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Age Of Wonders 3 has been out for a while now, and a lot has changed since we first released it. We’re interested to hear what you guys think of various parts of the game. What do you folks like? What do you dislike? What do you wish we had done differently? This will help us plan for possible future patches and new projects. We’ve created the first survey to help us organize your feedback.

Please discuss further in the comments, next week there will be a different survey!

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    Lennart Sas

    See News post and participate in the poll! (need to be registered to vote!)


    Done Lord Lennart Sas, bath in the glory of my opinion.



    Done it.

    I would love if you guys could add observer slots for multiplayer. Observers can see all players can communicate among themselves but not to players.Maybe you can also add 1 referee slot to someone who can communicate with everyone so that someone can host a match and communicate with players.

    It would be good for video makers as well.Observers can record video from multiple player perspective showing their moves and commenting on their strategies. Makes videos more attractive to watch .

    Frequent show/tournament matches with lot of observers followed by fan made recordings of them in video sharing sites can build up a lot of interest/hype in the player base as well as prospective buyers.

    Thanks for the game , absolutely love it.



    Done, is there any way you can notify people that do not visit the forums of this survey?



    The “Plans” bit of the title feels like click-bait. I was disappointed in the lack of plans beyond “we’re launching a new site for account maintenance”.

    Still, it’s good that you’re taking a formal poll of where the players stand. Me, I love what we have, and want more classes and races. Bring on the Shadow Realm!

    Done, is there any way you can notify people that do not visit the forums of this survey?

    Hopefully the devs will post something on the Steam community and news pages at least?


    I hope they add a robust unit and building editor before they close the doors on AOW3. Being able to add new creatures and whole new races would make the game immortal.



    I think Eternal Lords and 1.5 and 1.6 patches were steps in exactly the right direction. I would undoubtedly buy in an instant a new expansion similar to EL, in fact I’m throwing money at the screen with one hand and typing with the other 2.



    The one thing I wanted improved, which I don’t think is listed above is loot.

    I would like some tweaks to the rewards/forging options.

    Upon clearing a site, having the select option similar to the tribute or production resources option where you could choose between two awards (or sell for gold) would be nice. Boars get old late game, but that early scout is nice.

    I would also like themed sets in the game – with benefits and drawbacks. For instance, the necromancer set could give + 1 power on ghoul curse per item worn, but all of the items have -1 resistance or something. These could be “conveniently” stored on the boss summons from global events, or as rare loot items. But set items from Heroes 3 complete/Diablo 2 etc. is the one thing I feel is “not included”.

    My other request is simply more: More of the awesome art, races, specializations, themed sites, and the multi-player options that make this the go to 4x for myself and my friends.




    To elaborate my answers:

    I play single player exclusively so I don’t have particular opinion about multiplayer features. I also prefer random maps instead of scenarios/campaigns, so I am also indifferent to those aspects of the game.

    I am satisfied with the essential aspects of Aow III, especially with EL and subsequent patches which increase racial diversity. However, I feel that City Economy, Diplomacy and Racial Governance can be enhanced further. We don’t need Civ-like economy, I agree with that, but adding new buildings and new mystical upgrades can make city economy more complex. Diplomacy would be great if AI have more distinct personality.

    Racial Governance is a great system that can be expanded to make schism (for example: Elves players can choose “High-Elves” racial governance OR “Dark-Elves” racial governance which unlock other type of units). Halflings can choose to befriend Leprechaun OR Faerie Dragon, etc.

    Other features that I strongly encourage Triumph to release is modding capacity, or at the very least Heroes Editor. We already have the excellent Leader Editor, I think it is easy to branch out the system to a dedicated Heroes Editor.

    Of course, more classes and races are always great for the next expansions!



    My other request is simply more: More of the awesome art, races, specializations, themed sites, and the multi-player options that make this the go to 4x for myself and my friends.


    That’s pretty much all my answers at the “Stuff you’d like to be imrpoved”-section or rather all the answers of “I agree”.

    Because more/better of something which is already good/very good is what everyone would want, right? 😀

    The only big things which I think could need some improvements definetly are “LevelEd and Modding“- C’mon, we don’T even have any sort of reliable Modding yet. Cracking RPK files and changing stuff with a Hex-Editor can’t really be called modding- aswell as “Multiplayer Features“- Tho this is pretty much ‘More is better’ too – and “Single Player Campaign“- Because I REALLY loved the way the Campaigns in Age of Wonders 1 allowed for Playercharacter-customization and how you’d carry over certain Units feom the previous Levels, then again, the whole system just was very different from how it is in Age of Wonders 3- .



    I must say that PBEm is a godsend for me as it’s only way I can play multiplayer so everything that develops this aspect is welcome.
    Also the tactical battles are a masterpiece, but can be a little similar one to each other so something for it would be great : Scenarios like “king of the hill” or “line breakthrou” or more varied terrain that have impact on game (for example: bushes that slows but gives misile protection).



    Completed the survey, but what about your plans?



    Scenarios like “king of the hill” or “line breakthrou” or more varied terrain that have impact on game (for example: bushes that slows but gives misile protection).

    Oh yeah, something along those lines would be a great addition.

    I.e. varried terrain on tactical battle maps as in, partially swamps which slow units unless they have wetlands walking or the animated maelstrom on the maelstrom combat map could actually pull swimming/embarked units a random amount of hexes towards the center (in a spiral) each turn and once units enter the central part (e.g. a 3 hex wide area in the middle) take chipp dmg each turn etc.



    There is nothing about improving tha AI… 🙁



    Shadow realm and/or a second underground layer in the rmg, even more differentiation between the the classes, a spell that allows to create water, mountain and diggable wall tiles and an observer slot for multiplayer is what I think is most “pressing” but actually I’m quite fine with the current state of the game 🙂



    There is nothing about improving tha AI… :-(

    They did. Think tactical combat for tactical AI, Diplomacy and relations for geopolitical AI and world army map strategies for army movement AI.



    Done. Felt a bit like nitpicking to me…
    Somehow you guys already not only managed to surpass the hopes for improvements i had at the inital release of the game, but also added a whole bunch of new fun things. AoW3 might very well have grown from a good game in the genre, to the best one in it.

    If i had to pick a theme for an upgrade content wise, it probably would be the underground.
    While i always play with underground enabled, since i appreciate the strategic varieties it offers, i noticed a lot of people prefer to disable it. My theorie is, that it has something to do with it being often perceived as more of a hinderence than an opportunity. It’s harder to traverse than the surface, but doesn’t offer more rewards.
    Adding unique sites, dwellings, tiles or such, might change that. Throw in another cave dwelling race, and you’d have an expansion i’d buy. “They came from the depth…” 😉

    Otherwise, i’d say modability and multiplayer can never be good enough, when it comes to longevity. Especially the former had me play AoW:SM for ridiculous amounts of hours.



    Needs more surveys as well as more specific surveys my thinks!
    Good Job, guys! Wish you luck, have a rest and take some time, Cheers! accounts may also serve as a survey basis



    One more thing: I will buy any new content for this great game so just make it 🙂






    AoW3 almost hasn’t problem as fantasy TBS and 4x strategy.

    Leader Class System – what’s wrong with this? I’m okay with this part of game. Maybe you could propose to us new classes etc? Anyway, I think amount of classes is normal and no need for new ones.
    Main Races – many people complain about absence of races from previous AoWs, but personally I don’t want to see new races, because this leads to different balance problems. We have numerous problems with race utility already. Look at tournament statistics, yes.
    Magic system & Research – ok, but there are balance fixes needed. Also problem with utility of old elemental spheres appear.
    City System & Economy – fine as is, but new building and more complicated city production chains are always welcomed.
    Diplomacy & Relations – sorry, guys, but your diplomacy system is a piece of crap. Completely unpredictable and unclear. And rarely usable, yes.
    Exploration, Sites & Dwellings – I’m fine with this, but I want to notice that dwellings in MP have low utility, because player often hasn’t enough cash and dwellings need a lot of investment. Maybe, you should think about sufficient prize or advantage which dwelling could provide to your entire empire.
    World Map Army Strategies – okish.
    Tactical Combat – don’t touch this, plz, it’s fine.
    Random Maps – some problems with generation need to be fixed, but they’re ok.
    Pre-made Standalone Maps – fine as is (I play only a few of them).
    Single Player Campaign – fine as is. Interesting story.
    Presentation (Audio/GFX) – I know it’s very expensive, so I’m fine with this.
    Fantasy Setting – nice background and lore already. Good job!
    LevelEd and Modding – I’m waiting for mod tools, which let me:
    – creating/editing ALL stats of units;
    – editing unit models (desirably);
    – editing existing/creating new abilities for units;
    – editing existing/creating new abilities and effects for spells and techs of different specs and classes;
    – editing existing/creating new abilities of entire races;
    – creating new races (desirably);
    – to be continued…
    Multiplayer Features – friend inviting system required.



    My list of likes is very long. Aow3 is among the best games i`ve played so far. But i can name a few dislikes.

    map editor
    – could be a lot more user friendly.

    random map generator
    – i would like to see more difficulty levels. Especcially on the higher end. It is ok for the ai to cheat. And i dont mind to get beaten by the ai if it brings a challenge. Even if i never manage to beat it or it takes a long time.
    – The tactical AI is excellent. But the campaign map ai is lacking. Especcially on being aggressive enough to hurt a human player. I would like to see the AI take more of my cities even if this involves cheating. Attack me where it hurts.



    I would like a trade focused expansion with trade goods located on map, automated trade lanes that goes over land and water and can be blocked by bandits and enemies. You would be able to establish trade agreements with neutrals and other players.

    This would be great for good players, so the dark side would need buffs like options for rading enemy map locations, options to take slaves. Slaves would increase population in nearest city but create unhappiness. The good and evil levels should also unlock certain buildings and units. For example could evil players unlock slave markets and dungeons that could help the evil player keep the unhappiness down.

    I would also like to see one or two race specific boats. If sea trade lanes gives good money they will be worth defending.

    There is also room for a dessert Arabic themed race that is perhaps with trade and slaver focus. They might be in league with genies. Much like the old Azracs if I recall correctly.

    I would also like a beastmen dwelling based on Greek mythology. Darkelf corsair water dwelling, hidden woodelf dwelling.



    First time I enjoy fill up surveys 😀 As my plus comment I would like to say that everything is good what it is, just could be more classes/races and so on, but my main wish is about AI. Only what I need is better AI. Right now they got ton of problems, like do not know where and how manage unit to defend or push enemy in line , for example they keep a lot of armies in cities idle where there is no enemy and/or is a corrner of the map. it’s no point to keep, so they do not understand it. This touches AI agressiviness – keeping half armies in bad position defend reduce attacking army, so AI should be better and smarter – it’s what I only want from AOM3 in future 🙂



    It appears that quite a few people agree that modding tools would be REALLY helpful to fix most the “problems” people have with the game…


    The Mentat

    Unfortunately the survey doesn’t include the option to differentiate between changes in the amount of content (additional races…) or new game MECHANICS.

    I voted for class system and main races but not because I want just more of them but because I hope for new mechanics similar to Racial Governance. Anything that makes class/race combinations even more different and interesting.

    However, I feel that City Economy, Diplomacy and Racial Governance can be enhanced further. We don’t need Civ-like economy, I agree with that, but adding new buildings and new mystical upgrades can make city economy more complex. Diplomacy would be great if AI have more distinct personality.

    This is pretty close to my own priorities. Additionally the most important thing that imho needs some improvement is still the hero development (including racial skills for heroes).



    More races, classes, units. That is what gives the game it’s meat and depth. More units is more to do with tactical combat, which i appreciate a lot.

    Above all i’d put modding. I’d love to tweak things myself, or more easily customize maps. But it would also take a lot of the “balance” discussions away. Where people are more often than not argueing from “personal feel”, or pseudo-logic, or for the sake of multiplayer and it’s particularly limiting quircks.

    If people can make their own rule sets that would all be something players can figure out for themselves. Want more realism? Make a mod. Want more multiplayer balance? Make a mod.



    stuff like this make me so happy to be a fan of your games… keep up the good work!


    Here’s some music for inspiration:



    I made some maps for the other Age of Wonders games, but this editor is to complicated for me. It would be nice when this one will be a little bit easier to use…

    …and we still want dark elfs of course! 😉

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