Triumph’s New Game to be announced May 18th @ PDXCon!

Finally some big news: We will announce our next game during PDXCon in Stockholm on May 18th 2018!  Yes, this game is turn-based and yes, this game should appeal to Age of Wonders fans! You can also be there with us at PDXCon, where our parent company Paradox Interactive celebrates the universes and communities of their games.

This large gathering of strategy fans and devs has seminars, contests, LAN sessions, parties and much more. Check here for the details and sign up!  Looking forward to seeing you there and showing you all that we’ve been working on for the last two years!



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    Jolly Joker

    @zaskow At least we made improvements in Planetfall to the localization system! Among others XML is now split up per language, so when adding a new language one doesn’t need to edit & mess with the base files.

    Fun fact: Game localisation is part of what I do for a living. Of course there are games you just do and there are games you really WANT to do, but just when I had managed to get a good foothold with your last publisher and had high hopes of being part of the loc of your new game you got bought by PDX, who have their own teams with not much of a chance to come in as a freelancer. 🙂

    It has to be said that the general localization standard within the industry is abysmal. for a variety of reasons, one being the process as such. It’s even difficult for localizators who are fans of the genre the game they localize is part of (and pity, when they are not).
    I’ve been reading and playing my stuff more and more in English, since most locas have really cringeworthy parts. 🙂


    @ JJ that came up in the discussion, specifically how some.languages don’t seem to have direct equivalents for strategic terms, making the localisation challenging.

    Also, fun fact, apparently French localisation people are notorious for asking 101 questions about the game before translating anything.


    Jolly Joker

    The process as such isn’t too helpful, because you never get the complete document, but just parts. Usually, what you get first is everything that has to be recorded in a studio by real voices – and once those recordings have been made, changes won’t happen anymore. However, since you don’t have the complete picture at that time some translation choices may prove unlucky later, when you get the complete picture.

    Bigger titles will be worked by several people (for one language) which brings their own problems – that are multiplied when it is a game with predecessors, since you need to keep things consistent.
    Q&As are quite important, sometimes simply for gender (example: text says “villager”; fine in English, but not so in all languages that have different words for male and female villager), sometimes for amount (is somebody talking to “you” singular or “you” plural, for example), but quite often for UI things, buttons, and so on. A recent example was “loot” (the one-worders are the worst), that could be on a button you’d press in order to loot a body, but might have been just as well the header of a tab your loot was listed under.
    Add to that time constraints – English is a very short and pregnant language – and in AAA titles even lip-synch movie sequences, and there may be a lot of head-scratching involved. It doesn’t help that the time schedule is always tighter than tight or that every console has its own trademark official vocabulary that you must adhere to – or that every game has it’s own special vocabulary.

    And I mean, not only the game as such. Of course, when you do something like a Roman game, there’s a lot of historical stuff you have to get right, when you do a contemporary action game, you need to get the military stuff right, SF and Sci-Fi having certain standards as well that you better should know, not to mention, say, a sports game (where you have to know THAT vocabulary as well). No, there are games out there that are basically resting on a rich game history. Warhammer 40K, for example. Or PDX’s Battletech. Or Shadowrun…

    Fun fact: I’ve been translating books for all three of those (still have a Levi’s Jacket with a serpent badge of House Kurita’s Draconis Combine), and all three started out as rpg games of the pen and paper variety, so when you translate books, and then, later computer games, that world is already exisiting, at least in some languages. There need to be some kind of consistency, because, even if something sucks, the fan community will tear you to pieces when you don’t get it right.


    My impression more and more is that fan communities, or certain oartsvthereof to be more accurate, rejoice in tearing something to pieces.


    Jolly Joker

    Sure. In that regard they are not different from any “gang”. Violate their turf and it gets messy. Sometimes it’s enough, when they get the impression of one – and some just like the mess. 🙂



    My body is ready!



    The question of localization is a common problem for many games and applications. I often come across this problem with an incorrect translation from one language to another. Sometimes it’s even a little fun, but mainly, it’s a major impediment. For a comfortable using of any of games or applications that I like, I use this service There’s always everything is at the highest level.


    For me, I will go for something fantasy. That will be a big game.



    Yes, translators are cool. But better than adequate professional localization has not come up with anything, just tell you. It’s like talking with a foreign woman in a good language – it’s cool!

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