Open Beta for Update V1.5 Kicks Off! (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Before the Age of Wonders 3: Eternal Lords Expansion is released on April 14th, we’ve decided to celebrate and start the open beta for the complementary v1.5 Update on Steam.  Additionally we’ve launched Steam betas for Mac and Linux versions which will also accompany the Eternal Lords release.  We’d love to hear your feedback – with your help we can make the game even better!


Note some of the complementary features of V1.5 latch into bigger systems of Eternal Lords, but on its own the v1.5 Update still constitutes a large list. Here are the key features:

Vassals:  As your relations with Independents improve through better race relations and completing quests, you can convince independent towns to serve you as Vassals. Though they retain independence, Vassals have many benefits: they provide you with trade income, grow in population and maintain their own defenders.  If they like you enough, Vassals will occasionally give you units for free, and you can demand tribute in the form of resources or units in cases of emergency.

Race Happiness:   Relations are now tracked per race, making decisions about who you make war with much more important.  Declaring war on an Elven city might give you a quick conquest, but don’t expect your Elven citizens to be happy about it afterwards. Something to take into account, as you can now expand your realm without warfare. In Eternal Lords, Race happiness will be further expanded with the Race Governance system and new victory condition.

Added diversity for Core Races:  The Dwarves have doubled down on their defensive character, as well as the defensive strike ability that allows them to attack and guard in the same turn. Dwarven support units, such as Shamans and Apprentices, are now all armored. The keen senses of the High Elves, on the other hand, allows them to respond to attacks that would catch other races off-guard, all their support units now have the Total Awareness ability, meaning they cannot be flanked by attacks from behind. The Draconians have a host of new tricks, with the Charger being able to fly in tactical combat and the Raptor doing melee fire damage. These changes should make your choice of race more important than ever!

Diplomacy AI Improvements.  The AI now uses personalities, with them adopting diplomatic, neutral or aggressive playstyles with accompanying alignment and specialization choices.  The AI has learned more actions and feels less like a black box. For example there’s a set of new messages giving reasons for declined proposals. Settling near an AI’s domain, trespassing its domain or demanding a tribute are sure ways to provoke a response. Computer opponents now request alliances to take out a very powerful player and also learned new negotiating tricks like counter offering, demands and gifting.

Random Map Generator Overhaul: Features include overall more geography variation, carefully crafted starting areas that fit your race, better structure distribution with higher level pickups now having defenders.  For sessions with fixed Teams, maps now have more balanced starting positions.   Of course the RMG has been prepared for the many structures Eternal Lords will bring to the table on release.

New Hero Join Interface: you can now turn down heroes you don’t like, and when available, a new hero of another class and race will spawn in the next turn.

Selling Hero Items: Strapped for some quick cash? It is now possible to sell excess items from the hero inventory in return for gold and mana.

Improved Overview Maps: New Map Glyphs and Labels for cities make the Overview map a lot more readable.

PBEM BETA Last but not least; the new “asynchronous” Multiplayer Mode. In PBEM games, a player takes their turn in their own time and then uploads it to Triumph’s servers. Once it is uploaded, an email is sent to the next player in the game, who may then take their turn. This allows players to play when they like, without needing to set aside a large amount of time with other people to play a game.  We expect the PBEM service to stay free, but this is pending bandwidth usage.

Now for the action


This is the first open beta for Mac. Please help us find any compatibility issues by posting in the dedicated Mac section of the Open Beta Forum


This is the first open beta for Linux. Please help us find any compatibility issues by posting in the dedicated Linux section of the Open Beta Forum

There is currently an issue with launching the game on 64-bit Ubuntu when clicking ‘Play’ in the Steam Client. The game won’t boot.
1. Find the AoW3 steam install directory (Steam Library > AoW3 > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files)
2. Type: cd <AoW3InstallDirectory> (Replace by the directory found at step 1)
3. Type: ./ ./

Have fun, and don’t forget to let us know what you think on our bug reporting forums!

Note for GoG users – sorry, but organizing an Open Beta with frequent updates without auto patching and without branch-selection is not currently not a possibility for us.

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    Woooho! Great job guys!


    It does seem to be very easy to make a city a vassal…but then again I suppose rolling up with an army and slapping them is pretty easy too. Are they influenced by military strength in their decisions the way the AI is? I can’t really tell since they don’t specifically mention it the way AI players do now. Speaking of which, I absolutely love the little messages the AI gives now just to threaten or plead. It makes them feel more alive and fun to play against, especially since they are better at the game with the recent changes.

    I keep hearing people talk about AI behavior profiles but I haven’t seen them anywhere in the game. There doesn’t seem to be any options that I can find to make leaders diplomatic or aggressive or pursue certain strategies. If the profiles are simply hidden from the player but still there….it somewhat defeats the point of having them. Also, they don’t seem very apparent, if they are in already it seems that standard gameplay influences like military strength of the players or seal victories really have a bigger impact on their decisions.

    I really love that the AI doesn’t immediately jump at alliances now, but perhaps some things should make them a bit more willing to ally? I’ve had AI that was friendly all game, we’re the last two standing, I own something like 95% of the map and have him surrounded in his throne with full stacks on every tile. Allied victory is on. I offer alliance, he turns me down and dies. That is kinda silly.

    On a similar note – it is way too easy to backstab allies. A one turn wait might be work for a peace agreement but an alliance should be a bit more firm, especially with how hard they are to make now. The AI will let you drive right up to their throne + leader with a giant force, no enemies in sight, and let you boot it out of the game. Doing so also has no real diplomatic penalties. That sort of treachery should have a really big impact on how other players view you!



    It does seem to be very easy to make a city a vassal…but then again I suppose rolling up with an army and slapping them is pretty easy too.

    Yeah, I honestly dont know if this is too easy or not. I get a lot of income from vassal cities, and theyre pretty easy to get. I think maybe the larger a city is, the higher the relationship you need with them should be.

    An outpost is probably going to be pretty eager to make some friends, but a metropolis is likely to demand a bit more from you.



    I noted that it was easier to vassal or own a city the actual turn you completed a quest for them. 280 the turn before, 220 (or similar) the turn I did the quest, 280 the next turn. If generally true, worth bearing in mind.

    I think you get too many quests from Vassals and Independents. It could be toned down a little.

    Also, it seems to me that the quests do not scale with the rest of the game difficulty, or, more specifically, site defender strength. I typically play with maximum defender strength, which means you need a much stronger stack just to clear a mine or tower, but the quests are super easy by comparison. So the tactic must be to sit around and just do quest after quest, gaining the money or units, because everything else is quite hard work.



    TheInternetJanitor – AI Profiles are defined by their specialisations, so you are choosing them, just not from a drop down list.


    Good to know Raven! That should probably be explained somewhere in the actual game to the player though. Ideally in the leader creation screen, right there in the description of the specializations. The new UI additions there are fantastic but that is pretty important information to give the player. Tossing it in the tome would be good too but it needs to be readily apparent in the UI.

    Something like “An AI player with this skill is more focused on military conquest” or “this spec will encourage an AI to focus on research” etc would probably be enough. I don’t know how much each spec choice changes the AI but for AI profiles to matter they would have to be fairly distinct in gameplay, so one sentence should be enough to explain them.


    Has anyone else fought ghouls yet? Came up against a human sorcerer today, who cast a spell that raised any of her units that died in battle as ghouls. I had to fight several dwarven firstborn twice, first as dwarves, then again as ghouls. I wasn’t aware ghouls were in 1.5 before the Necro’s.

    Otherwise, it is all going well. Having to get used to the new racial advantages and disadvantages, but otherwise its great fun.



    I have only run into ghouls inside of tombs… and then only the hellhounds that I kill, coming back for another pass. From what I can tell, ghouls are a new addition to the base game, it is only the Necro class itself which is not.

    However, I am not aware of any effects outside of the expansion which would allow for ghouls to survive past the end of combat… so they are still going to be significantly different in Lords.

    Also, archon undeads got buffed.


    Lynn Gob

    I love the campaign I started with the beta. The game keeps on getting better ! That’s incredible ! Of course the vassal feature needs balancing I feel that the AI doesn’t know how to take advantage of it as the player does.



    I have been messing around with a couple class/race combos and am very impressed with the changes in beta. The tactical AI has certainly kicked it up a notch and is now much tougher. You will never look at spiders or wisps the same way I guarantee.. 🙂

    Engineers are now far easier to level up, so not only will you have the inherent ability to repair, but some extra units should be available to help with repairs the manual way. The combo of blunderbuss and the flash grenade is a good one for them and makes them far more useful.

    Taunt had its range reduced to 5. Agree with that whole heartedly.

    Runs well on my Win 7 system. The only thing I notice is the wheel in the lower right for when the AI is running will stop at the end of the neutral movement segment, then start up again after a pause. Didn’t notice that before.

    I also like the changes to the water movement.

    Overall this looks terrific so far. Well done!



    Have to wait one more week before getting my pc back on. So have fun guys. I’ll be joining in later 🙂



    I have realise that arcane arrows had been remove from ToW after the update of 1.533 any details that the Dev can share?



    Cheers for the change on the tribute and the adjustment on the quests’ rewards.

    PS Please show me the purchase button for Eternal Lord my computer screen already have markings from the cash I threw on it.



    I very much like small boosts Arch Druid received. It was weakest and most boring class for me before, now this awaken spirit ability, armoured shamans for dwarfs and better Call Beast Horde i love to play him! Only need polar bear summons for dwarfs and frostlings atleast. I do love more skills in crafted items! Some amazing pieces of equip can be made now. THIS GAME RULEZ! Give me my expansion and start working on next one 🙂



    Could you PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make a setting where I can disable Tier 4,3 etc. units???? Or just make the cpu GOOD and not only a GOOD cheater 😉 King is way to easy and on emperor the cpu got 5 Mancticore with one city ( can’t even pay them! ), always starts with a T3 unit and 4 other units more than me etc. I would be really happy if I could disable T4 units because I don’t like them, because cpu only rushes in 15 rounds to T4 thats boring. I like battles with T1-3 units so feel free to make more of them 🙂 A setting for max city growth would be awesome too! But don’t get me wrong I love your game and can’t wait for new Add on!



    Is anyone finding it impossible to complete the commonwealth campaign since this patch? I literally cannot beat mission 2, the game keeps bugging out.



    The beta is great. Smoke enemy indicator is nice, but… It works on the watter too.

    I'm on your base burning your water



    Is anyone finding it impossible to complete the commonwealth campaign since this patch? I literally cannot beat mission 2, the game keeps bugging out.

    This is my experience as well. It’s especially annoying since literally all I need to do at this point is move Laryssa [sp?] to the dwarven city, and I’m about four turns out.


    Lennart Sas

    We just put up an update today; do these hangs still occur?



    This was maybe 75 minutes ago.


    Lennart Sas

    Could you please send us a save? (see bug reporting guide)



    I’m sorry, I got fed up with it not working and used the debug mode to cheat my way past it, so no saves exist except for the save after the victory of the previous mission






    We just put up an update today; do these hangs still occur?

    So whats in the new update?



    Now on build 14682 (according to launcher), and v1.536 (build 15513) according to game.

    No lockups on this version yet.

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