Multiplayer Connection Guide

Configuring Online Play:  Age of Wonders uses a P2P networking model and this requires that other users can connect to your computer. When the game tells you that your connection is not properly setup the problem is most likely that your router blocks all incoming connections. From v1.091 onward we also support multiplayer via VPN software such as Hamachi, please see the VPN Multiplayer guide,


  • Enable UPnP on Your Router:  This is the preferred option as UPnP is a protocol that automates port forwarding to your computer. If your router supports this then enable this setting and the game will auto configure your router.
  • Manually Forward a Port on Your Router: Login on your router and forward TCP port 14800 to the local IP of your computer. Some routers have additional firewall settings make sure TCP port 14800 isn’t blocked.
  • Enable DMZ on Your Router: If the above doesn’t work, try to place your computer in the DMZ of your router. Only do this when you run a proper firewall on your computer!
  • Check Firewall Settings If you still have issues it might be that the firewall on your computer is blocking the connection. Make sure AoW3.exe is added to the exception rules and public access is enabled. Double check if the exception rule itself is enabled. On company / university networks you might not be able to configure the router. It’s very likely you cannot play AoW3 multiplayer from these locations. (But you might be able to host a Local  / VPN Game)
  • Multiple computers behind the same router: Age of Wonders will automatically configure your router when UPnP is enabled. If you manually forwarded ports on your router you need to make sure that each computer uses a different port number and forward the different ports separately. In the Launcher you can change the port number the game uses under “Misc Settings”.

Local Games: If you are hosting a purely local game on one network please use the “Local” option.  Matchmaking is still handled through our server, but this option lets you easily connect with players on your local network.

VPN Games: For people who are unable to configure their network to work with Age of Wonders III (like when on a university campus), please see our VPN Multiplayer guide, which shows how to use software like Hamachi with Age of Wonders III.

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