The V1.8 “POSEIDON” patch in Steam Open Beta

While we are very busy with our next big strategy game, we still managed to find time for some Age of Wonders 3 spring cleaning.  In addition to killing bugs and adding a bit of twinkling polish, we have added new water gameplay features for you to enjoy.

The new buildable water fort and water resource in action.

We’d love it if you’d give the new patch a go and let us know is you run into any trouble. I

To get access to the open beta:

  1. Right Click ‘Age of Wonders 3’ in your Steam Library and select ‘Properties’ from the menu that appears.
  2. Select the ‘BETAS’ tab in the ‘Properties’ window.
  3. Set the combobox to ‘open_beta’.
  4. Close the ‘Properties’ window.
  5. Start the game to force an update.

Or watch the start of this video.

Of course, be aware! It’s a beta, so things might crash or malfunction. This can cause you to lose progress or wreck save games, so only switch to the beta if you are willing to take that risk ; )>

Also note that if you are playing online multiplayer or PBEM matches everyone in the match needs to move into the beta branch if you do. I suggest switching back – opting out of beta – when playing PBEM games, unless everyone agrees on moving into the beta.

New Features

  • Added new Build a Water Fortress ability. This enables embarked Builder Units to create Fortresses on water and claim water structures more easily.
  • Added new Oyster Reef structure. Oyster Reef generate gold and population within your domain.

Tactical Combat

  • Fixed 2 issues where units could sometimes shoot through walls and other obstacles without a line of sight penalty. So your dudes and dudettes are safe behind their walls now.
  • Fixed an issue where entering combat would wipe extra move points gained from Death March. Allowing you to use Victory Rush to the fullest.
  • Mind controlled/ghouled units now always have 0 move points on the world map after battle. This is intended as nerf strategies based on unit acquisition in combat.
  • Mind controlled units can no longer retreat from battle. No more cheap summon stealing, sorry.
  • Chaos Rift, Great Immolation and Great Stoning now warn the AI that it needs to abandon siege defense during tactical combat. Charge!!!


  • If a summoned unit evolves, then the summoning spell will be cancelled, and the unit will become a normal unit with a higher mana upkeep. The mana cost is based on the typical cost to summon a unit of the unit’s new tier.
  • Fixed a bug in the random map generator when generating a map with teams enabled. Teams would always be generated counter-clockwise around the map, making it possible to predict the location of other teams.


  • Fixed a crash when clicking the ‘center’ button in the ‘structure captured’ popup after the structure was razed.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when releasing a city or a dwelling as a vassal.
  • Fixed a bug where items being couriered would remain stuck in the hero inventory when an AI hero joins by surrendering.
  • Fixed a bug where AI attacked vassal city of friendly player.
  • Fixed a bug where unit buffs/debuffs from global spells would sometimes vanish without any reason
  • Human Crusader now has the right impact sound.

Multiplayer and PBEM

  • Fixed PBEM exploits. More information after official release, for obvious reasons.
  • Fixed hang in PBEM when one human player remained. Now you can end the remaining AIs rightly.
  • Fixed PBEM notifaction issue for other players turn.
  • Fixed PBEM issue where player was not properly notified of defeat. This prevents a dead state that has you staring at clouds.
  • Fixed PBEM issue when swapping slots in setup. So the host can now safely take slot 2.
  • Fixed PBEM issue when PBEM settings where changed before the session was launched. This could prevent a game from being launched, etc.

Modding and Tools

  • Fixed a crash when starting a map for which the first map layer was removed in the Level Editor.
  • Added mod support for charging mana to build structures and roads on the world map

Graphics and Glitches

  • Fixed popups being removed when they shouldn’t be. Should help when reading damage popups for spells in combat.
  • Changed the ‘Reaper Scythe’ AoW Item Visualization link from a spear to the ‘Necro_Scythe’ model.
  • Fixed the Imperial Hand Cannon visualization in Tactical combat.
  • Assassin’s Stiletto of Silent Murder now has correct weapon displayed.

Text and Localization

  • Removed the obsolete ‘Vanquish Evil Player’ and ‘Vanquish Good Player’ entries in the Tome of Wonders under alignment modifiers.
  • Linked text to fix empty table entries in the ToW under relation modifiers.
  • Fixed an incomplete description for the goblin military level 5 race governance skill. It now also states that the relevant unit types get +5 hitpoint.
  • Fixed an issue where terrain penalties would still be listed, even through they were disabled by the Bolster spell.



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    I don’t know if this is just incredibly bad luck or a new bug, but I had a battle in a legendary Sphinx temple the other day where four out of five petrify attacks by Eye Tyrants were successful against Dwarven FirstBorn Champion level units. I’ve never seen that happen before in the three years I’ve been playing this game. I don’t know what the odds are of that happening, but it seems like they should be very, very low.

    Immolated reduces your resistance a bit, so that might help a bit. All in all, I think it’s really just bad luck. (Also, they’re called watchers.)

    I’m hoping that is the case. It was a very bad day in the temple since that was my best group and my two best heroes. All wiped out. Pretty hard to recover from having 2/3 of your army petrified for 1 – 2 turns. If it happens again I’ll post.



    This appears to still be the case in the released version of the patch, so I don’t know if you’ve noticed this?

    Inverted Color Channel on some Structure symbols (Poseidon Open Beta Patch)

    For reference, I’m using these mods:
    Tibbles’ Racial Class Unit Reskin
    IHunterKiller’s Racial Watchtower
    Eomolch’s Beastman Dwelling
    Charaltan’s Decodence – Map Editor Content

    Deactivating any combination of the above doesn’t do anything to the inverted color-channel, so I doubt they’re the source of hte bug ~



    1. This is EOL patch?
    2. Is EOL patch ever be after shutdown of your auth servers? (for enabling a LAN player without it)? I understand buisness reasons to do an auth, but when auth will not possible anymore, what should we do?
    3. Can we play this patch online from same account (but different copies, one from steam and one from GoG) simultaneously?

Viewing 3 posts - 91 through 93 (of 93 total)

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