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    The best way to check if the unit is worth converting is to see if its upkeep is in gold or mana.
    Gold upkeep summons (Campaign/Scenario starting summons for the AI, treasure site guardians etc) stick around once converted/ghouled.
    If the unit’s upkeep is shown in mana, as others have mentioned, then the summoner (AI or other player) can stop the upkeep as soon as it’s their turn again.
    You can still use them until your turn ends (if playing Classic).

    Also, some tips on the topic of conversion (valid in 1.7+):

    – Arcane binding the last enemy unit kills it instantly, you win the battle. Otherwise, you can keep arcanely bound summons if you’re the attacker and you lure them to the retreat zone. But you have only one round to retreat them while they’re under your control (check gold/mana upkeep first).

    – If you raise cadavers from dead rebel corpses spawned during Rally of the populace battles, they also disappear after the battle.
    Also, don’t waste arcane-binding on spawns of Supercharged unit deaths or other combat summons.

    – Controlled undead units with Undying return to the original owner after respawning in battle. Same if you Reanimate them (lesser or greater), so try not to get them killed.

    – Weaken (-1RES etc.) has no saving throw and even works on undead. Pile on Curse, Disgusted, Despair (x3) and Broken spirit before you try 1/battle convert attacks.

    – Don’t use Iron Heart on converted units as it provides them with Strong will, instantly dispelling the conversion. Also keep them away from enemy supports with Break Control or Dispel. If possible, convert high-value targets during the last round of battle so the enemy leader can’t cast Dispel (if he’s not already in the Void).

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    I can’t reproduce the problem reliably even with the double-click method described below.

    I’ve sent the savegame and a detailed account of my attempts to reproduce the issue. I must commend the good work by the programmers, it’s complicated to set up pathfinding to fail.

    I must conclude that the issue has mostly been my own error with the UI. I’m so used to double-clicking in combat to speed up unit moves, I sometimes did it on the strategic map as well, and apparently the strategic view would switch levels before my second mouse click. And I wouldn’t notice at once, instead finding out about it several turns later after the unit ended up somewhere else.

    When unit move animations are off and the target hex is on another level the level focus changes rapidly to the initial position of the unit – to show the move animation (but has nothing to show) – so the second part of the double-click ends up somewhere on the level the unit starts from. And the strategic view would shift too fast for me to react or notice the error until after the auto-save.

    So double-clicking doesn’t always mess up the second part and, for instance, works on the same level without a hitch.

    Since I’ve realized that, I’ve been extra careful not to double-click and still some stubborn units didn’t arrive at their intended destination.
    This also happened in Frostling mission 2 even though there is no underground.
    In Mission 3 I still haven’t reached topside (except the starting position) and have few units – so no occurences so far.

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    As soon as I can reproduce the issue reliably I’ll send you a save you can just press the End of turn on. I have a batch of old savegames I need to check first.

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    All other ranged damage bonuses have been removed.

    Not quite, I’ve checked yesterday and at least three still provide bonuses:

    The Royal Gryphon mount still gives +1 damage to the primary ranged damage channel (so a 8e sorc wand does 9e, while acid darts get +1b instead for the first channel, etc.).

    Gazer’s Eye increases all existing physical ranged damage channels (so a sorcerer’s wand wouldn’t benefit, but its Doom Gaze would get +1p, as would a longbow etc.).

    Arbalest of Halting Power is now the ultimate physical ranged weapon as it actually opens a new physical ranged damage channel to add the +2p it provides. I haven’t had more than one though (can’t start the editor after the last update) so I don’t know if multiple Arbalests stack.

    But you’re right on three counts: Keeper’s bow, Adventurer’s Slingshot and Halfling’s Party Kit no longer give +ranged damage.

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    Is there no subterranean level with an exit on the other side?

    The only way to build lava bridges I know of is to get Lardo the Builder. Get him a flying mount, Floating sandals or lava walking (Azrac Bracelet) so he can build road/bridges over lava, as he’s the only hero with that ability and you can’t get lava walking/floating/flying on settlers.

    Alternatively, capture a city on the other side and build a settler there.

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    If you’re not debuffing to convert but to increase DPS – the Seeker spell/ability works on breath attacks and removes the range/obstacle penalty.

    In Golden Realms it was spectacular: Mermaid crown for Siren’s wail (physical breath attack), Halfling’s Party Kit (+1p); Keeper Longbow (+3p), Arbalest (+2p), Gazer’s Eye (+1p) and the Shield/quiver with seeker on it for +1p +1 on each ranged damage channel.
    Your Halfling heroine could then blast siege defenders walls and all (Siren’s wail damages obstacles/walls too).

    I don’t know if Seeker still gives +1 damage to each ranged channel in 1.704 (this flip flopped among updates), but it’s worth trying as Necromancers have blight+cold from the start.
    The Usable items were changed. Party kit and keeper longbow no longer give bonuses to damage. I haven’t checked if the Arbalest bonus applies to other physical attacks or just its own attack.

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    It triggers when you have less than 50 gold AND negative gold income.

    I know that surprised me in EL, I think the 50g limit wasn’t there before the expansions.

    Also, be aware that for the Wealthy empire the game checks your balance before your trades come in (if you’re a mana>gold trader) so if you dip below 1000g, you lose the morale bonus when the game calculates production.

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    Nice work, Overlord Darkslash.

    I see you got lucky with some berries in the dragon dwelling’s domain, this could shave off a turn from Golden Dragon production.
    Good to see the Matriarch proving her usefulness. With her nearly a Champion – when you get Order of Healing it should be a cinch too keep her minions alive for the glory of the Army of the Forum.

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    I like it. But prefer it be something that needs a conversion spell, piggybacking off the current corrupt spell.

    The suggestion already is to add the Inn to the list of possible targets of Corrupt Source as it otherwise provides no bonus for undead cities. And for the corrupted Inn to be restorable back into a regular Inn by Cleanse the Land.

    I’m glad others support the idea. Let’s hope the dev’s do too.

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    We got some good news though for Lord SiaFu, the Naga Matriarch has been created and is running around converting goblins hellhounds and other critters to join her brigade, once she is finished (she is gold by now and is throwing lighting around) I will make a screenshot of her complete band of thugs.

    Thank you. You don’t have to create a whole army. It would be enough not to disband units she charms and keep them as meat shields. But since she’s already calling lightning I don’t think I have to worry about her life expectancy.

    Great job on the action report, can’t wait to read more.

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    You planning to complete it? If neither of us find a GR item, we might as well call it game…

    If you’re referring to the Campaign, no. I’m waiting for the patch after 1.602 to reinstall, as I’m experiencing some weirdness.
    First, I still need to finish an XL game (I’ve been playing for months) that I’ve put on hiatus while I was exploring the Necromancer class.

    If you mean the Spreadsheet, It’s still a WIP, but I could put up the current version if anyone’s interested.

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    I like the tabs idea as well. Even though I believe it would be more work than simply colouring the background of abilities (like Tibbles did according to source in her AoW3UnitDatabase).
    What I propose would require only changing the UI SWF and linking already existing 6 variables from the list of abilities, while each tab would require a different list.

    I don’t think your “clunky UI” fear is justified, Khelle. Attacks would never get ribbons for themselves as Heroes can have a dozen different attacks and they have live hover-over previews in combat which serve their purpose well.

    I do think resistances need a better representation as they’re not viewable in combat unless the attack you use to hover over a target uses a damage channel the unit is weak/resistant to.

    In the end, a simple key assignment to jump to the end of the ability list would be OK (like Ctrl+End), as resistances are always last on the list.
    Too bad we can’t resize the unit UI view to fit the screen height.

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    IIRC, all GR content is excluded from EL campaigns – including it’s specific items.

    Wouldn’t know exclusive items right now though…and it’s a pain to prove this either way without Dev attention.

    My mistake then, I haven’t gotten far in the Frostling campaign – too busy having fun with random maps.
    You can check which items belong to which DLC in my spreadsheet:
    on the ITM sheet. Column D has a gold “1” for Golden Realms items and a blue “2” for Eternal Lords.

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    Tough choice- there are so many great units!

    If Dwelling units are in, I’d go for a Naga Matriarch (even though I find them more effective with a Sorcerer leader).
    I’d just ask you to get her Order of Healing and keep any converts she charms around as her Queen’s guard.

    Judging by the Firstborn, if MCI racial units are OK (and Mystical city upgrades can be set up in the editor) – then my 2nd choice would be a Tigran Sphinx with the Mercenary camp bonus and both relevant military Tigran racial upgrades (III and V). That is, if you can’t find a Naga Dwelling.

    Happy hunting.

    I just can’t wait till some joker chooses a Settler…

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    Each campaign only contains the content it was released with.

    Assuming you have both DLCs:
    0) Tutorial, Elven(Tutorial doesn’t carry over) and Commonwealth: Basic item set (and no Mystical city upgrades). Champion levels and gold for digging dirt work, even in games started before installing the DLC.
    1) Halfling: Basic + Golden Realms set.
    2) Frostling: Basic + Golden Realms (if you have that DLC) + Eternal Lords set. Alternate treasure site enchantments (Chant of unlife etc) and defender sets (Necromancer units) compared to basic game and Golden Realms DLC.

    And, as always, no Arcane Forging in any of the campaigns – so treasure the missions with Sorcerer leaders (and happy egg hatching).

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    6) Mab’s Boon not working after loading previous save
    I’ve also encountered this, GOG EL 1.6. Playing the Paradise Bay beacon victory (x4) scenario as P1 Human Necromancer (Expander, Shadowborn Master) vs Emperor AIs; strong defenders, hard cosmic events, founding and Empire Quests on.

    It first happened upon conquering an independent city. At first I thought Mab’s boon didn’t work on conquered pop 100 outposts (as there’s no population loss for migration), only on my cities, but soon determined it was reload related.

    I was disappointed as I’d specifically selected specializations so I could combine Swift Migration, Mab’s boon and Necromancer’s glacial outpost growth to maintain semi-permanent +40(*1.2) production from Expansionism, Mab’s Boon, Necro and Heptatopia bonus. I’d planted forts everywhere, waiting for my plague-boosted throne city to reach 75 prod so I could 2-turn discounted settlers, and cast Seeds of Distrust on far-flung independents so my plagues would hold and keep their cities outpost sized.

    It seem’s the boon isn’t saved for cities at all as I didn’t even get it on auto-save nor on reloading a game from the start of a turn.

    In the end it didn’t matter much for my prospect of victory as I’m clearing Lich King’s Castles with L13 Ambor the Missionary leading my Ghouled Horrors and waiting for my Paragon Lord of the Deep to finish production while the AIs have only started on Gold Mines and Trading Posts using racial T3s by turn 40.

    I haven’t upgraded to 1.602 yet as I fear it could mess up my ongoing games.

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    It is just a gauge for relevant price anyway.
    With diplomatic offers, your military and their attitude determine the exchange rate.
    Count on 400+gold along with a peace offer if you are vastly superior to the AI’s forces (on Emperor).
    With stuff, the exchange rate for an at-peace, neutral to friendly AI are:
    1 mana = 1 gold
    Common: 50g
    Strong: 100g
    Epic: 150g
    Legendary: 225g
    Mythical: 300g
    So you can use your overflowing mana to rob friendly AIs even of their starting hero gear.
    And for cities I don’t have all the factors, so without the balance button try offering as much mana/gold as you can.

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    Taykor wrote:

    No, it doesn’t. Arcane Binding KILLS controlled units at the end of battle. You can’t use it to acquire units at all.
    Chtonic Guardian is a very frequent guard, btw. But I think I actually haven’t seen Archangel anywhere.

    True, I had forgotten about that change. Should probably be “temporarily use” instead of “acquire” then.

    Binding only outright kills the unit if it’s the last enemy unit.

    If you’re the attacker (and with treasure site defenders, you always are), Arcane binding gives you just 1 turn of control to retreat the bound unit (no MP on the first turn).
    You have to lure it near to the retreat zone and if the spell succeds and you retreat it – you get the bound unit after your victory.

    Arcane binding doesn’t work on Mind Control Immune T4s like the Arcane Horror, but you can Ghoul them. It works on all other Summoned (mana upkeep) or Magical Origin units, including all Elementals. Arcane binding summoned units is good only for putting them out of the fight as the owner severs the mana upkeep when they’re lost (you can’t keep them after conversion).

    And Chthonic Guardians can simply be Converted if you apply enough debuffs. Haven’t tried it on Angels yet.

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    I had started adapting the info from Tables of Wonders for units using a template I’d made ages ago for AoW1.
    I stopped when AoW3UnitDB went live so I’ve mostly just entered basic info for Necro units (HP, resistances and such).

    I’ve attached the spreadsheet ZIPped. Feel free to fill it in and post again.

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    You can look at your Vassal screen relation breakdown to get a feeling how the numerical relation would influence the AI’s acceptance of an alliance proposal.
    Same alignment, peace treaty, open borders all contribute positively.

    I haven’t had much success with gifts, but successful proposals (exchanging mana for gold or items etc) have sometimes staved off war declarations for me from 1.4 to EL 1.6. Keep in mind that the AI has often declared war on me in the same turn after accepting. In random maps, even with fixed teams at war with me, sometimes the enemy AI accepts trades, although at worse exchange rates.

    The only surefire way I’ve found to improve relations with the AI is to have military power that outstrips them by a fair margin. If I’m te first to get the Centurion Empire Quest or have a stack of T3s with each of my heroes while the AI has one main army – the Emperor AI’s even pay me 400-600 gold for a peace treaty (EL 1.6).

    Sometimes the AI wouldn’t accept alliance when it was inferior in every aspect, even if I showered it with exorbitant amounts of cash and mana. So my advice is to save, try giving it everything you’ve got, and then reload if that fails. If there is nothing you can give the AI to accept alliance, try the military might scare tactic instead.

    The change in AI behavior since 1.5 has introduced one obstacle to maintaining peace. If you box in the AI by growing your domain across all directions it could possibly expand – it will eventually realize it’s boxed in and declare war (even if it means breaking peace). I haven’t seen it break alliance, but I haven’t made allies often enough for a representative sample.

    Be careful when buying/gifting cities as that carries a First Blood relation penalty and tresspassing penalties for each garrisoned army.

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    Actually, no. They are tied somewhat, but not proportionally.

    While it may seem that casualties determine the outcome from pickups with variable quantities such as Racial Governance, Casting Points, Mana, Gold and Knowledge – it is actually the change in random seed that produces different amounts.
    Example: if you kill all 6 defenders and lose no units vs. Convert 2 defenders and lose 1 unit can produce different results.
    The thing is that loading from the same savegame SAVE01.ASG doesn’t change the seed, but saving under a different name SAVE02.ASG and then loading that changes the seed and the reward even if you don’t do anything different.
    Try the savegame thing on undefended production bonuses and you’ll see the defenders don’t really matter.

    It did seem to me that I got better Mythicals (while the loot was still random pre-1.5) when I’d suffered a party wipe with Divine Justicars saving my army, but I think that was observer’s bias, and not the game compensating my losses through rewards (as I’d got just as many Commons).

    Rewards depend on the Defender Strength setting and the crew that was defending.
    Variable defender strength (such as on Item Racks, etc. as opposed to Lich King’s Castle) can range from several T1s for a common item to a stack of T3s for a Mythical.

    Most of my experience comes from Golden Realms 1.4, custom map synthetic runs in EL 1.5 and 1.6. The savegame thing works on pickups even in EL 1.6.

    In 1.6 item and resource rewards from treasure sites are fixed down to the last gold piece, but rewarded units and spells aren’t.
    Dungeons get you 2 T2-T3s or up to 400gp in exchange.
    A lost library can get you one spell on turn 4, but a different one on turn 10.
    And Forbidden sanctums, although they have predetermined spells, change them if you’ve already researched the one they rolled on map creation (there’s 25 spells to choose from, but I can’t find that table right now).

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  • Necromancer players will now almost always be offered a necromancer hero in the first round.
  • Please make this an option like “Allow only heroes of the same Race”.

    I actually prefer a Theocrad or Archruid for my first hero as they can heal my Leader until he gets to level 3 and could control some Deathbringers so they could Ghoul some Evangelists (see- the alternative’s not that easy). Devouring corpses is less efficient than Heal.

    Going all-undead isn’t so peachy until you get Healers of the Dead and Harbingers of Death and a Theocrat has an added bonus of Divine Justicars (while Necromancers can only Reanimate one T2 and one other undead). And an Archdruid will get Regrowth even while being an undead Lich.

    For Hybrid Necro play, this is more of a nerf than a bonus.

    In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to reroll some more random maps when 1.607 actually rolls out for GOG.

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    It doesn’t have to be a constant chore to be micromanagement. The lack of overspill affects the choice in research and that is enough for it to be an issue.
    It’s not just an OCD-type “no KP left unused” nagging feeling, it can lead to sorting through a dozen cities trying to find which one could be turned to Seeking knowledge instead of producing merchandise or something more useful so you can get a 140KP spell while you have 133, or vice-versa for overspill.

    A 60 KP spell coming up while I’m producing 300 KP per turn isn’t a small thing as AI values KP at 5:1 to gold (got that from an old post somewhere on this forum). While OTOH, if I raid a Lich King’s Castle I can get 700KP (very strong defenders) and could get 5 spells researched in a single turn.
    Hunting for Sage and All Knowing also depends on your research strategy – do you get what you need now or commit to a bonus somewhere down the line.

    I liked the research overspill from AoW 1. Push the slider to max research, any extra goes to mana and your knowledge infrastructure doesn’t sit useless in an XL map endgame (in AoW3, you also get thousands of KP stockpiled from happiness events). It’d be an easier system to balance as the KP to MP conversion can be adjusted and the benefit is limited by your max mana capacity (so you can’t stockpile limitless mana like gold).
    The drawback to balancing would be that you’d have more fuel to waste CP and could milk AIs for gold each turn, even though the exchange rate is 1m:1g since EL (used to be 1m:2g).

    Analogous: the exchange of excess production to gold would smply have to offer a worse exchange rate than Produce merchandise, and you still shouldn’t produce multiple units per turn (the balance nightmare).

    P.S. Yes, I know – in AoW1 your research infrastructure were your Leader and Heroes, but for the sake of comparison…

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    Raptors are more of an offensive universal DPS cavalry unit as their inflicts gained through medals would suggest, especially with Dragon Ancestry. Not every unit needs to be a tank.
    As others have mentioned, not having Armored is almost a bonus as they have just 1 DEF less than most armored cavalry but are immune to Armor Piercing.


    In the spirit of Necromancy, time to reanimate this thread with a graphical example…

    Since custom gravestones could be a bit too much work, how about Mythabril’s idea of extra info in the tooltip?
    Some interface info would also benefit Grey Guards, Theocrats with Divine Justicars etc. The tooltip could be expanded to include info on all relevant effects awaiting corpsed units like Undying already has it’s own animation. I’m referring to Resurgence, Phylactery, Raised etc. so players can know what will become of the corpse/unit while still in combat and plan which corpses need preserving / destroying.

    Or at least colour the relevant lines in the combat log, as I’ve done in the attached screenshot crop (follow the green arrows). Preferably with different colors for Ghoul Curse and Immune. As you can see, this is the combat log from just the first turn of a battle I entered to get some ghoul crow scouts.
    Now imagine scrolling through that wall of text during a multi-stack battle on max speed and you can see why I’m requesting this UI information improvement.

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    I don’t think Wraiths are too easy to evolve until you research Healers of the Dead or have Reanimate Undead in the stack. Their combat potential is dependent on your alignment. Good players better steer clear of the entire Archon lineup (Good Necromancers would intentionally make things difficult for themselves as they can’t increase unit morale through empire happiness).

    The thing is, when you end up with gold medal Wraiths, it just seems a waste of slots not to have Wraith kings instead as they get better through research and medals.

    You can get an entire army of Wraith Kings anyway through dwellings,control and Greater Reanimate Undead – but evolving them seems more elegant. Especially since Necromancers are tight on upkeep in the early game and excel at keeping TierII undead alive through Reanimate Undead (Hero Necros or Elite Reanimators). So you can have your chosen units rising steadily to Elite, while disposable ghouls and cadavers serve as meat shields and fodder.

    I do think giving them Deathbringer-like abilities would be too much. You can get ghoulifying units by including Necro Heroes or controlling Deathbringers (Theocrat, forge) even if you’re not playing Necromancer Class (and also, if you loot Meandors Mythical useable item).

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    How about a terrain-hex based bonus similar to goblins racial bonuses?
    For every mountain or underground rock hex Dwarves could get some gold bonus (e.g. freelance civilian prospectors at work). Necro dwarves could get a production bonus.

    I hope it wouldn’t be a pain to balance, and since there would be no way to change terrain into rock cavern walls or mountains the Necromancer again would have no use for Terraform (except with Goblin wetlands).

    Still, I’d like all races to eventually have some per-hex city bonuses like the Goblins. It would make city founding, population morale management and terraforming more like grand strategy empire building games. Necromancers would probably have a whole other set of bonuses which could make things complicated.

    Regarding Stone Fort production bonuses, this would be a huge improvement for early Necro play. Without population morale bonuses and city happiness events expansion’s usually slow, and relies on Plagues to boost population growth. As a result, I tend to make more builders and forts and mostly delay settling as it’s a large expenditure in population. Even +10 production from Stone forts would shorten the time an Outpost builds a Builders Hall by 1 turn and make it more attractive to settle.

    And dwarven economy governance bonuses aren’t that bad if you don’t use dwarven units in your armies. If you have time (say, in an XL game) to build up a city with treasure site production bonuses – it can be a great Arcane Forge, even though Pool of the Firstborn is an expensive upgrade tree for just +20 production (and +50% for cheerful). You’ll have to absorb a lot of dwarven cities to up the Racial Governance, though – so it’s more of a late-game thing.

    The level III bonus would make more sense on an Arcane Forge, to match the level IV bonus of cheaper Forging. If you’re planning to produce Firstborn in a city, chances are you’d prefer them getting their level III military bonus – so it doesn’t make sense to produce them a little faster without it (when you choose Pool +20prod).

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    I, for one, like the new underground much better. You can fiddle with custom map settings to tailor it more to your liking.

    The confined cavernous network you want is what the underground used to be. No fun at all, just rock cavern walls and very few city founding sites.
    And now that the underground has no move penalty it’s not so slow to traverse. It used to be 6 move per hex if you didn’t have Cave Crawling, now Cave Crawling gives a bonus to the standard 4-move per hex. Still, use Dwarf and Goblin mercenaries to scout.
    Isolated underground pockets were used in Campaigns, and they were a pain as dead ends make Armies take forever to get back into action. I prefer mobility and being able to send expeditionary armies in different directions establishing pockets of influence – which the new Underground is perfectly suited for.

    The new one is spacious, has lots of dirt walls for your Prospectors. There are dwellings and cities as well as treasure sites and city founding sites with MCU combinations. There’s more traversible land than lava/water even on Island-type maps, but there are berries interspersed so you can build a road network if you want faster travel.

    If you really want a fast game and not bother with the underground, concentrate on scouting out your enemies or plant forts next to underground entrances to deny entry to others and defend against rampaging independents (adjacent hex rule).

    In SP the AI is usually slow to enter underground (turn 40+ even on Emperor) if it starts topside so you don’t have to clear it unless you want the advantage in land and resources.

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    I have likewise encountered this and closing and reopening the hero screen (the portrait and stats overview, not just the level-up screen) has so far always solved the duplication.
    It didn’t seem to affect the game in any way as the second instance is a linked duplicate and, like Tasselhof noticed, both act as if they were just the one.

    I think I’ve also seen it in combat when trying to select abilities not on the quicklist (I remember Bestow Iron Heart etc.) – but it happened so rarely, I can’t verify. The solution remained the same: close and reopen.


    OK. Glad to have helped.

    I haven’t had problems with DLCs not showing up in the game, but I do have a problem that the Package manager in the Editor crashes since the last patch.
    As a result, I can’t create new maps with DLC content enabled, but I have a few clean maps I’d created earlier so I use them as templates (with all DLCs enabled).

    Does the patch version affect the map created in the editor or is it safe to use clean maps created from a previous versions (i.e. so I can just load AOW3-GR-EL_empty-XL.SAM instead of choosing an XL map and enabling all content in the package manager)?

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