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  • Discord link.

    Thanks! I also managed to send the link clicking the facebook icon below the link. (an icon that no longer seems to exist as I found out a minute ago) But still: my friend recieved and opend the link I sent that way but still on log in I do not get the green hook/check on the to tracks!

    So…how do we actually claim those rewards? You guys owe me a wallpaper and two tracks 😉

    double that! Or at least I would have earned that two tracks if the link provided on the website would work!!! Inspite of clicking it (it tells me that it got copied to the clipboard) or actively highlighting it and pressing Ctrl+C I cannot insert it anywhere (tried facebook, browser, word, notes etc.). And if I just re-type it then it tells me that the website does not exist!!!

    in reply to: Question for the EXPERTS: #273202

    I haven’t been able to test if it works on ghouls yet.

    Talking about Ghouls: maybe off topic but there is a possible/intentional(?) eploit of the chant of unlife coming broth from crypt and corresponding secret spell: if units with resurgence are ghouled by the spell they will return after the battle permanently!! Works at least with exalted Ghouls as I found out repeatedly.
    It is no supercharged exploit though.

    By the way has anybody tested if combat summons such as ancestral spirits summoned during city combat can also get supercharged? That would be a cool thing and actually just logical!

    in reply to: Autosave Issue #254055

    You can sometimes bypass this by getting ready to move the unit, and spamming the mouse buttons to get the unit to move on the next turn before the computer moves, but the computers’ moves appear to take priority.

    First I can assure you, that the AI is not taking priority it is just a lot faster with “clicking” than you are.
    Second you can rather easily get at least one move first if you set the path of your army in danger in previous round (when they are out of MP and you tell them to move somewhere they will not do it but remember the set path), then center the army get your curser over it and the use hotkeys for ending the turn (U can set them in the options menu), select the army with your mouse and hit “m” (hotkey for automove the selecte army) that way you are in most cases faster tha AI. Not your perfect solution but it gets the job done!

    Having two seperate autosaves would be nice though.

    Agree to that!!

    Yet, when playing on medium or large maps with multiple opponents, even a higher end rig can struggle to keep those AI turns bearable when using classic turns. Especially when your just moving your armies in a matter of seconds and then have to wait for “eternity” for the AI to make their moves.

    Agree to that! (especially while have quite the shittiest posible PC for being able to play this fantastic game just on minimum settings! 😉
    In the past I was hesitating a lot when considering simultaneous (never did it in the older games) but when I did: hell ya you almost manage to finish a game in half the time you would need using classic turns!!!

    in reply to: Out of Luck #249807

    Maybe there should be a percentage chance that raise does not automatically work.

    Wow after bashing the Luck system, you basically suggest to introduce a luck system for raising corpses! I do not really get it.

    I think the luck system does work fine, this way the game is more like previous games in terms of figth outcomes, back when in certain way all units had “luck”.

    You are presenting an optimum case scenario which does look really bad.

    You do the same the way you describe your experience with luck! I get it that if you want to calculate all battles especially in pvp- games luck is kind of a hindrance, but actually I think it is fine the way it is.
    As lcuk is happiness dependant it is a simple obstacle you need to overcome tactically. Such as for not attacking with bligh dammage when figthing goblins, you should just try and do not attack happy halflings. This won’t always be possible but you need to try!

    in reply to: I wonder about Age of Wonders #247376

    1) Length of turn: In the original AoW one turn was stated as one day. But back then you could neither found nor grow cities. They had a fixed size, so there were no discrepances in that way. It gets difficult in terms of population growth, but just immagine that gorth is not just reproduction but also immigration (otherwise the huge boost in population when migrating a city could not be explained)
    One year seems too long for me as then your cities would be more than one year appart? some units would need awhole year to cross just one metropolis? seems rediculous to me.


    Are we digging up the ruins of an ancient time after a Dark Age that came upon civilization? Or are we attacking the yet to be loyal inhabitants of the land

    a little bit of both I dare say: I immagine the guards just as the people living there. The schadow war (AoWSM) devastated the lands so you could say those farms etc are remnants of older towns and villages eg. wizard towers have been central part of eac city in earlier times.


    Who am I that I can send instructions to all my cities, soldiers and various heroes

    Well thats a tough one. but then as unit size is not really representative just imagine really fast unstoppable outriders delivering your orders

    AND no you are not good just a hero and yes you are the leader! For god complex play black and white or AoWII/AoWSM (they get close)

    Perhaps there is some false reporting at hand to appease my demanding nature. Maybe this is why my stupid swordmen swings and hit for only 9 patry damage.

    Please ask this for basically any game there is and reconsider!

    In total: imagine what ever suits you best (it is a fantasy game after all)! But keep in mind that this is just a game and that somethings are simply gameplay!

    in reply to: How do I change the first type of terrain? #246375

    Creation adept gets “cleanse the land” for turning a small number of hexes to temperate.
    Creation master gets temperate empire and Destruction master gets bligthed empire.

    All in all Creation/Destrcuction kind of count to the “elemental spheres”

    in reply to: Suggestion for vassal cities' defense #240038

    SOunds like a reasonable suggestion. I am in!

    in reply to: Suggestion: Razed cities at start of game #240037

    If the placement of razed cities by the RMG would be possible, then I am totally in for this suggestion. Sounds great!

    in reply to: Commonwealth 2nd campaign bug ? #238656

    Just played it once (about two months ago) and was confused by the same thing. Especially as in the turn after me winning the battle against Werlac I was attacked by one of his Archon Titans and he DID cast magic! end of turn I got the message but the text said that he was victorious (be he oviously just lost) and still my game continued.

    in reply to: Stalled Development (?) #238559

    We know they’re working on something “exciting”,

    I am clearly hoping for a little Christmas present like the leader costumes last year. Maybe some christmas monsters (christmas elves, reindeer charioteer etc) maybe in combination with a “rise of the santa” cosmic event! 🙂

    in reply to: Seals #238232

    I also go for maximum Seal charges if I prefer a longer balanced game.

    But I also enjoy to put it on lowest charge number (that is 10) for really fas rushing game. THis works best if you choose an adventure map and/or fast game!

    THere are two things that I don’t like about the seals:
    1) maximum seal count on 100 could bemore
    2) you can not set the number of seals on the map!

    The last one is much more important to me! THe number of seals seems only to be affected by map size/seal charges and maybe number of players?!?!
    Still it sometimes get a random feeling, which is kind of annoying. and besides: there woudl be much more competition and risk taking invovled if there is only a low number of seals despite large map and high charge count

    in reply to: Lava flow #237550


    Lardo the Builder is a Halfling Dreadnought Hero. He is not a modded hero.

    ah thanks! As I play mostly goblin/dwarf/frostling with racial heros on i haven’t encountered him yet. Sounds like I will go for a nice halfling game soon. Builder hero sounds cool.

    in reply to: Lava flow #237546

    The only way to build lava bridges I know of is to get Lardo the Builder. Get him a flying mount, Floating sandals or lava walking (Azrac Bracelet) so he can build road/bridges over lava, as he’s the only hero with that ability and you can’t get lava walking/floating/flying on settlers.

    Is he a modded hero? Never ever encountered him.

    Another way to build the Bridge should be “The Wild Hunt” if you are an archdruid. As all your units gain floating, including labourers, your builder should be able to pass over lava.
    I have never tried it myself, yet I heard that there is no animation for “lavabridge” so that the hex with the bridge is transformed to water by this. But as I said never tried it myself.

    in reply to: Irregulars and Medals #237024

    I know this is pretty much leading off-topic, but as the topic is basically done i think it is OK:

    he simplest and best solution IMO is to only grant XP for the kill – this is easily understood and really noone can have anything against it *reasonably*.

    Could not disagree more! ONe thing I really dislike in many RPGs and other games is the fact that you get ONLY XP for killing. This makes units that are more of a support role (thus not necessarily support in this game as supports in AoW can hit pretty hard) almost impossible to level!

    All abilities will be used for its actual purpose only – as intended. There’s no other reason to do so. It will discard the use of such “unnecessary” actions

    I admit that this is a problem. But I think it would be much better to grant XP only for abilities that interact with another unit! Or at least abilities that alter the amount of hitpoints that is dealing damage or healing. THis should at least remove a pointless sprinting, war crying and dispelling (actually of the latter I did even never think of using it as an exploit, but hei people are creative)

    in reply to: Laptops/air macs #236089

    also use an Acer Aspire (V3-571G) with intel i5 Core.
    Game works fine on low graphic settings and using simultaneous turns helps a lot to speed up longer games (but that is a general issue I guess)

    in reply to: GOG Users: Do you want my mods on Nexus? #236088

    HI thanks for offering. I would welcome any mod going on nexus.

    Just one question: That downloader you mentioned: Does it enable me to download steam made mods and use them in the gog version? If so that would be cool never new such a function exists. That would make putting stuff on nexus unnecessary (even though it migth be more convinient for people that do not use steam at all).

    in reply to: Modders competition #235431

    not really interested in the competition. Agree pretty much with Gloweye and Taykor.

    BUT: I would be very interested in people posting mods in other places than steam!

    I only found the mods on so far. So thanks a lot for GLoweye and Silvergirl and Drow7 for putting up some mods. Really love the ballista.

    Have I missed another website? Please tell me!

    in reply to: the army of the forum #226599

    the yeti that has been recruited in the name of Lord Seamus the Bold, I got him after the leader with his knights saved his sorry ass from a group of dungeon guards, after that he teamed up with the sole crusader survivor and fought together with the leaders knight army to drive of the pirates

    Thanks for the rescue dear Overlord. There was a cosy chill in the dungeon but the view was pretty boring. Nice to have a bit of refreshing wind and figthing going on.

    in reply to: AI Suggestions #226542

    1. Oh those times back then when people complained about incredible city spam by the AI
    2. good stuff
    3. good stuff, never saw them building forts at all
    4. Do not think they have a gold problem
    7. I believe that sink is big enough, at least during early and mid game. cannot tell about games of 80+ turns

    in reply to: The Diplomat Unit #226343

    Nice concept for city interaction. But I think it would work much better as an extension of the diplomacy screen, rather than as an actual unit on the map.
    When you build a Diplomat it will be available in the diplomacy screen to send to any other player/independant city allowing you to choose those option in a dialogue and improving relations (maybe at a certain per round rate?). Sending a diplomat to another city would of course take time and could work similarly to sending items between heros in respect to time needed.
    As for combat: I do not feel that we need another unit like this and believe that the diplomat concept would not work as well with an actual unit.

    in reply to: Additional Recruitment sites #222988

    as for arena: Would be cool to get the old training arenas back where you could train medal on your units for gold.
    TO prevent an abuse due to champion rank: those ranks should either be incredible expensive or training should only be allowed to gold medal.

    in reply to: Suggestion: Corrupted Inn #222951

    +1 to Haunted Inn

    in reply to: the army of the forum #221791

    You will dearly need a yeti! Just in case you need to figth in icy mountains. 🙂

    in reply to: Frostlings #221784

    Why cant you train penguins -.-?

    I daresay it is because they can already be summoned by archdruids and even have their own summon spell, that you get from treasure sites.
    Besides, there are generally no “monster” or “animal” units among the unit rooster of races, just “racial units” as it says.

    in reply to: Terraforming ease-of-use #220173

    think with such an option terraform would see much more use

    I do not think so. Reasons why I do not use terraform frequently: Being out of mana, having not researched terraforming yet.

    could be introduced as a second research upon terraform.

    even worse idea! There already are plenty of research paths to go. and why would I wnat to research a skill that does not give a benefit other than convinience of clicking less? No real motivation there. Thus the option you suggested would hardly be used at all.
    And there is another problem with a “terraform whole domain”-button: I migth want to terraform all tiles to forrest but for tiles with roads! so i cannot use the button. And it migth cause problems in a metropolis when you simply do not have enough mana fo all tiles.

    If this option or a similar option is added to research book I would suggest to add the following benefits/drawbacks:
    1) grant the skill to also convert tiles with a structure on top of it, that is resource/treasure sites and city centers.
    2) make it not a spell but a building option within the city costing gold instead of mana

    Absolutely useless unit. But, at the very beginning they can be usefu

    that basically says that they are NOT useless….

    At the moment the settler (which is my preferred start) starts in the middle of the terrain, he does not like. I mean, he does not hate it, but also doesn’t prefer.

    Why should my elves build a capitol of empire not in the forest they love?
    Why my halflings must start in the swamp, they have difficulty with?
    Why my goblins settle between mountains in a deep forest, where they cannot even move good enough, I dont tell about lucky live?

    I mostly start either with an established settlement or adventure style and never had a problem like this. My initial goblin cities are mostly located within a nice big swamp area be on the surface or underground.
    So it migth be bad luck or an actual settler problem.
    But it would also make sense if it would happen on purpose: Starting as a settler should result in searching for a perfect starting spot.
    Yet I clearly can see why this is annoying.

    in reply to: Discussion: Explosive Death and Goblin Bombers #218396

    I would like the comeback of bombers as well. But NOT at the expense of the Untouchables. Like them as they are.
    I remember someone else suggested adding the skewer as a cheap throw away unit back to the goblins for more reacial differentiation (that is one unit more than other races.)
    Still like that concept but I would much more prefer to use it for adding the bomber.

    I´m afraid they might be absent for political reasons…

    Really? that would be strange. I mean this is a fantasy WAR game after all. There is much more crazy shit out there in other games especiall in games more close to reality than this one.

    in reply to: Dwarf Racial Governance Tier I #218084

    For every mountain or underground rock hex Dwarves could get some gold bonus (e.g. freelance civilian prospectors at work).

    Nice idea. Especially constant gold income from cavern walls and mountains would perfectly synergate with the happiness bonus due to preferred terrain.

    The level III bonus would make more sense on an Arcane Forge, to match the level IV bonus of cheaper Forging. If you’re planning to produce Firstborn in a city, chances are you’d prefer them getting their level III military bonus – so it doesn’t make sense to produce them a little faster without it (when you choose Pool +20prod).

    Also like this idea, because it is basivcally the reason why I have never ever taken tier3 economic. In short games I almost never ever built more than one pool of the firstorn.

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