When starting the game we suggest you pick the Elven Court campaign as it contains a tutorial and please use the in game manual called the Tome of Wonders which contains chapters for beginning players.  Here are some additional links to get you stared:

Tech Support

When encountering a problem, we have the following services to help you fix your issue:

1. Knowledge Base / FAQ

As a first stop, we suggest looking in the Age of Wonders III Knowledge Base, which lists common problems and questions along with their solutions.

2. Help & Support Forums

A quick way to get help on your issues, along with status updates from the development team and community participation. Also a place to leave feedback. When reporting a bug, please follow these guidelines. This will help us understand your problem and identify a solution faster.

2.1  Find The Right Sub Forum:
First find the correct subforum to report your issue.

2.2 Check If The Issue Has Already Been Reported:

Please quickly check to see if there is already a thread about the issue you are reporting. If there is, then please add your feedback to that thread rather than starting a new one.

You can use the forum search to help with this:

2.3 Describe The Problem Clearly

Please try to clearly describe the problem you are having. Try and include:

  • What steps you took to make the problem occur
  • What happens when you follow those steps
  • What you EXPECT to happen

For example, a good bug report might look like this:

  • While playing the first map of the Elven Campaign, I got a quest from the City Of Eldraste to kill some units
  • I attacked the units to the north of the city with my main army, and defeated them using Auto-Combat
  • I expected to get a reward and for the city of Eldraste to join my empire
  • Instead nothing happened after defeating the units, I still have the quest active on my HUD, but I can’t see what I should do to complete it.

2.4 Include Screen Shots and Save Games

If appropriate then include screen shots and/or save games that show the problem you are having. These can help us quickly identify what is going wrong and why.

2.5 Include Details About Your PC

Please provide as much detail as you can about the machine you are running the game on:

  • Processor Type
  • Graphics Card
  • Amount Of RAM Installed
  • Operating System

The easiest way to do this is to make a DxDiag report and attach it to your post. This video explains how to create this report:

2.6 Debug Mode, Logs and Crash Dumps

We may ask you to run the game in a special debug mode to provide us with more data to fix crashes. When running in debug mode, the game will run more slowly, but will produce logs and crash dumps which can be used to help identify where in the game’s code a crash has actually occurred.

To start the game in debug mode:

1) Start the game launcher
2) Select the Miscellaneous tab
3) Check the box by “Run in debug mode”

When you run the game in debug mode, logs and crash dumps will be created in the following folder:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\AoW3\Logs
  • Mac: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/AoW3/Logs
  • Linux: /home/<username>/.local/share/AoW3/Logs

Windows: When a crash occurs in Debug Mode then a .dmp file is generated in your AoW3\Logs\ folder. This should have the same filename as the corresponding log file, but with a different file extension (.dmp). We will need this crash dump to help identify the bug.

Mac: When a crash occurs a crash report window should appear. Click ‘Report’ and copy all the text into an empty file. We will need this crash report to help identify the bug.
OSX crash report, report button (second from left) highlighted

3. Send an e-mail to Triumph Studios Tech Support

If you don’t want to post via the forums you can email your issue, please follow the guides lines above. We accept attachments up to 6mb.

Platform Support

For Issues regarding the platform, such as billing, account, login, troubleshooting e.g. not game specific should be addressed here.