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    Though, maybe units with Tunneling should get the ability – or just the Builder – to create new entrances/exists to/from the underground.

    Remember that this idea came up a couple of times. I think its quite interesting but then you should also be able to seal/”raze” entrences. At least temporarily!

    in reply to: Rogue Heroes: How do you skill them ? #218082

    I handle my rogue heros quite similar to the way Motasa described: One man/woman killing machines. As for tireless: no need to get lucky. Its in the item forge on leg items.

    As for heros of other classes: I do most of them as commanders/supports with party skills. Dreads I sometimes also use as fighters.

    he Necromancer is the least useful hero if your not playing the Necromancer class alread

    I would not go that far. I pretty much build them as ranged rogue variant. investing almost anything into “inflict” skills. THis way they can almost crush anybodies defense giving your other units an easy target. I also give them Aura of undead when available as this helps a lot when clearing tombs etc and fightin necromancer AIs.

    in reply to: Dwarf Racial Governance Tier I #217413

    well the other type of bonus for necro that comes at hand is bonus income, that is gold mana or production (either a percentage or a fixed amount)

    in reply to: The Underground #217411

    I really love te new underground. and agree with most that SiaFu said.

    And YES underground definately has to be the same size than above map. everything else would be just ridiculous, in my opinion (do you imagine this as XL surface has a L underground with the same center). as for space. I think you can adjust the underground map to less space when adding more walls of any type during map creation.

    It just adds too much ground to cover

    If there is to much ground I think smaller maps migth be the cure.

    I understand the type of underground you want but as a player that loves to play mainly underground (yes I mostly play dwarves and goblins) and just uses surface the same way as you seem to use underground, I am completely against a smaller scaled or even pocketed underground. And how would those smaller underground work if surface is switched off?

    in reply to: Dwarf Racial Governance Tier I #217405

    I actually like the current happiness bonus, much better than the old one!

    1. Don’t really like that one. Just does not feel rigth to me giving lava walking to a regular guy working in the mines.

    2. All heroes get tunneling: THat would be an interesting idea but only really feasable if “Heros match player race” is activated as only dwarven heros should be allowed to get the bonus. In addition: dreadnaught heros would not have much of a bonus.

    3. Get max gold every time you tunnel instead of 2-5: well isn’t that exactly what we had before? guess there was a reason to change it. I remember many complained about it uselessness when playing wihtout underground.

    4. Get mana in addition to gold when tunneling: interesting idea but see comment on 3.

    5. Prospectors use up less movement to tunnel: also interesting and quite theme fitting, but also see criticism at 3. and i would like the old bonus much better than this one

    6. Prospectors can tunnel through mountains (But since they are so short only Dwarve’s goblins and halflings may use tunnels.)
    Not quite sure if I understand the concept, but it sounds like quite a complicated thing to add and a complete new skill

    in reply to: New character inventory system! #216478

    I really don’t want to find items that none of my heroes can use.

    Agreed! And besides, I think it adds a lot of flavor to the game to individualize heros by adding new abilities that seem unfitting for the class.

    As for new inventory system: Give us a “I” hot key for opening the inventory of selected heros! I am constantly pressing that key forgetting that it does not work in this game! 🙂

    In addition it would be great to add an inventory for machines (special spare parts for golems, special ammunition for catapults or cannons and so on).

    Nice idea, but as inventories are only for heros and I think it would be a BAD idea to change that, we would need a machine hero type to make use of those items. A golem hero would be cool though.

    in reply to: Playing Solo #216362

    I don’t think another resource is needed in the game, as it is just not that type of game. I do like the idea of trade though. As long as you are not at war with another player you could go for trade or research treaties giving you a bonus on research/ income based on the other players research/income.

    in reply to: Wish List #215315

    As much as I liked the Lizardmen, the Draconians have the reptilian race covered in my opinion. However, they could incorporate some of the Lizardmen units.

    WOW, that is basically saying: “We do not need elves, humans have the tall and slender humanoid race covered. However they could incorprate some of the elven units.”
    There are some reasons for not bringing back lizardmen (and some to do so) but this is by far the worst!!!!

    in reply to: Goblin Skewers are still around? #214746

    Skewers was going to be removed but we requested devs to keep them around for independents to use. So skewers stayed in for independents.

    Best choice ever! Still I would also love them to come back as buildable unit one way or another.

    in reply to: Price of new expansion #214743

    This works out to about 4 cents/hour. And I am not done, I expect to be playing this game with my friends for a long time, possibly years. I played Shadow magic for years, and this is a much better game.

    people often tend to forget to calculate the price per hour! Doing that you notice that PC games are actually quite cheap, depending on how much you play them.

    in reply to: Where did "Meditate" go? #214739

    Maybe because I started this game before the patch?

    There you got your answer!
    At least units you already own will usually stay the way they were before the patch. changes only apply to new units. As the skill “Meditate” does not exist anymore in its former way it most likely disappeared from your existing units.
    Had similar problems with all patches.
    Eg I had Horned GOds without entangling strike and without entangling touch as I summoned them before patch and leveled them to gold afterwards. Patching existing games can give you some strange skill combinations.

    in reply to: You can speed up AI turn!!! #214736

    It can also help if you disable “observation mode”. If movements take place “offscreen”, they are always faster!

    in reply to: Boneyard behavior #214334

    it is strange to find the AI marching two or three stacks of roamers around together

    actually I have not noticed this behavior so far. But the way you describe it it seems pretty much like it should be that way.
    I would not be surprised if undead roamers had been designed to mass up as undead threat to replace the missing undead race/class when the game came out.

    If the AI has troubles with it, we should change AI not nerf boneyards.Just in case anyone plans on suggesting this!

    Just set things rigth: this was not meant to talk you down! Just wanted to prevent this thread from going to the wrong direction. There had been complaints about boneyrd strength several times.

    in reply to: Boneyard behavior #214276

    enemy AI obviously has trouble with them too.

    If the AI has troubles with it, we should change AI not nerf boneyards.Just in case anyone plans on suggesting this! There have been so many topics on boneyards. Just as bandit camps are the lowest in the spawn site hacking order boneyards are topmost. The problem with titan stacks is mainly a “problem” in longer games. When playing short games (no longer than turn 60) you usually never get full titan stacks.

    boneyards often have two or more stacks defending them

    (multiple defender stacks) from bandit hideouts

    as far as I have noticed, this only occurs when a new stack spawns. It will usually stay at the camp for one turn. Or they just canot mover on the very turn they appeard.

    As a sidenote, I think the observe mode is still partly broken. It doesnt work always when it’s supposed to be on. It works occasionally, but I’m not sure what is the prerequisite. I think I’ve noticed it usually works if you load a game with observe mode on, but if you switch it off and on again, it dont always work properly anymore.

    I have encountered the same problems. Usually it works fine even switching it on/out is not a problem for me. But sometimes it stops working and no “o” in all the world can change that. Reloading helps but not everytime.
    Yet as I play classic turns I started switching observation off anyways as soon as I reach a certain state of the game to reduce the time the AI needs for its turns.

    in reply to: Tigran arenas and guard houses… #214274

    just yesterday I had the exact same idea. It is kind of strange, so I would strongly support it! I do not think that the early pike is that much an advantage, that it has to be ballanced by postponed upgrade possiblilties!?

    Is there something about the game which makes it impossible to switch this for a single race?

    Well it might be that they have to change names for the buildings to not mess up the regular building tree.

    in reply to: Wish List #213895

    Living archons anyone? 😛 Yeah, I know, its old.

    Though I am really not sure if I would want living archons to return! I would LOVE a DLC campaign explaingin their demise and turning into undead lore-wise.
    And if living archons are to return this HAS to be done with such a campaign!

    in reply to: Wish List #213885

    New Racees: There was a thread discussing lizardmen. There was some really good stuff in there and I guess a return would be quite fitting. But I do not see them as a priority

    New dwellings: Sure why not!? But why the heck everybody wants those dark elves back? they were cool but even though I undersantd the lore discussion and reasoning for they return as dwelling, i think it would be poor choice. Just does not feel rigth for me. Syrons would be great though (they have left Athla, but why would all of them have gone? , same for shadow demons actually).

    New Relams: A) well it has been sealed has it not? But then you can break pretty much any seal if you try 😉
    B) You already can have the depth! But only in the map editor. You can basically add as many layers as you wish even more than one surface layer! Thus you can have sky/shadow realm like stuff. But I agree that two surfaces is not the same as another realm. And saying that: I would LOVE an option adding at least more than one underground layer when playin random maps!

    New CLass: IMO we do not need one but I have red the discussions and find a demon/warlock themed class quite OK.

    New Leaders: Well if we get a new race/class/campaign we surely get new leaders!

    You dearly forgot: NOMAD specialization! There are some nice specialization discussions/suggestions out there, but this is my alltime favorite!

    in reply to: I don't see the point in building settlers #213629

    I guess what Bormak meant in this case was that there was neither city growth nor building. only rebuilding with a builder (which was only recruitable at a special treasure site) or with deathmagic was possible.

    in reply to: Does the AI ever raze Hearts? #213608

    Independents raze hearts for sure

    yep they do! Just lost one to a cosmic event boss hero stack!

    But I have no ides if AI is doing this.

    in reply to: Configurable Announcements #213069

    I’m not in favor of this. A change that lets you not accept an empire quest for the purposes of remaining secret might be kinda cool though

    Wanna keep your 7 city empire a secret from the guys on the other side of the map? Fine! Then no +100 happiness for you! Refuse the reward, or eat the consequences.


    Well, the mechanic of “one unit has MP left so all unit join the battle” is essential and a central part of the game! It is not an expoloit! Just imagine the battle taking place on the borderline of a hex. I am STRONGLY against changing that!

    As for entering sites with one MP: I would be fine with such a mechanic only if the same “one unit has MP left so all unit join the battle” mechanic applies. So if your stack is on top of a structure and only one unit has MP left to enter, still all are able to do so. If you retreat and no MP are left you cannot enter (so those “exploits” would only be possible for partisans, and yes I would really not care about this! Sounds like the healing/XP exploit is quite cumbersome so I pity everyone who has the time to use them!)

    allow you to switch infinitely between surface and underground, without using up MPs for it.

    that is a thing I was wondering about, too. Was quite irritated when I first noticed. Wouldn’t mind if this was changed back
    But I think that going down stairs into a giant cave is quite different from walking into a building!!! So these two things have to be discussed independently imo.

    seems like all saves are to big
    I put it on my dropbox.



    I will try it again with one save per post

    Just saw that there is an upload problem. “Exceeding allowed file size” But I just added that savegame?!?

    in reply to:, Plans & Age of Wonders 3 SURVEY #212270

    Diplomacy: The lack of an ‘or else!’ option is one that I feel a bit in diplomacy. There are times where it really is a case of “if the AI doesn’t do what I want here I will be hitting them with everything I’ve got”, but there’s no way to communicate to the AI about your intentions. “Alliance or war”, for instance, is often the choice at the end of a map when allied victory is enabled, but an AI player that you otherwise have good relations with will not understand that. At a less game-ending level, there’s being able to extort the AI, or being able to do things like telling an allied AI that you expect them to help in a particular war or the alliance is off.

    It would also be useful to have some means of saying ‘dibs’ to the AI regarding independent settlements, and vice versa. Essentially, this would be a message that if the AI does something that’s going to interfere with your ability to claim the settlement (whether it’s the AI conquering it, buying a vassalage before you do, killing a quest stack, and so on) you will be annoyed at it. It would then be up to the AI on whether it still wants to complete that action.

    +20! 😉

    in reply to:, Plans & Age of Wonders 3 SURVEY #212268

    AS for exploration and treasure sites I really like them so far. only thing I would REALLY love to see is the “dungeon crawling” treasure sites we had in AoW 1. Back then when you entered a dungeon/cave/cryp etc site you had to explore the tactical combat map and could not see your enemies. It also had been possible to rush in search for items on the ground and then flee without killing the guardians (quite difficult depending on site nad number/strength of guardians)

    Not if that AI is roamers


    Same here! roaming units include units from bossfigthmi nions with cosmice vents on.

    If vassals start helping you it will break quests.I have seen dwellings with tier 4’s giving a quest to defeat some garbage tier 1 in their territory.

    You are rigth about that, but still it does not mkae any sense when the attacking indie stack is not a quest stack!

    In general I agree that vassal cities should be more invovled in fighting. never had to actually defend one.

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