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    sorry for my curt first reply!

    never mind. no offense taken!

    in reply to: The Depths #97838

    Apart from that, yes, depth layer option for random maps would be great. In the editor you can add as many layers as you want and name them whatever you want – nobody preventing you from creating a ‘Depths’ layer there.

    Thanks for this information! I have not used the editor much,yet , just noticed that when you create a new file there is only one checkbox “underground” and assumed “thats it”.

    in reply to: Independents surrender too easy #97781

    You are “Pure Good” in less than 10 turns, since you let independents run to save your units

    I totally agree to this. and it is the same for the AI. I rarely have seen AI that were more than “slightly evil” but many pure good ones.

    But considering the whole alignment system (overall I think its absolutely great): How come that it is an evil act to burn down an Archon dwelling? Those thing are UNDEAD and DEDICATED TO EVIL.

    in reply to: Elven Resurgence (Scenario Map) #96788

    I got the same problem even after updating the Game using both Patches. Has it not been fixed yet or do I need to download the map itself again? (Have the game on GoG)

    in reply to: 1.1 Beta Patch Feedback Thread #90215

    Not sure if it fits here, as this bug appeared in the original version and not after the 1st/2nd Patch (I just did not have the time to write it down):
    On a Land map using underground I did not find ANY cave entrance! I uncovered the entire map (as goblin on surface grr) and neither me nor two of the trhee opponents whith whom i am allie did find an entrance to get to the missing player (who of course never got out of the caves)
    I post this as it seems a bug additional to the cave entrance bug fixed in this patch.

    I really like the idea of connecting the surfaces by cities!
    As for the concept of combining cities: This seems quite complicated. I would prefer a mode by drilling the tunnel/stairs/elevator and ending up in a tower/fortress. As if you are drilling something like that you would not leave it unguarded. For increased difficulty you could have to build that AFTER finishing the connection. In case of a fortress this could result in a new city foundation. This, of course might just be an additional mode to combining cities.

    So, there would have to be some unit or spell being able to find suitable places for such towns, or an option to compare surface and underground map congruently.

    I do not think this would be necessary. You would just get the building option for the connection if it is possible. Just like with the harbors in AoWII

    There is another question to address: What is if the city is burned down? does this result in the destruction of the stairs? Because it would be cool to search a stairwell in a ruined city…

Viewing 6 posts - 241 through 246 (of 246 total)