Golden Realms Preview Videos

For some lazy Sunday entertainment, we’ve got two Youtube videos for the upcoming Age of Wonders III: Golden Realms expansion for you. The first is an very informative Let’s play made by forumite Bloody Battle Brain,  with many features highlighted by fan request.

The second video is in German. Youtuber WritingBull together with video journalist Mháire Stritter have put together a great preview.

Part One of the Golden Realms Let’s Play from Bloody Battle Brain

Writing Bull and Mháire Stritter’s Golden Realms Lets Play (In German)

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    OKay, it’s been authorised from the Tribal Chief, I can do a Let’s Play.

    No guarantees as to when because we don’t want to cross wires with the press, but I thought I would open this up to the community:

    What would you like in the let’s play?

    Bear in mind that the more players you ask for the more difficult it becomes.

    A singleplayer let’s play is easiest, as that is just contingent on my time.

    a duel doubles the moving parts etc.

    So, obvious ideas:

    Seals, wild magic, partisan, Haflings…

    Let’s Play part 1.



    I think for an early lets play Singleplayer is actually better because it will be easier to show off the new toys in Tactical Combat and such. Take as many new things as possible!

    Halflings for Race, obviously. Choose whatever class you think has the coolest new stuff to show off.



    Yes, SP to avoid the other player long waiting times if you happen to describe things carefully. A halfling with partisan specialization will be good.

    Things I would like to see :

    • If it is implemented in your beta build, I would be especially interested in seeing the new disjunction mechanisms at work.
    • More detailed info on defensive city upgrades (prices, power, effect on a battle
    • )

    • More mystical upgrades stuff. For the moment we don’t know enough of them!
    • Nagas!
    • If diplomacy with dwelling has been changed in any way, I would be interested. Or maybe you can show the effect of “strong neutral guards” at game creation (I hope it makes conquering cities much harder).
    • A class that has gone through more modifications than others if there is one (I was thinking about the theocrat because even the new disjunction system might change its gameplay a lot).

    Seals, empire quests and wild magic have already been explained in details, but that doesn’t forbid you to talk about it 🙂 And thanks a lot for that idea by the way!



    – New rogue(personal preference)
    – Mystical city upgrades
    – Halflings of course!
    – more empire quests than we already know – though we may already know most.

    would like some disjunction as well…



    My personal wish: show us Halfling customisation and play by Halfling with mustache (if possible) 🙂 or beard



    I think a game as a Halfling Rogue or Dreadnought, on relatively standard map settings in the RMG would be the best way to do it. That way we can see a rough outline of how the new GR features affect a standard game. (Maybe start with a town though to increase the game speed a little).

    And yes please to the above suggestion, showing off a little bit of Halfling Leader customisation would be nice.



    Race is Haflings.



    Seal victory on (clever thing Triumph have done here – if you are the first to get that seal, you get an item and a spell, so there is incentive to get them quickly, but that sets off alarm bells for everyone else, and marks you out as a target. Seals are deliciously tense, and I suspect in mp will be much appreciated!)

    I’ll also try and get a city upgrade going, and if possible the city defences as well.



    I’d personally love to see rogue played, but it’d also be interesting to see something like a warlord with the new partisan stuff.



    My vote is for Rogue or Dreadnought, and you should definitely take Partisan. Maybe Creation and Water? (Totally not as a nod to old Marinus or whatever his name was, the Halfling Wizard from 2 and SM)

    I guess a Seals game would be good, though I am honestly not that hugely bothered about seeing the Seals, would rather absorb some of the other things (new creatures, treasure sites, mythical city upgrades, etc)



    Treasure Sites – High – to enable the mystical city upgrades.

    (Marinus was full water.). We’ve already seen some wild magic, partisan is more important IMO.

    Some explanation on the larger importance of morale in combat and their originating mechanics?



    I also vote singleplayer so that there is plenty of time for you to explain what’s going on and what you are doing and why, etc.

    Also, HALFLINGS!

    Do you have LPs on Youtube now, BB?



    Class: Rogue, Warlord or Theocrat, cos they have the most racial class units, so we can see Halflings as Berserkers, Succubis or Crussaders etc.

    Specs: Wild Magic Adept, Wild Magic Master, Partisan

    Race: Halfings with mustached leader.



    Rogue, Partisan, Halflings.

    Also the scoundrel evolution and scoundrel changes.




    Partisan + ?wild magic? cool choice as you get the new baby elementals there:))

    Scoundrel evolution and changes (2 main changes really, one involving ai and the other…yeah I’ll put that in the video :))

    City upgrades.

    No-one wants to see city defences?

    I’ll do singleplayer and then hopefully a multiplayer if one of the others is available!



    No-one wants to see city defences?

    I totally forgot about this feature 😮 Of course we want. Especially I’m very interested about Goblin’s defense.

    Don’t forget about mustache 😉



    I want… EVERYTHING.



    Don’t forget about mustache

    Check the posted screenshot in the Heal thread. It looks like a halfling with a moustache..


    Yes there are moustaches.

    Bear in mind guys there’s no reason I can’t do more than one let’s play!

    So, I could focus on Rogues/Hafling for the first, then go through racial changes for the 2nd etc.



    That might be the way to do it, but I imagine some of the racial changes will come up in the course of an ordinary RMG as you incorporate cities of other races.

    And, not like I’m anxious for more detail on GR or anything, but any idea when we can expect the first video? 😀


    Sharp eyed Thariorn and Gloweye already found it, so might as well make it public.

    Let’s Play part 1.



    Thank you very much! Looking forward to part 2 (and 3?)



    Thank you for moustaches 😀 Waiting for part 2


    Thank you very much! Looking forward to part 2 (and 3?)

    As many parts as it takes to crush the enemy or win a seals victory.

    I’ll try to keep them at 20 minutes each part.



    Not that hard. I suscribed to your channel for your let’s plays around the original release.



    Hm, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Summon Lesser Elementals being a Wild Magic thing, as I was hoping for more reasons to pick a broad depth of Elemental Adepts.

    I’m sure it will grow on me, but I would still preferred for Adepts to get a summon each. (Mostly because I miss some of the old elemental summons from AoW2SM)



    Correction in the video! The game does remember what you set in the advanced settings, but only in RMG maps 🙂



    Waiting for part 2 😀



    Correction in the video! The game does remember what you set in the advanced settings, but only in RMG maps :)

    Is that new? Because it remembers some settings, but not every detail.



    Is that new? Because it remembers some settings, but not every detail.

    Yeah, it’s a new patch feature. In RMG maps it should remember everything in the advanced settings tab and a couple of other things too (like classic turns as opposed to sim turns).



    Nice video. (:

    Also, I believe I am expressing community wish when I say this: MOAR HALFLINGS!

    Besides that, I got this idea: I liked the way @tombles did his videos and I liked your video as well, maybe you two should make a “let’s play” MP video competing against each other for a seal of power (including all the new content) with comments from both Developer and Player perspective.

    Could be interesting…

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