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    Narvek, can we attack it from multiple angles?

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    I am sure this is something on everybody’s minds…

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    A lvl 1 swordsman with enchanted weapon killed one of mine once…That was…frustrating, yet amusing.


    And yes, the ashen steppe, where your orcs got smashed! I only ever beat that map because of strong heroes, easily one of the more challenging scenarios…

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    Joseph was his name-the last human ruler of the Valley of Wonders (AoW1).



    Also, at  1:21 in the trailer, those look like musketeers to me, just behind the troll/ogre/giant thing.


    1:20, to the left  of the ogre (as you look at it, to the ogre’s right) Runemasters? And to your right (his left) dwarven axemen/halberdiers? And more Runemasters.


    1:17, are those catapults? And if so, are they separate units, or built for the siege (like how you could build siege towers in the TW series).

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    OMG can you imagine competitive   campaigns? How would that work? Because not every map would be fought over? Mind is boggling, but what a great idea Inlaa.

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    Just raise teh recruiting and upkeep costs of level 4s?


    If each level cost twice as much as the level before to maintain, that could be a solution, so:


    lvl1- 4 gold

    lvl2- 8g

    lvl3- 16g

    lvl4- 32g


    That immediately makes them much more precious.

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    That;s actually a very good question Kubera. I suspect many Aow players will have older Oss, and some will have Windows 8, so how will this all mesh for AoW3?

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    I like the idea of some areas of the map being so thoroughly ‘wild’ that they are in effect off limits until you get seriously powerful. The best part of these games, IMO, is the exploration bit, and being able to get that exploration hit mid game could be amazing.

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    I personally don’t see how a female overlord (overlady?) would be out of character…(I’m assuming you mean warlord). Isn’t what what Julia is (or was, because we don’t know if she’s still kicking around..?)

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    I think it’s a brilliant idea. I don’t know how well it could be implemented though…


    Here’s another one-battlefield concealment, until the unit actually attacks. Might be unbalanced though.

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    If I can pick just one things…

    New leader classes.

    But it us a tough tough question to answer, considering most of us are rabid fans of AoW….

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    I am wondering if the furore over the exalted being the same (the angel debate) has now led to all races sharing the same level 4s. To the OP, I haven’t heard anything anywhere about the racial log 4 being the same. The class specific units, which APPEAR be the same no matter the race (I.e. goblin angels, eleven engineers/stepdaughter, and the resultant hue and cry) are EXTRA units, on top of the racial roster. This is partly why I’m not worrying overly much about theocratic units all being similar. That, and also because I suspect that, if they are similar, then the mod community will be all over that.

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    I can´t  see an  option, so another question, can cities be surrounded and attacked from multiple angles?

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    Brilliant, just brilliant, suggestions Gorlum. I like 2.1.

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    The “problem” such as it is, is that every race as depicted in the AoW series can make a case for being pretty iconic, except for Syrons and Shadow Demons. By which I mean every race has something, usually the lvl4 unit, that marks it out as distinct- Berserkers, Warlords, Incarnates, Air Galleys, Reapers etc- so much so that I honestly hope they make it in, and I hope we don’t get too much confederating (which must be a new word) of races (amalgamating).

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    I am surprised that no one has mentioned what has to be, for me, the coolest unit in the series, and one that took a bit of skill to exploit-the incarnate.


    I mean, after 3 games in the series still no one really knows what it is! I do think the original, with physical immunity, was the most effective.


    This  is not to disparage any other units, most of which I do adore  e.g. nordic/northern glow, air galley, all the dragons, thr original Undead demon….

    They aren’t angels, they are “exalted”, meaning uber elite, or in this sense the most fanatical. Tbh, an easy way to clear this up would be to mark different elites with different stuff. Goblins could get to ride dragon specially bred wargs or wyverns. The idea is that the truest believers in a theocracy et the gift of flight, here a pair of wings. However, that is just begging to be called angels, and is opening up a whole can of worms…


    I think the base idea is absolutely t, but I would LOVE to be able to  a religious orc keader and have my “exalted” be a unit similar to the AoW1 syron in strength, i.e.  a pumped up warlord. Remember, orcs hate anything of beauty….



    Just my tuppence.



    What would be really really cool, but unlikely, is sub paths within your play path, so an industrialist (or whatever the name is) can focus on building up their cavalry, or infantry, or naval expertise, with progressively higher costs, and so can choose where they want their empire’s “edge” to be.


    I am us to know if/how theocracy will cross over/intersect with the roles of the spirits of war, magic and nature (was there one more?) assuming those spirits are still around…

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    Yup, 1st conflict on the demo, and wondering who the hell the syron were! And goblins on that map were the real challenge, so satisfying….

    I  think both of you should either keep it civil or just stop talking until we get more information about this from Triumph. Ideally I’d like to see a gameplay demo to show us how this works. I think there is a real opportunity for TS to take the tbs throne but that won’t happen without lots of (time consuming, possibly expensive?) polish. Personally I’d prefer it if the use of the terms in game was more ambiguous as it is in real life. Theocracy is the obvious example here…

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    Hah I didn’t want to register so I used the Facebook log in thing instead.



    Besides, I’ll still be playing my best against you guys, no matter the name


    Just wondering if we’ll see the really old legends here, like Jesta or Mikhail or Jomungur…

    oh, and yes I would prefer the extra customisation, not the same “angels” for every theocrat, or the same juggernaut for every engineer, e.t.c.

    I think Triumph have a golden opportunity to do something wonderful here! My message to Triumph: we’ve patiently waited 10 years for AoW3, a few extra months to sort out the devilish details, such as what this thread is about, is fine by me. I’ve been a fan for nearly 14 years now, so please don’t make the same mistake as Stardock did with Elemental….


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    Damn! I was half an hour too late to start this very thread.


    And hello Blackmane, long time no see (it’s BBB here).


    I am excited!


    I would love some screenshots of this brand new naval system Lennart is talking about.

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