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    It does.

    I mostly play “Very Slow”, because you will see less T4´s flooding the game.

    If you play aggressive against a slow speed AI, you have an advantage because AI research times are big enough, (they wont be spaming class T3s/T4s), warlords, druids and dreads can exploit this very well.

    If you turtle against a slow speed AI, you will face a great problem, because the AI will expand and they will research very fast their stuff, (even with very slow speed, their research times are short).

    Slow speed helps a lot if you dont want low tier battles (T1/T2), slow speed increases the research gap if you play vs emperor AI, and that increases the difficulty.

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    Someone needs to save offtopic.

    Anyway, I always hated miley.

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    Well, not sure at all, I killed him because I did not found any type of healing for him.

    And hell, that is true, that pit gave me many problems, specially when talking about coming back to upper lvls, it is just mad when you are a lowbie.

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    The one in Paths of Od Nua Level 5?

    Level 15 one. At lvl 5 you face Drakes IIRC, they are a lot easier than than fat dragon. Path of the Damned+4/5 party makes him really fun.

    Of course whole Od Nua is really fun.

    Let me suggest you one thing, make sure you perform a clean save before clearing each Od Nua floor, hell those battles are really fun.

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    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>BLOODYBATTLEBRAIN wrote:</div>
    but I like how the combat work

    While I like the parts Pillars takes from IE-games, comparing it to the turn-based combat of Divinity:OS I gotta say I like D:OS’ much more.

    Because PoE does not have fix’d turns for characters allowing to use (multiple) actions (Well, I think any action requires X seconds, so that’s kinda like turns in the end) big fights with 13+ units (6 from your party, X enemies) are way to messy and very hard to manage.<br>
    The pause-function remedies this a bit but…’s still very easy to lose track of one Character, which results in them doing nothing (Because his attack target dies/gets closed of from him + no new aggro/pathing to aggro happened for said character).

    Maybe I should just pause manually more often tho, so this is a very subjective reasoning here :P

    Recently, devs announced they will add turn based combat (patch 1.1) at this summer.

    Also, playing it at path of nightmare without a full party is really fun, most of the times, you can do it well just using slow speed, except with some bosses.


    Hell, that dragon is just ridiculous!

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    Well, PoE is getting more interesting.

    Recently, devs announced a turn based combat option with patch 1.1, also, they are fixing some critical issues.

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    Pillars of Eternity is interesting and old fashioned but it has many bugs yet (some of them could break the game).

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    @Jolly Joker

    You are not the center of the universe, I´m not trying to convince/impress you/them, what I´m trying to do is expand the perspective of the people with my words, because I have expanded my perspective with their words, that´s the goal of a dialogue.

    Talking with you is like “Look bud, I have the biggest pen…cil to write things”. Your ego makes you blind.


    That´s not the solution, the right solution is warn/ban to Jolly Joker and/or me.

    Sorry Althea, but I gonna use you as example again. You can see Althea´s comments through the time, you can notice about how his opinion has “changed”, Althea now has a bigger perspective of this matter, today Althea and me don´t share the same opinion, but we know our perspectives better than before, that´s the point of a healthy discussion.

    But what happens with Jolly Joker?
    He believes he knows the truth and he doesn´t want to have a dialogue, because he wanna impose his opinion, because he thinks he´s right. With that attitude, you cannot have a healthy discussion.

    If after this, Sorax decides to put a warning/ban on me, it´s fine, but he must be neutral and put a warning/ban on him as well.


    Making models in these days is not that hard as the past. The current model tools/software are very powerful, indeed, is not like making popcorn, but is not that hard as you may think.

    It could be interesting if TS opens a model contest (you don´t need to have mod tools for that), and, as a prize, your model could be included oficially in the game.

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    @Jolly Joker

    You really don´t understand what you read.

    While I´m trying to apply scientific method here (, you are trying to just persuade me with speculations, what a shame, you act like a troll.

    There is no scientific method without testing, for that reason, I strongly believe that mod tools could prove my point.


    Exactly Bob, this is what I´m trying to discuss here, I think, many people asking for racial T4´s/magic/racial T3´s are not asking really for that, they are asking for that iconic stuff from previous games.

    TS already did it, we have examples like Glutton, Dread Reaper and Sphinx, they came back as dwelling T4/class T4/racial T4, and they fit in the current system.

    People like Glow, Althea, you, me and more have said that about fey dwelling, Fairy Dragons and Leprechauns could fit perfecly in it. Karaghs could fit in an underground dwelling, Air Galleys/Forceships with dread stuff or machine store/dwelling, Doom Wolves in an artic dwelling or second racial T3, Basilisk as extra naga or sea dwelling unit, there are many ways to do it.


    Balance is really overrated here. Upcoming DLC will bring us new systems, units, magic, and I´m sure, they won´t be balanced with current content, even after it has been tested for few people, but surprise!, after some days DLC will be balanced. Some users have created a myth around balance.

    Unfortunately, without mod tools, this forum turns into a speculation festival, and that´s weird, because there are many balance speculators, even more weird, you cannot reach a balance state without testing, sad but true.

    I wonder how many aspects of this game has been changed in order to prevent a poor gamer ethics, you can see players comparing T4´s with atomic bombs because people want to use atomic bombs for wars and not for meteor menace protection (and yeah, it´s not movie based, it is really in NASA protocol), a cheeser/exploiter gamer is not fault of TS/AoW, learn to play.

    As a conclusion, I think, racial T4´s are possible and viable, however, with the current version of the game, it could be more convenient to add old units via dwelling, magic, second racial T3, etc, because it could be more friendly to the current AoW3 system.

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    @Jolly Joker

    Well, I know this is a complete waste of time, but I will tell you this anyway.

    * The only one who is trying to start a polemic discussion here, are you bud, I don´t see chrys, Althea or Dagoth being affected by my comments, except you.

    * You are the great enemy of this discussion, because every time an user wanna talk seriously about this matter, you jump in with an aggressive mode and you don´t hear them, you just want to impose your opinion, no matter how legitimate is the argument, you will always go against it.

    * God´s Sake!! Understand what you read!

    * Take it easy bud, I heard yoga is good for those purposes.


    No more to say, agree with Eji1700.

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    @Jolly Joker

    I never said “AoW3 is a failed game”, what I´m saying is “AoW3 is a great game, but it´s not very efficient, it has many potential to go”.

    I made the Merit system some months ago, and I didn´t made it because racial T4´s, I made it because the game needs a pause in it´s pacing.

    I don´t want to talk with you about this matter anymore, because you don´t wanna talk, you want to impose your opinion over the rest, at least, Althea tries to talk in a civil way, but you don´t.


    I think, the reason behind racial T4´s petition, is a mixture between nostalgia, folklore, lore and variety.

    If we watch the evolution of the game since 1 until 3, we will notice that AoW3 is the most mature and evolved version of the series, you can see more “realistic” aspects in AoW3 than the previous games. At previous AoW games, you can see more fantasy elements over realistic ones, while at AoW3, that “balance” changes with more realistic elements, however, AoW3 has more fantasy over realistic yet.

    Let´s remember a key word here: Fantasy.

    We lost fantasy flavour with AoW3, if we lost that, then, we lost immersion too. We lost many iconic stuff from the previous games (units, magic, lore). Sometimes, when I´m playing I think “Am I playing an Age of Wonders game?”.

    For that reason, I think, people who wanna racial T4´s, they really wanna ask for having that iconic stuff from previous games, no matter if they come back as racial T4´s, dwelling T4´s, class T4´s or whatever else, they are just asking for that iconic stuff back.

    While I understand, some of that fantasy factor lost is justified by lore, you can´t just wipe out those AoW folklore elements which gave you the success that AoW got today in order to make a more mature game.

    We can see often threads like “We want racial T4´s”, “We want more racial T3´s”, “We want more magic”, etc etc etc, but I think that behind of most of that stuff there is a petition like this: “Bring us back those iconic elements from previous games adapted to AoW3 standards”.

    Of course, that´s only my humble opinion.

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    No offence, but if you haven´t played previous AoW games, then, your arguments lose validation, because you don´t know the value of racial T4´s and their precedents, and better yet you haven´t tested them.

    While your reasoning is often equable in this forum, this time, you are in a very unfavorable position.

    Don´t get me wrong, you are free to post your opinions, but if you are trying to be serious, you have to know about the matter.

    @althea and Jolly Joker

    I repeat the question, do you come from the future?
    Did you see a game ruined by racial T4´s?
    Did you see the balance completely destroyed by racial T4´s?
    I really have to ask you this, because you talk like you do.

    I think, some users in this forum (included you two), overrate the “balance” term. Balance is a hypothetical state, you cannot reach the balance just by speculating, you have more chances to reach that state by testing, of course, there is a speculating job behind the balance, but most of the importance resides in the practice and test.

    Also, the way you reason is very simple and traditional -conservative-, because it seems you only think about the actual version of the game, you don´t seem to explore alternative ways and that´s a great obstacle when we talk about innovation or ideas.

    You think in the problems we will have if they put racial T4´s with the current version. And I have to admit it, indeed, if we try to make racial T4´s with the current version of the game, we could be forcing them to fit in a wrong place and that could carry more problems than solutions.

    However, like I said before, you only see that, but what happens when you try to view this issue from another angle?


    I see 6 problems with racial T4´s:

    * Game Pacing: This game is so damn fast, even if you play it with the slowest settings, you can face T4´s at turn 15-20, and that can break games. This game needs an alternative option for a more slow pacing.

    * Resources: They seem to be not enough accurate for certain things.

    * Access: Like I said, the game pacing is very fast and it´s not fair to have dwelling T4´s at turn 15-20. Is really easy to access to T4´s with standard resources/dwellings.

    * Spam: That´s an AI problem and resource/pacing/access problem too.

    * Balance: Just temporal, after some weeks they will be balanced.

    * Strategic and Tactic Factor: This is a challenge, but after a joint effort between devs and community, this could be easily done.

    What happens if TS decides to introduce a “Merit” System?

    We already have 3 resources: Mana, Gold and Knowledge. I propose a fourth resource called “Merits”.

    You can obtain Merits by:

    – Battles (if you win, you will get more Merits)
    – Racial Gobernance
    – Vassals
    – Empire Management
    – Structures

    You can use Merits for:

    – Produce/Cast Units
    – Cast Spells (City Quake, Forge Blast, Global TVII, etc)
    – Construct Buildings

    Every unit in the game will require Merits and Gold/Mana, the Merit quantity will vary depending the power/strategic/tactic value of the unit.

    With a Merit resource we attack 5 problems of the game:

    * Game Pacing
    * Unit Access
    * Technology Access
    * Unit Spam
    * Strategic/Tactic Factor

    With a Merit system, we can have racial T4´s and more. Perhaps I explain better the Merit system in a new thread further.

    As you can see, if you explore alternative ways, you can “discover” interesting solutions.

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    @Dagoth Ur

    I posted arguments in the past, but they are not short and I don´t want to sound repetitive, however, if you want to read them, you can check my comments in that thread

    My previous comment has the root of the problem: Mod Tools. Can you imagine how many GD threads could not exist if we have mod tools since the original release?
    I´m sure, 30%-50% at least.

    If you read the recent threads about racial T4´s, you can notice they are viable in many ways, but they are not taken seriously because there is no way of testing them. Then, the discussion turns infertile and ideas got discarded and that´s because all ends being pure speculation.

    As result, every argument we can argue defending racial T4´s becomes a little irrelevant and ignored because we don´t have any way to prove it.

    I gotta repeat, I don´t see racial T4´s as a priority thing to add, however, I joined the discussion because I found against arguments weak and some of them sounds more like a caprice than a real argument.

    While nostalgia is a really powerful factor, it´s not only about it, I still think, racial T4´s could add a strategic and tactic valor without being repetitive or without lose variety in the game.

    And no, I dont know the truth about AoW3, I´m not a sage, but I still think, there are many conservative people around this forum, and that is a stone in the way for a more evolved AoW3.

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    I have been busy recently, however, I keep reading this forum.

    We are at the Age of Speculation.

    @Jolly Joker

    Do you come from the future?
    If that´s the case, I think you are saving us from a racial T4 apocalypse, thank you bud.

    If that´s not the case, then I suppose you are the special one and you got mod tools before us and you are preventing us from useless time wasted for racial T4 balancing and modding, thank you again bud.

    If that´s not the case, hell, I still don´t understand the hate for racial T4. because you talk like you know something that we don´t.


    Every time I bought a game from TS, I definitely spent my money wise. However, in AoW3 case, I will remember TS for being so passive and conservative in some aspects of the game and marketing.

    TS did a great damage to the game and the forum by not releasing the mod tools with the original version of the game (March 31th, 2014). Due that, this forum has been the House of Speculation, this thread is the perfect example of that, every time an user creates a post talking about racial T4´s, you will see the same users saying the same arguments with the same result.

    Then, racial T4´s ideas will get punished by conservative and/or closed minded users (I will leave this blank space for a spicy comment from Picard ___________________), and finally, devs mostly, will ignore racial T4´s ideas, because like Imissleprechauns said, most of the against arguments come from loudy or popular users (and again, I will leave a blank space, just in case Picard wanna talk about Illuminatis ___________________).

    As result, many ideas with potential said in this forum are just discarded because if you wanna talk about a change to the game you only have that, a discussion in the forum, which often seems to be not productive.

    I respect the perspectives of the users who are against racial T4´s, if they wanna play that style, it´s ok, however, when some of them try to impose their opinions over the rest, then, things are not good. Nobody here knows the truth and that´s why mod tools are really necessary, because if you wanna propose something, you don´t have to deal with an unproductive speculation discussion.

    I think, TS will release mod tools when they finish the game, which is very sad, because with mod tools you can demostrate to TS and the community that some things are possible and they can be implemented oficially, but, if they release them when the game is finished, then, we will lose the chance to see a better AoW3 game, and yes, I said better, because I´m sure, there are many users around with good ideas waiting to be explored and tested. No matter the name of the user, this is not about users or ego wars, this is about ideas.

    Because that, we are at the Age of Speculation my friends.

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    You mean “BUG” I suppose.

    Otherwise yeah, it is annoying.

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    God´s Sake, KoF 2002 UM buttons are better mapped. Recommended for arcade players.

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    Not at all Tibbles, IIRC, SM Editor had a video playback option, I havent fully explored AoW3 editor, but perhaps that could be a viable way.

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    I agree with Sunicle.

    TS have done a great job, however, they are a little passive and conservative with some aspects of the game. I think, TS did not release mod tools because they are a double edge weapon.

    Actually, TS works smooth and calmly because they don´t have any competition about content developement, also, they don´t have to deal in a serious way with the mod/editor forum.

    However, without modding tools they lost a very huge chance. As Sunicle said, they lost an amazing free marketing platform, but they also lost a huge testing platform and a huge “free” development platform.

    Actually, the way TS handles the feedback from the community is a little unfair, yes yes, they hear some of the community suggestions, but when we talk about new units and balance, we, as a community lose too much, because “we” don´t have the tools for balance testing or for units testing, and, if someone opens a thread in GD forum, you have to face many conservative postures, and it could discourage TS to implement those changes to the game. But, if they hear a unit/balance idea and they decide to implement it, then, we lose again, because that idea is tested by a very little and probably arbitrary group (said with respect and without bad intentions).

    What do you prefer?
    Discuss in a post about an hypothesis, or test that idea directly?

    And also yeah, GOG users are a little ignored if we compare them with Steam users.

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    Marketing itself costs more than game development.

    I don´t know about current PC game development costs, but I suppose, AoW3 budget is around 3m-5m USD (since original release until upcoming DLC), 1m-2m coming from Notch and the rest from TS and/or other founding.

    And actually, you can do almost nothing with 5m USD spent on TV spots, you can pay reviews/interviews with magazines, but that´s a little useless since magazines are not very popular in these days.

    I think, the best marketing you can have, is the web, TS and we as community must be less passive, and we could planify a better advertising strategy on the web.

    Also, AoW3 is a ruby packed in a paper bag, TS needs to be smarter with the game appearance, AoW3 has few artwork, and lacks of “badass” look like content.

    If we see AoW3 original release cover, we can notice it is a little tasteless, AoW3 is a war oriented game, so, they could use a cover showing an epic battle with some badass artwork. You can think, “Hell, a cover has not a huge marketing impact”, but trust me, when talking of marketing, the appearance is a strong weapon.

    Now, let´s see the game content, AoW3 is a great game, but I´m sure the upcoming DLC will attract more new people to this game, do you know why?
    Because Necromancer, people tends to like dark stuff, and necromancer fits very good with free marketing.

    I think, AoW3 needs more “mainstream” content designed wisely, you can make “mainstream” content with AoW3 taste and without corrupt the game roots.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Right decisions, prosperous future.

    Talking about SP:

    Will the AI use this feature?
    Will the AI change it´s behaviour in order to play in peace?
    Will AI keep it´s expansionism tendency?
    Will independent cities have strongest defenders?
    Will this feature work between independent factions?
    Will independent cities spawn forces like dwellings “do”?

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    The changes you described were made because the previous system was inneficient.

    One of the AoW3 success key is the way that the devs patched most of the game´s weakness, they didnt patched the game with ambitious or sumptuous fixes, they did it with little changes. When you see those little changes together, you notice about how the game has changed.

    When I talk about “big/major” stuff, I mean ambitious/aggressive/sumptuous/complex/deep, so, as I told you before, TS works making many little patches, but they rarely “gamble” with more ambitious projects.

    If you are talking me about illuminatis due my “dominating group” point, you got me wrong, if you read carefully the point, it is self-explanatory, it talks about popular and non-popular people, it is a very common social phenomena and it can happen everywhere, this forum is not the exception.

    Yeah, I forgot to add one point:

    m) Sometimes people ignore positive feedback/comments, while they see only the criticism side.

    I like AoW3 very much, I enjoy it, I sponsor it between my friends when I can do it, but that is not an impediment for giving suggestions/feedback, etc about the game. I know, I can be stubborn or rude sometimes, but I make them with good intentions, and always I try to be polite or civil at least.


    IIRC, AoW3 Wiki has a poll option, I´m sure, Glow, K or me could make a new template for suggestions and that stuff, that way, Wiki and TS will win.

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    Well, honestly, I dont say this because my posts, they only proved some of my points.

    I have been reading this forum since 2013´s february aproximately, since that, I have seen many people reading and talking in this forum, I have read interesting comments and trash stuff.

    Based on that, I did my reply in this post, when you turn back and see how this forum has changed, you notice about the forum´s nature.

    Many people left because the combination of one or more of the points I described before, and some of them had really nice/interesting ideas.


    Well, I´m sure, we will see new faces when next DLC comes out, and also, we will see some old faces coming back.

    About the devs reading all the stuff in the forum, I have my doubts yet, because the difference between steam forums and TS forum is evident, yeah, is common to see devs (of any game) puting more effort in steam forums, but I think, TS forums deserve a little more attention from devs, and yeah, I understand developement drains many time but we have Sikbok and Tombles examples, Sikbok is pretty active at steam but here, he´s a myth, Tombles was active in GD forum, and actually he´s a myth too.

    Yeah, it matters, since testers started as normal users, and they were choosen because their job at the forums, and now, most of them are really rare to read actually, and yeah, I have been tester several times before, I know what it means.

    TS is not clear with it´s priorities, if they say the priorities to everyone, you will see less suggestion/feedback stuff in the forum, because you won´t write something that you know devs won´t read.

    When a person talks about major/big changes or balance, some users become really mad and you will notice about what I´m saying, if I extrapolate that to the “real life” it is a serious problem, breaking paradigms is not easy.

    About the dominating group, it is very common, since it is a social phenomena, most of the times, you will face a dominating group every place you go, this forum is not the exception.

    Trivial is not synonym of trash stuff, said that, I can easily link you at least 10 posts with trivial content and 2+ comment pages, while I can link you other 10 posts with more interesting ideas with no more than 1 or 2 comment pages if lucky. You just can explore the recent forum history and you will see it.


    Of course, I dont take it personally, but is a sad fact, new generations are reading less.

    When I´m testing a game, I usually write reports with more words than my posts in this forum.


    IMHO, TS needs to put more effort in this forum, since it is really limited (talking about functions and commands), and it needs more attention from them. It could be nice to have PM, spoiler, non-hidden commands, etc.

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    The idea is very courteous and good, but I see some issues with that.

    a) This forum is not active as past times.

    b) It seems, actually, devs dont read general discussion stuff (I wanna think, thats because they are busy).

    c) It seems, actually, most of the testers dont read or dont participate in general discussion stuff, there are some exceptions like Gloweye, BBB, sometimes Fen, sometimes chrys, sometimes Lion, while Picard often talks about semantics.

    d) Some users have an incorrect way of evaluate ideas, because they discard them instead of saving good ideas. Sometimes I got the feeling that some users forgot how great improvements/gadgets were discovered, most of them started as crazy ideas and then, they got refined and balanced.

    e) TS priorities are a little “mysterious”, you have to deduce them.

    f) This forum is covered by a huge and heavy conservative veil and a close-minded barrier, that means, major changes or big suggestions are discarded or they arent read or they got heavily attacked.

    g) Some users of this forum have a serious lack of reading culture. Long posts are just ignored most of the times.

    f) If you talk about something who alters the balance of the game in this forum, you are treated like a sinner or heretic.

    h) New forum users are so passive.

    i) Dev Team seems to discard big/major suggestions/ideas.

    j) IMHO, this forum seems to be”controlled” by a dominating closed group. Posts created by a “famous” user arent usually ignored, no matter the post´s subject.

    k) Some people think, “if you criticize the game, then, you dont enjoy it”, which is a very poor and sometimes false reasoning. You can criticize and enjoy something at the same time.

    l) This forum seems to like discussing trivial things, you often will notice about how many answers got “trivial” posts vs long/deep posts.

    As I told you, this is a very good idea, but at this forum, it could not be the best option.

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    Perhaps its because I often see the things as a modder, but they can do it well (rulesets).

    Now, it is true that the strategic aspect properly has some differences: the AI will probably never learn to use stealth like a player, or to change its stack make up in order to counter a players strategy.

    That part really influences the AI difficulty and absolutely, it is a forceful factor when we talk about SP. Example:

    Me (dread) vs AI (AD), I´m besieging one of its cities with one stack of golems and 3 juggers, AI its protecting the city with several hunters, shamans and some T3/T4 animals, next 6 turns, I reinforce my attack with other golem stack, but AI is producing hunters, shamans and it is summoning gargantuan, (it´s an elven city) and it has god researched, then, I win the city without any unit lost. A human player could produce storm sisters and gods, or it will spam sunburst on my units. The result: An overwhelming victory.


    Wrong, as I told you, minor and subtle changes won´t have a huge impact, then AI will be the same, perhaps some changes could require an AI modification, but it will be really minor.

    A: You cannot follow that idea if you are a dev.
    B: MP>>>>>>SP, don´t compare AI with a human, Fenraellis could explain this point to you better than me.


    What do you preffer?

    A fast ruleset for mp/sp, or a 200 IQ AI that implies a ton of hard work.

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    No Brandon, you are expecting a huge change, and rulesets are not made of huge changes.

    Talking about AoW3, testers could write a list with sp and mp exclusive “rules”, when I talk about rules, I talk about minor and subtle changes, then, they send the list to the dev team, then, the dev team examines the list and they see what can they do and what cant they do, then, devs talk with testers about the result of the revision, then, they make the changes of the rulesets, and often, the changes are really fast to do (1 work day or less with 1 dev involved), then, the testers check the stuff and after that, the feedback cycle comes up.

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    Honestly, do you use the same mp strat vs emperor?

    Now I will tell you, when I play mp, I often play aggressive or very aggressive and it works well, but what happens when I do that vs emperor? Simple, I win games really fast and easy, and it feels like cheating, because early game AI is really weak. Am I wrong?

    Ok ok, let´s turtle then, when I turtle at mp, then I´m taking a risk but I can win because the enemy got the same resources as me. But, when you turtle at emperor, you will face doomstacks and the game becomes pretty harder, because AI doubles its resources, I must change my strat a little but I can win.

    Yeah, you can practice tactical map strats mostly vs AI, but overall strats are not that easy vs emperor.

    For that reason, I think, the game needs different rulesets for sp and mp.

    I have been tester in several games before, and based on my experience, some led testers or producers allow you to test ideas like that with a small team in a controlled “sandbox”.

    I don´t know which are AoW3 testing standards but I assume, AoW testers did that.

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    I think, nymphs are not high elves because they are “wood” sided, and because AoW3 racial rooster is pretty limited: 1 T1 infantry, 1 T1 archer, 1 T1 pike, 1 T2 calvalry, 1 T2 mainstream support, 1 T3 “free”, in that scheme, nymphs won´t fit, but I see them as wood elves.

    I see dark elves as dwelling not only for their evil nature, I see them as a dwelling mostly because lore.

    The Mending healed dark elves and turned them into high elves, same case with wood elves, so, based on what I have read in Steam/TS forums, Mending´s credibility is not that solid, and if we got dark elves coming back as a race, The Mending will lose many credibility, because dark elves as a single race could be a separatist mobilization and it could ruin The Mending and high elves. Of course, Ray can change that.

    About dark elves and aligment.

    I will use an example for this, I´ll use random names:

    Yelok is a serial killer and he lives at Sin City, a place populated mostly by criminals and ex-convicts. Yelok lives with his two brothers: Draxynnic and Fenraellis, his brothers work at a black market warehouse. One day, the warehouse suffers an enemy attack and it starts to burn, Yelok achieves to rescue them along with some other people. Today, Yelok is prepairing himself, beacuse tonight, he will kill another victim. (Beware, Yelok knows the place where you live)

    Conclusion: Yelok made an act of good when he rescued Draxynnic and Fenraellis, he did it because the circumstances forced him to do that, however, Yelok´s nature is evil.

    What I want to say with that is: there is a confusion between circumstance and nature. At AoW3, circumstance is represented by leader aligment (pure evil, pure good, neutral, etc), while nature is represented by unit aligment (dedicated to evil, dedicated to good, neutral), and actually, TS is abusing of circumstance aligment while it is leaving aside nature aligment.

    Based on dark elf description, they are evil, if you read some of their unit descriptions, you will find the same thing. Same case with archons, they are good by nature. When we talk about campaign, most of the protagonist stuff works based on circumstance aligment.

    Also, think about this, if tomorrow we are attacked by an alien invasion, I´m sure, most of the empires of this planet will unite their forces and will fight versus the aliens, because that´s an apocalyptic scenario. Same case with SM campaign, shadow demons are the aliens and the other races are the “humans”, dark elves, undead, halfs, frosts, etc will unite in a common cause, because circumstance instead nature.

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    Interesting Fen.

    I´m going to post soon a thread talking about dark elves, I got some units ready like this:

    Lady of Pain


    They are not finished yet, but they are almost the final release, and of course, they might not be perfectly balanced.

    I still think, incarnates can be well adapted to AoW3, they just need some brain job and constructive debate.

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    AD´s can manage small battles vs dread easy, but when you face big battles vs dread, you could be in a trouble, since your archers and shamans are not that useful, you can try summoning some shock serpents or gods, or you can try producing cavalry and supports, but I think, if they add “Favored Enemy: Machine” could help.

    About animistic knowledge, yeah, is a little odd the description.

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    Well, Fen, your dark elf concept is pretty similar than mine.

    I see Storm Sister as the spiritual successor of Storm Priest. About shade, yeah, shadow stalker is like his spiritual successor.

    You forgot Lady of Pain, the counterpart of Nymphs, also, Executioners are T3 originally.

    About “Possession” hot discussion, the skill could be well balanced after a good debate, I think, you said that because programming code. Incarnates are still, the classic dark elven T4.

    I like a lot Executioners, they deserve to be T3, I like also Blade Dancers, and you said it well, they can be balanced very smooth.

    You see Dark Elves as a race, while I see them as a dwelling, because they are evil by nature, same case with archons, I see them as a dwelling too, because they are pure and good by nature.

    There are a problem when we talk about damage channels and dark elves, because we dont have magic channel here, we only have poison and physical, perhaps that magic could be replaced by shock.

    I could use 60% blight protection, cave crawling, dedicated to evil and night vision for perks, perhaps with more stuff.

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