Listen to the full AoW3 Soundtrack on Youtube

The fantastic original soundtrack that comes with the Age of Wonders III Deluxe edition contains crisp MP3 and loss-less FLAC file downloads.   If you missed out, then we now have a streaming YouTube alternative for you to check out.  The soundtrack’s composer Michiel van den Bos has uploaded the soundtrack to his channel for your enjoyment.  If you still haven’t bought the game – get the Deluxe Edition! Over 2 hours of magical music.  BTW – We are looking into making available a Deluxe Edition upgrade, if you already own the standard edition.

For now: check the full playlist here:

And some of our favorites:


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    Lennart Sas


    One of the best soundtracks ever.



    Truly epic soundtrack!



    Can’t stress enough how awesome the soundtrack is. The music is so important for creating the right atmosphere and it does the job as perfectly as Johwn Williams’ music did for Star Wars.

    Also, I really like the mix of new tracks and AOW1 classics and was pleasantly surprised that the entire soundtrack was offered with the Collector’s Edition: often you only get a few of the tracks with a game soundtrack.

    I hope an expansion will have a few new songs too. I’m still missing one of my favourite tracks from AOW1, “Highmen Theme”. Also missing the option in game to create your own playlists for a level!



    The soundtrack composed for this game is truly wonderful. That is all there is to say about it – it truly matches the age of *wonders*.






    It truly is an enchanting and magnificent soundtrack. Even after a 12-hour long gaming session the music stays inspiring and won’t turn dull. I can’t get enough of both the game and the soundtrack.



    One of the most memorable things from AoW 1 for me was the soundtrack. Usually I wouldn’t play the game for a year or so, and then one of its tunes would pop into my head… Next thing you know I’m reinstalling AoW for another run at it. Good memories!

    The new soundtrack is great with some homage to the old soundtrack and some new flavors mixed in. I quite like it!


    Thanks for your comments, guys & gals. Appreciate it 🙂



    Perfect soundtrack for killing some fools.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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