Summer Tournament Results

The battles were many and bloody.  But the winners of the 2014 Summer Tournament have emerged.  All hail the Triumphators:

#1. Ayenara

#2. Jomungur

#3. AbednegoJC

#4. Gabriel Benichou

… your prizes will reach you shortly…  and everybody look out for a Hero named Aya Nera in the release version of V1.4!

Special thanks to mr BLOODYBATTLEBRAIN for organizing

Find the tournament site, with playing schedule , results, and the prizes here.


So who’s up for another tournament with v1.4 / Golden Realms rules and content? 🙂



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    In this thread, please post your match results, and the class you and your opponent used.

    For example:

    Rhaeg (Sorcerer) versus Jockedemus (Theocrat).

    Victory to Jockedemus.

    Please don’t post other stuff in here. The intent is to keep this thread factual only.



    Pool 5

    Jockedamus (Sorcerer) – Rhaeg (Theocrat)

    Victory: Jockedamus


    Perfect formatting Jockedemus. Do you have any words for your adoring fans out there on how you accomplished your victory?


    Pool 9

    Griffith (Sorcerer) – Brutal Felix (Sorcerer)

    Victory: Griffith

    Website updated.

    Griffith informs me that it was a hard fought victory. He is writing a short after action report for our reading pleasure. Congratulations Griffith.



    Jomungur (Theocrat) – Keejchen (Warlord)

    Victory: Jomungur

    A bit of a strange game. Once I realized he was a warlord, I had to change my strategy a little because of fear of berserk. I.e., getting dispel skills and resist upgrades.

    Keejchen had the bigger army and an early stone giant from an early quest. The stone giant was intimidating in the early game. I had more developed heroes, though. I was able to take his capital by surprise as he took one of my key cities. He panic attacked my leader in a key fight, causing him to flee the combat on turn 1, but luckily I was able to defeat his army in the open field. Well played by him.



    Tygaros (Sorcerer) – EricMH (Sorcerer)

    Victory: Tygaros

    Quick game (20 turns), some back and forth maneuvers, culmulating in one big decisive battle.



    Pool 4? (group D)
    Ayenara (Arch Druid) – mrXD89 (Warlord)

    Victory: Ayenara

    We started very close to eachother and fought a bit over an outpost. In the end I had the bigger army.



    Garresh (Rogue) versus Mental (Dreadnought).

    Victory to Garresh.

    Was a fairly dull game for both of us. Neither of us had a lot of resources or cities to expand to around us. Game ended around turn 20.



    Jomungur (Rogue) versus Sloth General (Dreadnought)

    Victory: Jomungur



    Bishmanrock (Human Archdruid) vs DrKillinger (Goblin Dreadnaught)

    A well deserved victory goes to DrKillinger.

    Fjordus had me pinned pretty early and kept me down until I took a battering. Still gave him a bit to sweat over when I could though, but it was too little too late to change anything, and my defeat came swift. Video to follow of my side later this week.



    Great Game, Bishmanrock! At one point during the match two stacks of nasty, sneaky hummies appeared out of nowhere on the left flank of our capitol city. Somehow we mustered enough muskets to defend her walls. Then our hordes descended upon the Druid’s lair and silenced their little fuzzy friends with steel and fire! But, seriously. Bishmanrock scared the shit out of me with that sneak attack. He was held up by a pesky dragon a few turn earlier, where if he were able to advance at that time I would not have had enough defenders to save my capitol. Immediately after that battle I too was greeted by a pesky dragon who took my capitol for a few turns. Was it the same one? Who knows. The lesson I think we both learned was that no dragon can be trusted. Great match, brother! I’ll hit you up later in the week for some more 1v1 fun!



    Goood Jockedamus 😀



    From the diary of Ulfred the Unblemish, human theocrat, priest of some god.

    Day 1

    Arrived at the village of Gamortis. Not only did these people let me in, they actually fell for that ages old “I’m a prophet of the One True God! Heed my words or meet your end!” bla bla bla and have actually put me in charge of their pissant settlement. Time to collect the taxes and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time!

    Day 3

    This really IS a pissant hole in the middle of nowhere: apparently there is sand north of here, sand south of here, sand to the east and yes, sand to the west. Sand. Will not get very rich this way. Must send scouts to find some other place to conquer. Only thing worse than this would have been a desert town inhabited by Frostlings*…

    * Note to self: where are these Frostlings anyway? Haven’t seen one in ages!

    Day 7

    Finished scouting the surroundings of Gamortis. Found nothing new of value. Scouts DID find some refugee camps out in the desert and guess what: they let them in! Fools… Now we have even more mouths to feed. Never let in a stranger, is what I always say. Oh well, better start conscripting them into the army.

    Day 9

    There is a nice settlement of brutish orcs not too far southeast of here. Some water is near, mountains, tropical forests… much nicer than the big heap of sand I’m living at now. Scouts report the place is fully garrisoned though, 6 orc companies including archers and black knights.

    Day 10

    Well I’ll be #^@#$!!! There is someone else laying claim to these lands. Saw clouds of wisps on the eastern horizon and I have divined that it must be a sorcerer. The nerve! Will teach him a thing or two about capturing lands where you’re not welcome! Time to summon… the CHERUBS!(!!)

    Day 11

    Come forth my little demons, come forth! Mwa ha ha ha haaaa!

    Day 13

    Feel like trolling someone. Need a giant’s lair for that, though.

    Day 16

    Have started sliming my way into the good graces of the orc town by chopping down some rebel orcs for them. Have a non-agression pact with them now and I think they might even prove dumb enough to join my empire eventually. Will look out for more opportunities to show these orcs how absolutely fabulous I am.

    Day 18

    Stupid orcs. I paid them a mountain of gold to join my side, then when they join, their army leaves! I bought a town filled with stupid orc civilians. Need more soldiers. Need more gold. Of course, God only gives me Cherubs.

    Day 22

    I discovered an outpost loyal to that sorceror person. It was only defended by a troop of peasant militia and I sent 3 swarms of Cherubs to send them to the afterlife. My God, I hope you like sacrifices, because you are getting a whole settlement full of them, mwa ha ha! Torch that place, my minions!

    Day 24

    Aaaaaand: poof, they’re gone! Ha ha ha, oh I so love my job.

    Day 25

    I keep encountering pests of wisps. Need larger books to swat them.

    Day 26

    Sending more Cherubs into enemy lands to pester the enemy (read: to pillage and burn). Recruited some orc spear men to guard that orc town. Killed some bandits and quite a few enemy scouts. Things are starting to look well for me! Hey, is that a cloud of dust I see on the eastern horizon.

    Day 27

    Drat, 2 enemy armies heading this way. One with mostly draconian cavalry, the other with all manner of summoned critters. Even spotted a beholder among them. Got a bunch of priests and some foot soldiers to stop them, that won’t do. Will hide in orc town and hope they will not see me!

    Day 28

    My Cherubs have captured the enemy throne city! Huzzah for cherubs – boo for enemy armies that are getting very close to my orc town.

    Day 29

    The enemies armies are moving past my orc town! Oh thank you, God, thank you, I’m saved!

    Day 30

    The enemy armies continue their march to my lightly defended throne city! I hate you, God, I hate you, I’m doomed!

    Day 31

    Blasted enemy took my throne city… took back HIS throne city too, as a matter of fact. My Cherubs are gone. All I have are these worthless foot soldiers. Wish god would allow me to summon creatures that could take on those infernal sorcerer minions. Well, I never liked this stupid region anyway, time to run for my life. I’ll be back, do you hear me? I’LL BE BACK!!! Why I am I screaming in my journal?


    Rhaeg’s summary: had a bit of a slow start, because I couldn’t expand my empire much and did not find any production resources or research boosts. Closest independent town had a full garrison of 6 units, including knights and priests, never saw more than 3 or 4 units defending independent towns before! Decided to spend 325 gold to take over the town, which got me close to being bankrupt. Otherwise thought I was doing fairly ok, my scouts even managed to capture and raze one of Jockedamus’ settlements. When he showed up with 2 stacks of tier 2s and some tier 3 beholders I knew I was toast though, had only tier 1s and priests to put against that. Always find it very hard to beat a sorcerer’s doubled production line (race units with gold, summons with mana). Jockedamus certainly knew what he was doing with the class!

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    Pool 14
    Setplux(ArchDruid) – The Internet Janitor(Sorcerer)



    updated :).



    Pool 15
    Keejchen (Druid) – AbedNegoJC (Dreadnought)

    Victory: Keejchen

    The human dreadnoughts are known to expand their territories and felling the forests around them. One such dreadnought was known as “That Girl Gonna Kill You”, she who lived in the southern volcanic lands. She was going about her business, burning forests and building fortresses when, from the woods, emerged the high elves, led by the mysterious druid, Emanon the Oracle.

    At first the elves, mounted on mighty griffons, raided the human lands and razed their fortresses and outer cities. A long war of skirmishing began between the two races. At one point the humans struck back, taking one of the high elves cities, though it was not held for long.

    Finally a big battle was raged in the homelands of That Girl. The humans fought with fire and sword raised high, but despite their superior firepower, they could not hold their ranks against the onslaught of the elves and their many, many animal companions. Emanon stood victories over the body of That Girl, silent but for these three words: “It was foreseen.”



    Sentior (Dreadnought) – Griffith (Theocrat)

    Victory: Sentior

    Had a bit of a rough start as I lost my leader to the first 3 independents I fought, and 6 units out of 8 when capturing the first independent city. Decided to go guerilla style, and spammed the skies with drones.
    The early game was slow for me, although the scoutwars were running hot. Managed to build my capital up to start production trebs and kept pumping them, with a few backup soldiers. While completing a quest in the west, the evil Griffith started taking my towns, so I ran away from my capital. I used that stack to harass him and retake some, while taking his capital on the other side.
    Effectively, we had switched sides. I moved my capital first, and later Griffith followed. Before he could do so, I tried to lure his main stack with his leader closer to one of my towns, in an attempt to crush it with 2 of my stacks and a dragon I had acquired from a quest. It was a terrible shame he had boats, and managed to get away.
    What followed was my 2 armies in the north chasing his main army back to his capital, while a large army of his in the south, was chasing mine to my capital. He reached my capital first, so I yet again moved it, and in turn 51 I finally fought his leader and stack over his capital and won.

    Overal, a strange battle, with both of us going round and round. For players who still have to face Griffith, watch out, he’s evil.



    Pool H (8?)

    Kanalin(Sorcerer) – Shortbear(Theocrat)

    Victory: Kanalin

    Wiped Shortbear’s leader stack quite early on, he never really recovered from there. Won on turn 42, taking both his throne and leader at once.



    Pool 5

    Bohemious (Theocrat) – Rhaeg (Warlord)

    Victory: Bohemmious


    Leon Feargus

    Pool 14
    Setplux(Sorceror) – Leon Feargus(Warlord)

    Victory:Leon Feargus

    Early days were slow for Umberto Dwarvenking. The catacombs in which he had ventured yielded barely anything but rock and granite. Hardly any progress was made acquiring knowledge and there was nothing for it but to replenish the garrisons with fresh militia every day.

    The capital took ages to become a noteworthy settlement, even though the Dwarven pioneers had set up a decent establishment. Many hard days followed, fighting over structures that would make the new kingdom thrive and over encampments that held vicious thugs and other miscreants.

    Seeking out the daylight reveiled a window of opportunity for the expansion of the Warlord’s failing economy. Too long it took to take advantage of this opportunity…
    Not many days after the claim of this territory came the ruthless Blind Sorceror with his freightening creature of many eyes, which seemed to look out for him.

    The small Dwarves succumbed to this Elven sorceror and his allies, who went for the poorly defended capital shortly after. What the sorceror had not forseen was that Umberto himself was abroad, mustering an army that would be able to withstand the Blind one’s ghastly pets.

    Not one, but two neighbouring Giant’s keeps, one above and one below, opened their borders to Umberto and took him in, after the king and his companions had slain a pack of dragons and an eldritch abomination. Old alliances were reforged and some of the Giants, thinking all these intrusions of late must have been a wicked sorceror’s doing, agreed to fight alongside the Dwarves once more.

    All the way across the lands was an Elven settlement under control of the Blind Sorceror. Its garrison fled upon Umberto’s approach. Now the Elves were fighting for the Dwarvenking with their electric abilities. When the Blind one moved in to lay siege on his former subordinates Umberto quickly rushed in to stand guard with his formidable army. The siege ensued and did not fair well for the sorceror. He fled the battlefield into the suburbs where he met his doom.

    The opponent’s capital was nearby and those Elves brave enough to man the walls did not stand a chance against tiny Umberto and his giant friends.



    Pool 14
    Setplux (Warlord) — Bouh (Rogue)

    Victory : Bouh

    Battle report will come later.


    Congrats Bouh, commiserations Setplux.



    There has been some confusion and queries raised over what happens if a group is evenly split amongst victories, e.g. 2/2/2 or 3/1/1/1 (because there are a total of 6 matches per group).

    The easiest solution is that the deciding factor be the speed of the victory, i.e. who won the fastest. It’s not perfect, but it’s either that or making people play again.

    To that end, please post a dropbox (or similar) link to the saved games of your victories.




    victory masterboja(theocrat)
    loser ariga(dread)



    Garresh (Dreadnought) versus Elliot (Druid).

    Victory to Jockedemus. Er, Garresh.



    In group M/13

    Hotpixels vs Fakir Faler

    Won by Fakir Faler



    Marcus (Goblin Dreadnought) vs. Faraner (Dwarf Sorcerer).

    Victory: Faraner


    Keep it coming guys, website updated.

    SAVE your games guys!



    @BBB : I’m all for the turn count to undraw a draw, but what if the players agreed on a small map ? Then the number of turns will be a lot lower than on a medium map.

    Here is a modest battle report of my game versus Setplux on a small map :

    At start, it looks like I’m on an island, a frozen island. Hopefuly my elves don’t bother the winter. So for a start I wander around with my leader stack freed from the cavalry to clean bandits and loot treasures while the crows explore the seas ; it’s definitely an island now, and I have no more city on it so I need to ship asap.

    It takes me a bit of time to clean the island and most cities my crows encounter declare war on me. I can only buy one on a long but thin island which cut the sea in two from north to south — this will be the frontier — with my island on the west — the winterland — and what I now identify as the island of my ennemy on the est — the grassyland. A crow spot his leader stack wandering nearby a city he just took on the north of his island. A dwarven city is in the the south west, but well defended. Another crow identify the enemy capital on the south est side of the island. He is a warlord and he now have two cities versus my only capital. I need to act now or I will be in troubles.

    My crows allowed me to get quite some gold and the scoundrel army I’m producing is not that expensive yet, so I buy the frontier city and throw my leader army to assault the lightly defended northern city of grassyland.

    By the time my leader arrive, my scoundrel army is ready and a hero even joined them. I capture the northern grassyland city. The ennemy come back to retake it, but the scoundrels arrive just in time, and now that the warlord is ready to attack, he can’t retreat. I surround him and launch the battle which quickly become a slaughter as I have more than two times his number. This was the decisive battle.

    Now is time to head south-est of the island for the capital. He got enough time to build a powerful stack of berzerker, archers and even one monster hunter, a new hero and his leader to come back, but that wont be enough. I suffer heavy losses but finaly take the victory and the city.


    @ Bouh, like I said, not a perfect metric, but good enough.

    If you are playing small maps, then that is an added risk I would say. You really shouldn’t be on small maps anyway, and if you get to the last 16 you definitely will not be.

    In any case, it is likely to be an issue in 2 or 3 groups only.

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