can even engage, but a single juggernaut or cannon can take out groups of sorc units with a single shot.

    The only viable strategy I see to countering juggernauts/cannons/golems in 1.5+ is to stack 6 sorc heroes and chain Chaos Rift with Age of Magic running.

    Eldritch Horrors stink against machines. Their shock breath doesn’t stun them, does very weak damage (would take 6+ attacks @ 15-18 dmg to destroy one juggernaut), and can only be used every other turn. Dominate of course doesn’t work on machines (even though presumably those machines have operators/engineers that should be affected by dominate!).

    If you try to melee machines with groups of EH’s they just get wiped out by a group of 2-3 juggernauts doing fire broadsides.

    I’d like to see Sorcerers evolve to a more traditional sorcerer — glass cannons that can throw out lots of damage, but die easily if you can close in on them. As they are now, they are more like slot machines — toss your coin in and pray it comes stun-stun-stun otherwise you’re going to get 1-shotted.

    in reply to: Maintenance for Dreadnought heroes #178842

    There are a number of things that need to be changed about the way machines work in order to improve game balance and well, just plain logic.

    Maintenance is absolutely a realistic request. Why wouldn’t you keep your machines up to date if they are part of your power base? Logically there would be some nominal cost to replacing machine parts. An easy figure would be pro-rata health % vs initial cost %.

    But let’s also be realistic about machines in other ways:

    Neither machines nor boats should be immune to spirit or blight damage. Machines need organic operators. Boats need sailors. Maybe the machines themselves don’t get damaged but they should become inoperable when their operators are killed. A possible way to implement this would be to make them “stunned” for 1-3 turns while they are re-staffed if their “organic health” drops below a certain level.

    Machines destroyed a certain number of times or reduced to a certain health level should simply be irreparable. I’ve seen the same machine rebuilt to half its health literally ten times in a row, each time in the same space of time it takes to fire a bow 3 times? Just….no.

    At some point the pieces are destroyed beyond the ability to fix. Maybe each time it’s repaired it comes back with half its previous health, so 50%, 25% and once you destroy the 25% it cannot be repaired. Or there is an increasing probability for each repair that the next destruction event renders it irreparable.

    I’ll also address some possible counter-arguments:

    1 – The machines aren’t operated by humans; they’re operated by magic. (There are no operators in the machine models so how do these machines move and fire?)

    — If the machines are supposedly magic-driven instead of operated by humanoids, then machines should be affected by dispel and disjunction. If these are terminator style AI machines then their circuits should be fried by most energy attacks.

    I really hope they aren’t supposed to be Terminator AI machines because while I can somewhat stomach Steampunk elements in a Fantasy game, AI circuitry is a bit much for Steampunk technology. As it is, seeing a human knight charge up to my units on his horse with his lance, then whip out a pistol and shoot… talk about an anachronistic, fourth-wall-breaking, suspension-of-disbelief-destroying moment.

    2 – If machines cost money to repair, shouldn’t organic units?

    Maybe. If the idea is they are healed by magic, then yes. But, there is an unlimited gold pool and a very limited mana pool. The two are not a one-to-one comparison, although it would be nice if they were.

    Getting rid of the mana pool dimension to buildings and simply making it an unlimited store like gold would be a start in the right direction.

    For those of use who play these kind of games for the fun of playing with magic, the “one spell per turn” and “limited mana pool” are real dampers to the fun of the game.

    Maybe the devs could enable 1-spell-per-turn and limited-mana-pool as options that are on by default?

    I’d like to see the game evolve in a way that makes play more fun for all classes and races and specializations on the way to achieving better game balance and realism.

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