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  • We dropped a hotfix for this on steam. Unfortunately we are not able to release hotfixes as frequent for GOG. This fix should become available to GOG users in 2 weeks.

    As a temporary work around for the bug: This crash happens only when you enter the diplomacy screen through the independent shield and click on a city. Clicking on any other shield above the minimap will not cause a crash.

    That is unfortunate. I do hope the fix would be available for GOG version soon. Thank you very much.

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    Please tell me a book is coming? I would not mind buying a big book chronicling the events from the first of age wonders to the third one.

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    I think someone explained it here (I am not sure if it was one of the devs or something), the reason why they make it that way is to ensure that everything is balanced. I do have to agree that I kind of want the races to matter like let’s say Orcs would be the best warlords and dwarves are the best dreadnoughts. I must say though that I don’t mind the flexibility as it is a bit tiring seeing the usual archetypes in most fantasy games (i.e dwarves are good with machines, elves are mages and orcs are warriors, etc.).

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    Nowadays, I usually get this feeling that I have to wait for a patch or two to make a game playable as bugs and issues would usually pop out on the first week of the game. I personally waited for the first patch before delving in to games that I plan to play until the end. I would say that I would not blame you if you would feel that a game is not yet “finished” as you have said as I felt it with other games as well.

    I reckon with a couple of patches (one patch could not cover all the issues), the game would be great and would be even better once they roll out expansions. In my experience, I feel like what I felt with Crusader Kings 2, I was never really that crazy about it until they released the Old Gods. I reckon it wasn’t that good and felt incomplete when they released it but it only became better and better with patches and expansions and I think it would be the same for this game as well. Let’s give the devs time to patch things up.

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    Not really worth it imo, the games havent aged well, graphics are atrocious and combat mechanics are annoying.

    I never really got in to the combat because of recent memory, it felt like its like the DnD games where my hits miss most of the time. Its just that I want to delve in deeper since I reckon the game has been patched and perfected by now and it has a lot of things that are not in AoW (for good or bad, I saw a few posts complaining about stuff.) Just want to try to make the time waiting for the patch for GOG version for AoW 3 bearable.

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    Ok, I remember falling in love with tigrans and now I kind of got a grasp of the overall mechanics and brutality of AoW with my experience with 3 so far.

    I was wondering where I could get some support with AoW shadow magic especially with some problems running it on windows 8.1 where when I alt+tab and return, the game would not display correctly and I have to quit and restart?

    Why…? I mean, if your builder gets caught out by a scout, why should it die instantly? It can’t defend itself, sure, but I could choose to protect it with spell support. Having it automatically killed denies me the ability to shield my units with fireballs. Can’t say I’m a fan of that idea.

    Fair enough, truth be told, I can’t think of something else other than the drastic measure of making them auto-die when attacked or even with the chance of being captured. I could imagine some situation where I might scrape through with the skin on my teeth by some magic when I have some settlers attacked by bandits but what annoys me a bit (not really gamebreaking or anything but its just a bit annoying) was that how the heck could a juggernaut not kill a settler in one go? I think I could have killed it in one go with a mortar blast but my point is, how could something that could destroy jungles as it passes through it not kill a settler, that it could easily tread on, in one go? Would have been understandable if it had magical buffs but it didn’t have a single one.

    Hmmmm. Never really thought of using them as arrow fodder. So far I am trying to ensure that I lose as little men as possible. But its just ridiculous when they usually hide inside the city and when I was about to attack it, my juggernaut never crushed it in one attack.

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    Oh one more thing, please let us permanently turn on the hexes. I have to turn it on again everytime I go in to tactical/strategic map and vice versa.

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    but but but……early next week I still have classes! What the heck, Easter break is coming. Really disappointed I didn’t get the steam version where I could have had the beta patch.

    I also hope that online/offline/guess saves would be fixed (in case it is not in the list of fixes) since it is a bit annoying that I have different saves for online/guess.

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    I’d say frostlings would be a bigger priority. Why? We have a cold biome and noone to live there. Except dire pengiuins that is.

    Good point. I mean, only gunther without the ice king? that is a shame!!

    But I will prefer Tigrans ASAP if ever they would do it.

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    people complains, it’s a sad state of life

    for 1 that complain maybe 9 are playing and find this game f… awesome

    Go! forge your own opinion :p

    Yeah I will see for myself how worse the situation is. Game is fun especially now that I managed to disable the SSAO and it runs smooth.

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    if i remember correctly they wore on the top5 most wanted races for future addons / dlc’s! but it seems undead / necromancer class is higher on the list (yay). but i also would love a new tigran race with these great visuals AoW3 has.

    I hope it is official. I mean I really love the tigrans. It is a race rarely seen in fantasy games. I also hope the patch would be released ASAP to balance things out as I am a bit worried playing the game because of the complaints about economy and tier IV spams

    The story is everything!

    Hmm, what do you mean by “important”? The story is really good if that’s what you’re going at. I loved storymodes in both AoW 1 and AoW 2, only thin that bothered me was AoW:SM as it kinda took it maybe too far, but that’s just my opinion. The campaign in 3 is intriguing so far but well, i am only missions in (goddammit “hard” is really hard!). I suggest playing all the campaigns if you’re into lore and that stuff.

    As for races go, i believe AoW:SM at best had 12 playable races and now there are 6, but they kept the best ones and more are coming so i’ll just have to wait and see (Fingers crossed for tigrans because cat archers and shredders). Also some of the other races are now unplayable but still in the game as independent dwelling-things.

    The game pace is adjustable, i’ve played mostly epic mega-army marathons but i had a few 30 min royal rumbles.

    Hexes can be turned on with a button somewhere in the top right corner if i remember correctly, also domains and minimap adjusts from the same place.

    Currently there’s a problem with framerate drops mostly with laptops that drive multiple graphics cards. i have nvidia GTX 780 2gb, i7 3230 and 2x4gb ram and i only get 20 fps at lowest settings. but there’s a promised fix in the 1st patch.

    I hope i answered something and have a nice day :3

    What I meant by the importance of the story is if the campaign is directly tied to the previous campaigns and is it really really important to know the story or it is enough just to hear some bits about it in the campaign in this game.

    As for the hexes, I know how to turn them on or off but they keep on going off when I reload the game and whenever I shift from tactical to strategic and vice versa. I don’t know if there is an option to permanently turn it on.

    As for the races, I guess it is alright that I could not play as all of them as long as some of them are available as recruitable units in the map like the archons.

    I do hope they would make turtling feasible as I love to turtle and kind of build my empire tall instead of wide. But I suppose this is more HoMM-ish other than closer to 4x if it favours aggression all the time instead of exploration and combat. I kind of don’t want to play a map and win on the least number of turns possible. That is the reason why I kind of shy away from most scenario-based wargames with win in X turns scenarios.

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    Never really played AW series because I got turned off by the lack of random map generator prior to Shadow Magic. I have to say that this topic answers the question as to why I am getting owned in this game despite having some experience playing strategy in general.

    I reckon it is understandable if they retained single units and they deal the same damage (e.g a well-trained warrior that is dying could still kill you until you put him down) compared to representing armies.

    On one hand, this mechanic encourages me to really be careful of my moves but it is a bit hard for me to use units as tanks, especially when the enemies still deal out full damage.

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    What I noticed from logging in and signing in as a guest is that you could only load your games that you have played logged in or offline. I just left it logged in and played the campaign but when I tried signing in as guest, I have to restart the campaign since there is no save file.

    I am using the GOG version by the way.

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