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    It is not too difficult.

    Wall of an island in the middle with eighter water or impassalble mountains.

    Then control the enviroment by turning if shipbuilding skill and ad a.i blockers fof the enemies.

    To improve a map like this you will need some kind of scripts to force a.i attacks. Make enemies have a “home territory” and spawn units for them every turn.

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    How advanced is the 2nd scenario’s map? I could probably do some quick pre-testing in the coming days.

    Its currently being scripted. About 4 scenes. The map is not properly set up yet and you likely get locked at some time.

    The random terrain scripts has only been fleshed out in testes enviroment and not applied on map

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    For convinience its possible to copy whole pages of the forum in a word document and it turns out quite okey. But sorting out the whole thread could be litte rough after some time


    Great to hear. I hope you can start up your project again. Maybe you could create a seperate mod for the structures to avoid running into the same problem again. Even if the mod editor is working against you sometimes.

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    Try split you mod into serveral smaller ones and work on small parts at once. I think that could work even if its annoying problem. Only thing coming to my mind

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    I believe the magma forge has some sort of shader or something like it applied to the magma as when I was working on it, I ran into a similar issue. I don’t have any ideas on how to fix it, as whatever is going in with it lies outside my area of knowledge. I have no clue how to edit particles and animations either.
    I can look at the Shadow Weed if everyone thought it needed to be edited, so what do others think? The forums have been a bit rubbish for me; didn’t Triumph announced they were going to be shut down soon?

    My next task will be Archon Unit Icons.

    I think shadow weed need some polish. Make it more brighter rather than blue haste berries. In campaign I added some lightning to strenghten it. If some particle could be added like the shadowgate portal it would be cool.

    Also the forum is heavily buggy now. I would recommend to save aome information while their is still time for the most important things in this thread.

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    Great! Vacation gets better and better. 🙂

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    I didn’t choose the characters myself, they were part of the description in this post. If there is a different suggestion and everyone agrees I could change it of course.

    We made a choice earlier about it. Mostly to match the campaign character development and story purpose.

    Btw does anyone else have problems with opening the AoW forum? Today is the first time since 3 days that it works for me.

    I had the same amount of troubles. Sometimes only some parts of the forum were working.

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    Is the bias toward Destruction and Wild, and away from Creation and Keeper deliberate? Not that any of the other races aren’t biased. I just wanted to check if our bias is intentional.

    I would consider a Dark Elf heritage to be more towards Destruction rather than Creation.

    By looking at Werlac and Saridas which is former “Dark Elves” they also have destruction. Wild magic is more of elaborating on the shadow theme.

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    – Archon saints are vulnerable to shadow sickness
    – Eldritch Horrors are vulnerable to shadow sickness *
    – Elder Eldritch’s are vulnerable to shadow sickness *

    *’ Are they supposed to be vulnerable. I have not read anything about them. I believe they should be immune?

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    Here’s a suggestion for the picture of the shadow realm community expansion. I couldn’t meet all the criteria from the corresponding post (there are a bit too many 😉 ) but at least the stated characters are included.

    The resolution is unfortunately not very high; this is due to the way I had to edit the screenshots of the characters.

    I think its great start for a promo picture and front cover. Good job, turned out better than expected and I like the teal coler of the text

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    Shadow Elves have a very diverse range of skin tones. Light teal, dark teal, some that look like High Elves, others that look more like Syrons? The leader/hero skin tone is lighter than I expected. Also Kyridarion the Shielder appears to have normal elf skin tone.

    As I understand most of the Shadow Elves have the same skin tone rooster as the High elves except for the really green one. I believe this section is quite under developed in terms of custimization. What I done is to variate the amount of lightning to make the leaders more unique and different. However, it still difficult to get the feeling of old dark elfs turned into shadowelves. I do not know if there are any future plans for leader custimization in near future for to increase the skin coulers, blue, dark green, purple, etc?

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    In the “exported mods” folder in our shared dropbox the files you need is Shadow.Taf and Shadow RMG.Taf also from Steam decodence RMG and decodence map content. 4 mods you need to fire everything up. Hope you get it running.

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    It is not possible. Ramdom maps cannot be imported to level editor

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    I will be off map making and other stuff for awhile. I will go on vacation for 5 weeks and I will not be able to play anything at all currently.

    Due to a movement between apartments which has left my current workstation in a mess and it will take some time to set up a new office again. Its not convinient to sit on the floor with a computer without chairs working with it.

    Currently the progress still has moved forward a little on the campaign.

    I’ve taken turns to have two level editor open at once to recreate the shadow realms and copy over the scripts and units between maps. In the process I also restructured the second map to organize it better.

    This has not yet been done for the first campaign map, only the second campaign map.

    The third scenario 3A I been created some terrain for it and used some cool terrain strategies to make a frost throne for Artica. Also it will be a sort of “doomsday scenario” given how the map can progreas story wise. I given out a certain alternative in draft folder how the Artica scenario can be played. Where a Frostlings player would be an immortal force dependable on the status towards Artica. To intigreate with this kind of force the player need to control the mayority “frost seals/beacons” in order stop the immortal Frostlings. However, I have also other ideas where the player need to control x amount of things to prevent Artica from mind controlling all Frostlings in the area or where Artica may lay waste to everything around her by scripting a destruction sequence after x amount of turns.

    To give an notice how maps will be organized better I will give out pictures on scenes and overview planning map pictures in the draft folder to better understand and syncronize the story planning. I take screenshot over a map and point out with text certain key areas.

    So in conclusion after the shadow realm zoom fix leaves some works left which I will summarize below:

    Shadow 1: Finish the last scenes and name areas. Recreate a new shadow realm with the correct layer. Minor polish.

    Shadow 2: Conclude the story from start to end. Finish the scripting and story events. Introduce the nexus core and wizard drawing realm with randomized elemental terrain. Complete the newly recreated shadow realm layer which is roughly half through in terrain. Introduce Crador as a quest/riddle guy. Altering the world map on Athla with the shadowborn moving there faction on Athla. Altering the story briefing and the map description.

    Alternitive: is to scrap world map and progress directly into next campaign map and save world map for part 3.

    Shadow 3a-c: Winter scenario the surface terrain is done to about 75%. Tropical and the uncanon scenario not started yet. Some doomsday scripts has been created but untested. Some theory drafting has been done for Artica scenario. Conclude a story from start to end on Artica scenario. Finish world map where the shadowborn is overunning Brisska to breach Athla from Midwinter or having a shadowgate opening from the nexus core.

    Main priority is to finish 3A before starting 3B and 3C.

    After the campaign is fully playable I be looking to restart my own campaign project again focused on a offspring of nomadic warriors revolting against the Commonwealth.

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    They will look like this in the editor. If I’m not misstaken their was a mod which displayed them as building in the leveled.

    However, raising the graphics on you leveled could also show models properly.

    Dont worry about thoose question marks they will turn out normally in game for your dwelling. Can be frustrating if you have many dwellings on a map placed.

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    We can look over the hero Varaxan. I have not tried “Dark Zeal” it sounded cool however

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    Very good reading and interesting sort of project.

    Much like a newspaper. Good job

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    Hello and welcome.

    I suggest using an excel file. Localization note and put it where you have your mods.

    Use the “example xlm” file and then put in your mod folder.

    \AoW3\UserContent\Your mod name folder

    Do not put it in campaign or maps folder else level editor cannot read it.

    Then in the XLM file for your map, you put in the text under the preferable language you put in the text in German.

    So it would look something like this in the rows:



    In order for the game to find the localization strings, you need to add it in capital letters and your localization notes as normal text.

    Hope it helps.

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    If needed any in-game picture of Heroes, leaders or the campaign for the article I can arrange that.

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    That problably explained why all the icons where gone and some bugged in my game. It was suddenly fuzzy. A downgrade and upgrade. Problably try going form normal to debug might fix as I had mod conflict aswell after Gloweye.

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    Replacement for Warp Equipment for the Forge of Dreams
    We need a name for the battlefield enchantment of the Forge of Dreams. I suggested Equipment Instability Field:
    Other suggestions from the Battlefield:
    Shadow Rust, Disintegrate Equipment, Shade fog, Dark Rust, Rotten Equipment, Decomposed Equipment.

    Visually, the equipments will still be there, so I would not talk about Disintegrate. The rust or instability or rot seems more appropriate. Maybe Rust Fog (I believe the Magma Forge has visuals of fog? I never see them because I play on low visuals). However a Rust Fog would affect all units on the battlefield, whereas this affects only a few units at a time.

    Unstable archive, Scrap Trail, Envelop in shadows, Corroded Fog, Decaying Mist.

    Umbral Weaver
    So what about renaming the new one Umbral Weaver Chariot?

    Corsair Raider, Shard Stalker?

    Forgotten Throne’s MCU


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    The second scenario is a medium sized map I think.

    So far the terrain is essentially finished for the shadow realm. And half though for the “wizard realm”. I’m still seeing the randomized terrain as an option.

    The map features the things you wrote above. We have not clarified whats going on yet in the draft folder. The introduction before we meet the archons has been prolonged. So essentially the archon meeting in my head will be in two-three phases and Meandor in three phases.

    Also some other ideas for quests:
    – multi-scenario Quest: in Baldur’s Gate 2 (don’t know if you played that excellent game), I was always fascinated and very motivated by a Quest you get at the beginning of the game in Irenicus’ Dungeon where you meet Nymphs which you gives you acorn to deliver to the Nymphs’ Queen in another location. You meet that Queen only a long long time later but I always had that objective in mind when playing and was very happy to finally complete the Quest. We could have something similar here with some Nymphs met on scenario 1 and then you can find their Queen only on one of the three variants of scenarios 3. But you could for instance have a choice of giving the magical acorns to someone in scenario 2, who is really interested to buy them and offer you 500 gold for them for instance. If you keep them and give them in scenario 3, you get a very good reward, in an otherwise tough scenario, let’s say a Nighthshade Fairy and/or a special Nymph (there is a few models that are unused for Nymphs so we could create a Queen Nymph unit in the mod tools).
    – courier: a simple Quest where you receive an item, let’s say food or a letter, at a city and need to deliver it to a remote location, within a deadline, to help villagers communicate between themselves or help each other.
    – escort: another simple Quest where you need to escort a weak unit (e.g. a Builder) to a location within a deadline.
    – Spirit quest: we’re in the Shadow Realm, the old Spirits of AoW2 relive! A Spirit (of War, Nature, Magic, etc.) gives you a Quest, like in AoW2. So for instance the Spirit of War asks you to raze a city.

    I have never been a Baldurs gate 2 fan. I know the game what is for kind of RPG. However, I was more of a Heroes of might magic III player.

    I have “carry over” things set in mind. I try to ad choices and consequences whenever it’s possible and that’s what the campaign integers are for. The maps are not yet fully developed as per see it’s nowhere near completed. The first map saw some content increase just recently. I come up with small ideas all the time. Some of the things in the first scenario is in fact planned to carry over to the third scenario dependable what you are for the type of player. Ultra-aggressive ones usually miss things anyway soo. The ideal things are balancing heroes so we don’t end up with a stack of 6 powerful heroes sweeping whole maps.

    I would leave the character developing to Drax. Sydran is more of a warrior kind that sticks with his natural affinity for wild magic and is over serious in his character.

    I cannot say whether a nexus core is a city or if it’s a beacon or whole map developed by Werlac. The hardest thing is to translate everything into a map which I said several times already. Based on the background story I working with Drax to develop also a surrounding story for the maps by utilizing things like “Melinis old city” being haunted etc.

    However, whats bothering me the most is the shadow realm. There are two variations with one being on the surface and one which is on the broken layer. The broken layer cannot be used at any of all my games as it’s crashing the game which is related to the zoom issue. This has caused that all my maps containing this layer to be unplayable why the other surface shadow realm has been used.

    The “Vulnerable to shadow sickness” does not work on the “surface” shadow realm which potentially defeats the purpose of using it in campaign creation. I believe the zoom issue should have the highest priority among all the bugs ever have found and because it related the “decodence map content”. I have never been able to use the shadow realm layer as it stands up today due to its broken nature and it certainly a big problem for the whole expansion, not only the campaign.

    If there is a workaround for the shadow realm on the surface layer I would be happy if there was one solution to ad the effect of “Vulnerable to shadow sickness” even to that terrain. I’m not sure, I will not work on any part containing the shadow realm unless it’s get fixed the zoom issue, I will focus on the other layers and developing scenario 3a and 3b with the normal terrain.

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    The SR still has the Problem with the zooming on the layer on the strategic map. it still crashes. This should get fixed on the 1st place!
    If we are not sure it´s gonna be fixed, all other work is nearly nonsense 

    I stated the same thing earlier. This zoom bug essentially breaks the whole expansion.

    – Vulnerable to Shadow Sickness displayed for Undeads (Reanimators, Lost Souls) whereas it shouldn’t. They should have Shadow Walker.
    Necro-Units are missing completely on Hili´s Shadow Realm testing map.
    The Layer in this map is called „Surface“, thought the climate is Shadow Realm?

    For the very same reason, the surface map is used in the testing realm with a working “shadow realm”.

    On the other parts, I updated the test realm with the new umbral weaver chariot and the missed necromancer units. + I added a broken shadow realm for players to zoom in like crazy.

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    I’ve been working little with the story progression on the second scenario. I have not set up so much scripting yet in the map itself. However, I have hopefully found a cool way to explain the main events on the map regarding the “wizard realms”. Explaining the Meandor hostility and the events after that will turn the map in the right direction we want. In the draft for the second scenario, there is lots of new content I added recently to correct and alter the current progress.

    I planning to script in this map a solution that will feature lots of variety to the terrain and the battles. I will go for a very interesting approach on terrain that will sort of randomize the terrain in the realm connected to the wizards. This will turn the map both into an advantage and disadvantage.

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    – This tactical map on tundra was supposed to be a bridge battle. But, the bridge is missing? I do not recall ever seeing a tactical map with a big gap in water?

    Maybe someone can confirm if this is a normal tactical map. Not a bug probably, but the angle of the enemy units looks really dumb when they move up a “ramp” from the water…

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    Storm Tower (defensive building)
    1a/ 11 shock damage on a random enemy unit outside the wall and Dispel Magic on all ADJACENT enemy units (not on the unit hit by lightning) every turn.
    FOR: HousePet, Hiliadan

    1b/ 8 shock damage and Inflict Shocking on a random enemy unit outside the wall on every turn.
    FOR: Gloweye

    1c/ 9 shock damage and Inflict Marked by Shadows on a random enemy unit outside the wall on every turn.
    FOR: HousePet

    1c – is much more unique.

    The Infused is a T2 but has stats of a T1 because it has Shadow Shift, as explained by Drax. However, its stats are too low and we never really corrected that. Here were the proposals I made:
    So what about boosting it a bit (+1 def and a few HP maybe)?
    To make it more like a T2.

    More hp and the “armored” trait.

    Umbral Weaver
    The Umbral Weaver is lacking an Elite ability.
    Some ideas:
    – Pass Wall (inspired by the Weaver’s description written by Drax)
    – Freezing Touch (but might make it too much like an Ice Queen)*
    – an ability to transform climate to Shadow. Could be quite strong though. Could be a Path of Shadow, working like Path of Frost. Or could be similar to Last Rite of Winter but costing mana for instance.

    It also doesn’t have Veteran medal. Maybe we could move Inflict Chilling to Veteran, but I don’t have yet enough balance experience with it to judge if it’s too strong or too weak or balanced.

    And by the way, it’s a Chariot so it should get Charge, like the Sabretooth Chariot.

    More ranged boost on attack damage on the veteran level. If shadowburst ability counts as a ranged attack that is, ad a chilling effect to it’s ranged attacks on elite rank. If the units are pure melee then I would stick to “pass wall” if it does not look too wonky with a chariot climbing on walls?

    Celestial Pool
    I made proposals to complete the current visit effect of “heal living creatures when visited”:
    – give Undead units a new strategic healing that is added as a property for 3 strategic turns, that allow 8 HP healed / turn. (is it possible in combination with Cannot Regenerate? not sure)
    – gives True Sight and +1 Vision Range to visiting units for 3 turns
    – gives a random buff to visiting units from the list of Meditate but with the best buffs removed

    Gloweye preferred a full heal for Undeads too or no heal for them at all.

    Full heal or a regen effect on undead sounds cool. (temporary)

    Recruitment structures on the Shadow Realm
    We need two, one for Shadow Realm-related units, and one for the rest. What was the recruitment structure in AoW:SM?
    The recruitment structure for Athla’s forces should be a mercenary camp. We lack a model but we can probably use an edited Inn / Brigand Hideout? Lordoflinks, would you be interested in making such a structure? It would host the exact same units as an Inn I guess?

    By the way, should Athla’s Inn host Shadow Elves? I guess they will automatically actually?

    I believe the structures were Circus tent, inn, critters den, rogue shack, druid circle and campsite which was dependable on faction. However, I’m not sure and dont have time to discover this right now.

    Archon Legionary
    Ok so based on the AoW2:SM’s Legionary and making it a Pikeman because of the Spear, here is a first proposal:
    Tier I
    Cost: 50 gold
    45 HP
    28 MP
    10 def
    9 res
    Melee: 10
    Throw Spear: 10 physical as Throw Javelin (I vaguely remember that it didn’t take AP in AoW2:SM, is that right?)
    Pikeman (Polearm, Pike Square, First Strike)
    Archon (Dedicated to Good, 40% Spirit Protection)

    Medal: Strong Will on Elite

    Sounds okay, maybe another 20% of spirit protection on veteran rank or a slayer boost against units dedicated to evil?

    Defender set #3 of the Forgotten Throne
    Replacements are needed for the 2 Dark Elf units that were planned. So I propose:
    Shadow Elf Umbral Weaver, Shadow Elf Exterminator, Shadow Elf Storm Priest, Shadow Elf Infused
    + Frost Dragon, Shadow Walker, Lesser Shadow Walker

    (also I see I need to correct the 1st defender set: it’s Lord + Harvester + Bombard, there should be no “Brain”)

    Maybe add thematically units that correspond to each elemental wizard? Artica = More frost…Yaka = more fire…etc

    SE Military RG2
    “they use 5 Movement Points on the tactical combat map on the Shadow Realm” not displayed on the description. Cannot be implemented because the tactical map does not check for overlay or climate.
    So, reminder of the other options we discussed:
    – Protector Military: Shadow Elf Night Guard gain Ground Magic
    – Protector Military: Arcane Archers and Night Guards Magical Projectile Resistance (+2 res against elemental ranged damage)
    – Protector Military: Arcane Archers and Infused gain Armoured
    – Protector Military: Arcane Archers and Infused gain Infused Armour: Armoured, 20% Frost Protection
    – Protector Military: Night Guards and Exterminators gain +50% experience

    Another option would be to give Exterminator Athletics. So they would get -1 movement cost not just on the Shadow layer but on all layers. It’s my favoured solution.

    I would say this one
    “Protector Military: Shadow Elf Night Guard gain Ground Magic”

    But, this one I like more and consider being the better one. Both are great options still.
    “Protector Military: Arcane Archers and Night Guards Magical Projectile Resistance (+2 res against elemental ranged damage)”

    Use of Decodence RMG integration

    I don’t know. I have not been following the discussion all too well. But, the layers from decodence are still broken and can be exploited in competitive PBEM games. So maybe fixing the bugs first before deciding on reducing the amount of mods.


    Yeah, I really wanted to give AI players some solid boosts, asked for a script to do that…

    I’m hoping that the pressure put on the players will give AI some time to utilize its emperor boosts and actually spread. That’s why I recommend slow/very slow game speeds… Before the player rams through the center, the opposing-side AI should have its metropolies teeming&ready. In theory, at least.

    You can do everything in the map settings and adjust it accordingly to the amount of gold, mana and knowledge income every player may get. However, this will give it to each respective player and not only restricted to the a.i.

    The seals are there partially for show, do you think 136 needed points is not enough to deter most players? Was considering 167.

    To be fair, 15 seals is a bit to much on a map, especially if many are placed too close to one player. Seals are a winning condition, even so, if cut around a large number of points it will be broken. Every seal which is held also spawns units.


    So far it looks like an intense map. You use very good strategies to set up your map terrain-wise.

    – Visually it looks good and the terrain is very mixed and diverse
    – I would say it’s very resource heavy. Especially low-end computers will be hampered.

    One the first sight it’s not very balanced with that many seals. The a.i will be cramped with this kind of starting points if it’s intended to be played against a.i.

    – The a.i, even set up with emperor setting will either die or not make it far.
    – The map is extremely hard with this extreme amount of tier 4 stacks. Dread reapers guarding stacks of gold or obsidian dragons placed above haste berries. Titans all over the map standing around.

    Thus, balanced may not have been considered from the start. I would recommend playing your own map and try to clear the starting points and see how difficult it is. I just opened it in the editor. If you are going to use environment, consider adding a mod to it with a taf file. The map creates error for not being set up properly.

    Nice try visually for a first map, very creative.

    Also, do not add “deluxe edition” as a required content for the map. Not all player has bought the bonus scenario and soundtrack for Aow III.

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    Hopefully, they do not speak about karaoke or favourite books. I believe people are more interested in the new game rather than backstories. 🙂

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