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    Sir Bob

    Since the oyster reef will add population, it might be worth updating the Necromancer’s “Corrupt Source” spell to allow for corrupted coral reefs that can generate undead population instead (similar to corrupted farms and corrupted springs).

    Glad to see new content is on the way, and I hope that all is going well with your new project! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next 🙂

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    Sir Bob

    With regard to the racial governance perks,

    I would like to suggest that the High Elf Patron Military Upgrade, which gives a +1 physical damage bonus to High Elf Longbowmen that are produced in cities with a Shooting Range, be changed to include all archer units (not just longbowmen).

    I am requesting this because I enjoy playing as an Elf Druid. When I do, I build Hunters instead of Longbowmen. This perk doesn’t apply to Hunters (even High Elf Hunters), and is therefore almost useless from a Druid’s perspective.

    On an unrelated note, I also wanted to say that Eternal Lords is amazing! I really appreciate the devs’ willingness to design their games around feedback from the community. This is how games should be developed, and it shows in the quality and detail of your work. It’s amazing what can happen when developers don’t have a gigantic, greedy, corporate behemoth (“cough…EA…cough”) breathing down their necks. Keep up the good work, and I will happily continue to pay for it!

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    Sir Bob

    I’m 100% in agreement on this!

    in reply to: Dev Journal: Necromancer Class Design #125747

    Sir Bob

    I know there has been some discussion on whether it would be better to implement the Necromancer as a class or the Undead as a race, but based on where Triumph seems to be going with this concept, I think that a nice balance could be struck between the two. If implemented correctly, having the Necromancer as a class could allow the player to create their own Undead race from among the other races.

    For example, let’s say you are an elf necromancer. Initially you start with regular elf units, but as new class abilities are unlocked (perhaps through knowledge-based empire upgrades), your elf population begins to change in various stages (perhaps from “elf” to “corrupted elf” to “blighted elf” to “undead elf”). With each stage the look of you cities and units would become increasingly dead-ish, and inherent abilities would be modified to reflect those changes while retaining the relevant core racial attributes. For example, despite all their extra undead modifiers, undead elf archers would still have better ranged attack strength than undead dwarf archers. This would mean that your race choice still matters, but that the undeath modifiers to your race apply changes on top of that specific race (perhaps even in unique ways that differ between races).

    Here’s a better-organized example of what I’m thinking:

    – Just a normal-looking elf.
    – Likes trees. Shoots bows. Makes festive toys for Santa. Yay! 😀

    Corrupted Elf:
    – Slightly pale/withered look (maybe like dark elves from the original AOW).
    – Minor undead bonuses/weaknesses on top of elvish racial attributes.
    – Now indifferent toward subterranean climate, and dislikes (instead of hates) blighted climate.

    Blighted Elf:
    – Deteriorating/early-stage zombie look with slightly glowing eyes.
    – Moderate undead bonuses/weaknesses on top of elvish racial attributes.
    – Now dislikes temperate climate, and is indifferent to both subterranean and blighted climates.

    Undead Elf:
    – Skeletal/deteriorated corpse look with brightly glowing eyes.
    – Major undead bonuses/weaknesses on top of elvish attributes.
    – Now hates temperate climate, is indifferent to subterranean climate, likes blighted climate, and dislikes (instead of hates) volcanic climate.
    – Unique undead elf ability (Evil Forest:) Adds a bonus when fighting in forested tiles (like +1 poison damage, cause fear ability, or something along those lines). Undead units from other races would also get unique bonuses at the final stage of undeath, but those bonuses would reflect a trait that we might expect an evil version of that particular race to have. Maybe some entirely new abilities could be added for this purpose 😀

    I like this approach because it seems to make more sense than just adding a vague “undead” race to the game, while still allowing for inherent undead attributes that interact with the core racial attributes in unique and interesting ways. I mean, what exactly were the undead in AOW I and II? Were they undead humans? Elves? Archons? They certainly didn’t seem to be Frostlings, Halflings, Dwarves, or any of the beast races. But why not? Can you imagine the unholy terror of being chased by a little Undead Halfling farmer with a pitchfork and glowing eyes and zombie chickens? That’s the stuff of nightmares, for sure.

    I have read through a lot of other great ideas on here. It’s good to see Triumph not only welcome input from their fans, but actually seek to incorporate that input into their game as well!

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    Sir Bob

    It should probably also be noted that I did recently lower my audio bitz/hz values (in the “properties” section of my audio playback devices) in order to get Skyrim to stop crashing (which actually worked – don’t ask me why, haha). It is therefore entirely possible that I did this to myself, although it still doesn’t make sense that changing the same settings back to their defaults didn’t resolve the issue.

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    Sir Bob

    I am experiencing an audio-related issue which causes certain sounds (usually those with a heavier “bass” feel to them) to sound slightly fuzzy or distorted. It is usually more noticeable during tactical combat (depending on what is going on), although it also seems to occur in the city screen when the “production selection” audio file plays. I know this could very well be an issue with my own audio hardware. However, I never noticed this prior to the Golden Realms release. I have tried to reset all my audio settings (in Windows 8) to their defaults, or to higher (and lower) bits/hz values, but nothing seems to have any effect. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue, or if this is just me.

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    Sir Bob

    @ Harleyquin14, did you restart an entirely new game or load an old save from before v1.430? It seems to be the case with some of the other bugs (e.g. the Halfling campaign victory bug) that a fresh save file needs to be created in order for the patch to apply to them.

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