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    Hmm,I thought 4 Gb hdd memory would’ve been way to little but,who knows.

    And of course I meant First Conflict ‘reloaded’ 😀
    As you yourself said Quark02 that map was just so sufficient (Although I’ve never played any Age of Wonders games till 2010 again).

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    It was something like 2 Gb dedicated RAM, 4 Gb free HDD space, nvidia gt(or gtx) 340 and some ‘new’ intel processor.

    But don’t bother I’m just joking and I don’t want to derail the thread’s course even more 😀

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    Thanks for that Tombles.

    Buuut….any info if the specs on that site were true?:´D

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    First of all you srsly shouldn’t post links to another site which promotes downloading age fo wonders 3 before the rls.

    Without actually downloading anything from that site I still feel confident to say that it isn’t the full game,it sure as hell ain’t no demo either and I doubt it is the closed beta build…..
    If the specs on the site are legit I can’ tell,but 4 GB free memory sounds a little bit low and 2 GB RAM too.

    All in all that site seems very suspicious and I hope you won’t spread that link any further.

    Btw.,dat link is a ‘referal’ link as in someone made an account on and uses his link to earn money from people clicking it. This can be tracked down.

    Pls edit that link out of your post.

    Yep,first conflict 😀
    So many hours poured into that darn beta demo…

    But I didn’t even think about the runaway halflings :/

    Maybe just swapem with dwarves?

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    The 2nd one comes with more stretching….but at least Smaug and the 3 trolls are depicted relly well.

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    I knew it, Triumph is forcing the Halflings to code their game.
    Now we actually know where the Halflings gone to…..

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    As far as I know Queen Eleanor was never depicted at all,no.

    I presume Triumph did this to leave open some options for further story segements in AoW 2 but who knows.

    Maybe you’ll get a response from Lennart,although I doubt Triumph is skimming through the off topics often 🙂

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    Sure,a humble bundle with all AoW games and everyone is going to pay like 50 cents…..
    I mean,sure a humble bundle would most certainly ‘boost’ the awareness for your games but financial wise it wouldn’t be worth the effort I fear
    (To clarify this,I do not know what costs such a move would involve.Beeing digital only would seem rather like rather low costs,but providing steam ekys….).

    A triology bundle is good and you already have one on steam and indirectly on (They’Re selling these game cheaper if all three bought together).
    So no need for any other third party distributer sites to sell your games for lower than they are worth.


    IF you want to play through all 3 games at ~3 hours per day hmmmm…..

    For the frist one you would need about 2 weeks or more depending on whether you’ll play both sides of the cmpaing and if you want to play every branch of the campaign (At some points you can choose to travel to area A but doing so makes traveling to area B impossible).

    The second and third one are a lot longer,so you would have to plan about 4 weeks each,depdening on how good a player you are ;P

    So,let us just summ that up to 12 weeks cuz you wanna play AoW 1 all the way and you have it.

    You can do it till the release of AoW 3.

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    Well,at least BBB clarified why the orcs followed Karissa 😀

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    The order of your units in the stack determines on which of the 8 pre defined battlefiled startareas for your units the units in your stack are placed on.

    But it seems like heroes and leaders are placed in the back line and not the front, at least in Age of Wonders 1.

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    I’ll miss my 6 stacks of beetleriders ;.;

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    Bei den Vorgängern der AoW Reihe war es so,dass du Einheiten durch Spells buffen konntest,diese Buffs aber Manakosten pro Runde hatten.

    Es gab bisher nichts wie z.B. Entwicklungen in Age of Empires o.ä. Spielen,die Kartenweit Einheit X um 5 Hp verstärken oder so.

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    That’s good to hear Lennart.

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    Although this topic is already ‘finished’ as OP said:’yeah I’ll go check them out.’
    I just have to say that AoW 1 is a bit better than 2/SM.
    Perhaps it is just the old graphics which I absolutely adore or the edgy dark stly of the graphics but I’ve poured more hours into AoW1 than in 2 and SM combined.

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    As Edelfred said, Germany is werid when it comes to censure…..

    So..if it is possible either have a normal international version with blood/gore/splatters and a lowviolence version for germany,cuz we germans love the’I kill you…with this carrot,my sword would be to violent.’ or have the gore come with a free dlc to sneak past ESRB 😛

    But hell yeah, I want the pre 2004 gore back in ma games 😀

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    I take it by migrating you mean taking over a norc city and repopulate it with tigrans?

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    Well,Elemental: Fallen Enchantress sadly was a rather unpolished piece of work and somehow reflected the team’s effort in its predecessor.

    Eador is a bit different of what it wants to do. It’s like comparing CoD to a squad based shooter like Ghost Recon.

    King’s Bounty also had different goals…but in the end KB was till made by the same devs as HoMaM V and the animations in KB are way better than in HoMaM VI,imho.

    Disciples 3 was just plain bad…..

    Warlock:MotA didn’t work out. I couldn’t even grapshow to move my units after turn 2,cuz some random stuff happend which I didn’t understand.

    Perhaps HoMaM VI is indeeed a better game than some of your mentioned ones…but surely not all of them,as all those games are very different in their style of play.

    And as Tristan Titans Bane said, the big problem with HoMaM VI was Ubisoft’s new DRM Shit. Didn’t even matter if you pirated the game in the beginnig or not.
    At least the pirates could play the first 2 weeks with cracks…unlike the honest buyers who just felt buyer’s remorse.

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    Although I’m of coure sad I probably won’t get into any beta testing ( HOW DARE YOU!=!)!()!/)(!/§)!/§ :D) it’s fully understandable.
    As already discussed many in threads, this ‘style’ of beta is indeed the best solution for your studio.

    But thanks for the heads-up.
    Maybe,we’ll get more snippets of such intel further down the road? *winkyface*

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    In terms of ranged units on the world map as in ranged combat in Civ V…no,not in AoW.
    As the two above me already said,doing stuff like this leads to exploiting and definetly would hurt the gameplay.

    BUT stuff like rigging a watchtower to crumble once it is take over by an enemey or planting mines on barren fields (As in only on barren fields,so enemies have to take a leap of fatih or take a detour through forests,slowing their advance.) is definetly something nice and could be prominent with the class system.

    E.g. the Dreadnought could utilize said mines and a rogue could rigg buildings to destroy themself once taken over (As long as pioneers still exist and are still able to rebuild broken structures. Otherwise,this would be game breaking yet again.)

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    Well,for now there won’t be as much main races as in the previous installments.

    But the new class mechanic is going to give you certain class specific units for each race.
    E.g. a Theocrat will always have some angel like creature although playing orcs.
    Or something around that…

    Also the system of hireable units (In AoW 2 taverns and dens) is broadly improved and is going to have a much bigger impact on the game.

    Last but not least it was already said that AoW 3 is going to be relatively easy to be modded.
    So if you think there isn’t enough variety int erms of spells,units,pre-built mages and charactertraits it won’t take long till there are some mods to quell your thirst for more 🙂

    Pls. keep in mind that the above stuff is what I understand reading Triumph’s blogs/posts.

    in reply to: aow 3 beta? #18959


    So,as soon as someone asks whether there’ll be a beta or if beta access is granted with a possible pre-order the ‘bugs’ (had to do it) swarm in to feast on the beta?

    It’s like some people just read ‘…..BETA’ ……


    Uhm,well,to contribute to the discussion in this thread, I’d strongly advice an old-school approach launching AoW III.

    As we’ve seen the last 2-3 years, big companys or rather their publishers tend to rush things off.
    While grabbing some extra cash to (hopefully) pay dire needed devs is fully understandable some ‘prize’-examples succeed in repeatedly disappointing their fan-/playerbase.

    I sure as hell don’t have such an opinion about Triumph Studios and to be honest I’d wish that would remain so.

    I understand the ‘cries’ of some fans wanting to play AoW III asap but guys,come on.
    First of all, even if you won’t get beta access the game is gonna get released in late march/early april anyway (Hopefully not as some as it is beta eg. Rome Total War 2 or Battlefield 4).

    Secondly,just as various other members already mentioned, not everyone is fit for beta testing. Especially not in a client based game like AoW. Unlike games like for example Wildstar where stresstest or extensive testing of specific areas is required, AoW does not have that. If Triumpf Studios decides to perform an open/closed beta it probably won’t be a multiplayer only beta (Although I’d like that 😀). So yeah, any testers would have to check crash logs, .inis, post bugs, test stability of the game itself (engine), multiple unit spawns on certain terrain,etc..

    In addition Triumph didn’t go for the crowdfunding in their development. So as it stands they don’t ‘need’ our money to develop AoW 3 vanilla. But as any informed fan could know, the vanilla game isn’t going to feature that much variety in terms of main races (Keep in mind that there is a new system with class specific units and monster dens as permanent mercenaries camps) and player classes.

    Triumph already hinted that there will be future Dlcs with new classes/content (Think of old-school add-ons) and perhaps even races (Again old-school add-ons).

    This means any pre-order revenue would go ‘directly’ into future development (Which perhaps would need testing).

    So as there is not as much vanilla-content to be tested Triumph Studios isn’t going to need a large testforce.
    Perhaps they’ll be nitpicking their testers, perhaps they go with pre-order access (Plis no), we won’t know.
    [Actually this seems resolved and spoken through already]

    But as I said in about 3-4 months the game is planned to be released. I don’t want to thwart your dreams of being among the first to play AoW III in all it’s bugged glory but …..I do.

    I fear we little peasants have to wait till april to taste all of AoW III’s glorious content.

    Hopefully I did not offend anybody with my first couple of sentences and if I did you probably deserved cuz… you felt spoken to,nor?

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