First official update (v1.09) released!

Hi everybody,  since the release last week we’ve been hard at work with the feedback we’ve gotten and we can now present you with the first official patch for Age of Wonders III. (Auto Update via Steam, Patch download available on GoG) Many thanks go out to players testing this patch over the past week!

Our overall goals with this first patch are: fixing hardware specific issues, registration issues, performance optimization, AI behavior and critical balance fixes. We also added a couple of features such as quick saves and native high resolution support.

Thank you for all of you feedback, and we’re looking to bring you many, many more updates! Up next are networking fixes (VPN / Hamachi support) and late game economy fixes. Please continue to provide your feedback in the forums!

Kind Regards,

– The Team @ Triumph Studios.

V1.09 Change Log:


  • WQHD / QHD (up to 2560 x 1440 / 2560 *1600) native resolution display support (the Black & White boxes and blurry text should disappear). Fix has been verified to work up to and including a resolution of 2560×1660.
  • Fixed an issue for people using Intel HD Graphics – specifically for HD4000 and Surface 2 Pro – in combination with certain driver version, that caused a crash when opening interface screens – e.g. starting the game, opening options menu, skill book, etc.


  • Fixed frame drop when armies were selected.
  • Fixed decreasing frame rate occurring during extended play, particularly in longer battles.
  • Fixed a memory leak when Windows was locked.
  • Optimized a feature effecting maps with water, which should now show increased framerate.

AI Improvements

  • Fixed some cases where the tactical AI would come out from behind the walls of cities and fortresses too soon.
  • Stopped the AI spamming disjunction, so players can now use global magic more easily.
  • Fixed an issue where the tactical AI would cast a resurrection spell on an invalid target.
  • Made ‘squire’ AI easier to beat.
  • AI settings for players were changed to compensate for this change, to keep the same level of challenge on normal difficulty.
  • Using the ‘restart’ option in a campaign map now returns the player to the briefing, allowing map difficulty to be changed.

Scenario & Campaign

  • Campaign: Heroes being mind controlled no longer causes you to instantly lose a campaign map if you rescue them by the end of combat.
  • Campaign: Heroes which are protected by the ‘resurgence’ effect – e.g. the theocrat’s ‘rebirth’ spell – can now die in tactical combat without causing you to lose the campaign map, as long as you win the battle that they die in.
  • Blightmouth Crater: Closed a gap in impassable mountains.
  • Blightmouth Crater: Removed two superfluous hearts of the blight.
  • Blightmouth Crater: Fixed the behavior of independent armies.
  • Elven Resurgence: Player 6 now starts with more gold mines, making the starting positions more balanced.
  • 4th Elven Court map: Independents no longer interfere with one of the starting quests.
  • 4th Commonwealth map: Fixed a message that missed an icon under specific circumstances.
  • 5th Commonwealth map: A ‘defeat leader’ quest no longer reveals that leader’s position.
  • 5th Commonwealth map: Fixed a story message that had overlapping lines of text.
  • 6th Elven Court & Commonwealth maps: Prevented story characters from dying when you are victorious.
  • 6th Elven Court and Commonwealth maps: Added a few building upgrades to starting cities to give the player a better starting situation and more options.

Other Fixes.

  • Fixed settings – e.g. graphics settings – not being saved when using the ‘guest’ profile.
  • Fixed an issue when logging in with usernames of two characters.
  • Fixed the stack confirm movement button being disabled in some situations when a stack was auto-moving.
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by a player razing a city with a heart of blight, tropics, etc in its domain
  • Fixed an issue where a backstab bonus wasn’t being correctly applied. This led to situations where a unit could backstab a target without flanking it.
  • Fixed a crash triggered by clicking on a “You lost your throne city!” event.
  • Fixed a crash triggered by selecting a ‘Egg has hatched’ after loading the save game.
  • Fixed the ‘Remove army from event list’ shortcut key function so armies are properly removed from the list.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Protect your leader and throne city’ quest failed to complete on victory.
  • The game now ignores controller input, to prevent camera drift when a controller is plugged in.
  • ‘Spring of life’ now rewards units when explored.
  • When creating a new custom leader, the field for setting a name is now left empty by default.


  • ‘Shrine of smiting’ is no longer ‘Devout’, nerfing ‘Shrine of smiting’ doom stacks which relied on stacking ‘Devout’ bonuses for the ‘Smiting prayer bolts’.
  • ‘Shadow stalker’ now does cold damage. This fixes an issue where rogues had limited options vs. blight immune troops.
  • Increased the research costs of skills to slow down progression through the skill tree.
  • Increased cost of racial tier 3 unit building to 300 gold and 100 mana.
  • Decreased the base production of cities.
  • Fixed issue with ‘Libraries’ and ‘Observatories’ generating too much knowledge.


  • Added buttons on either side of the city name that cycle through cities owned by the player.
  • We added a quick save option, bound under CTRL+S by default.
  • Added extra text to the preview popup when attacking a city wall. Players can now see the hit points the wall have remaining as they plan their attack.


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    Lennart Sas


    You guys rock big time!

    Kind regards,




    So does the patch affect saved games?



    thank you C:
    We are waiting for news about the next patch. About localization corrections news.


    VPN is next!! WOOO MP here i come 😀

    Look out Fenraellis and Mr Battle Brain Of Blood! After you defeat me 100 times i will then have the skills to challenge you for real!! 😀



    So does the patch affect saved games?

    Save games should be fine, in the beta only one issue came up: Shrines of Smiting in save games will still have the “Devout” property, but newly produced Shrines will not.

    Of course, if you find a save game issue, then please post the save, so we can have a look.


    Lennart Sas

    @lordblade Changes to maps themselves don’t take effect until you restart that map. Most other changes should take effect.


    Thanks Triumph-Team! Also looking forward to future updates.



    Fock yeah!



    Amazing. Thank you Triumph!

    Cant wait for new updates as well as extra content!


    Thank you for the buttons to cycle the cities, but I am curious as to whether or not there will be hotkey support added for this function?



    Good Job!!!



    Thanks very much for the fixes and features.

    The gripe at the top of my list is the issue of troop placement at the beginning of battles. The game has a habit of putting infantry units at the back and vulnerable units (such as heroes) at the front, and on open-world battles the enemy starts very close (within attack range on the first move), so attacking a very powerful stack means the defender can pretty much kill any front line unit he likes (including your leader) before you can even move.

    Second would be that tier IV units are both ridiculously powerful and relatively easy to get; this and the smaller 6-unit stack limit means the game quickly devolves into the clash of monster super-stacks. All the interesting tactical options of infantry/ranged/spearman/cavalry disappear much too early in the game as these units become completely obsolete.



    Have a big manly hug for this level of responsiveness! Or a cookie, whatever floats your boat.



    Any chance for tweaking racial units and adding town specific racial buildings (like Aphrodisiac Ring from Fey dwelling)?



    How do I get this patch?



    Thanx for the quick responce. Seems like a patch that will go well with a lot of suggestions that have been made since launch. Really love it that the devs have been very helpfull last week on the forums.

    Love all the balance changes in this patch!!

    Looking forward towards the scripting tutorial for the editor. Keep up the good work.

    (allready played for 63 hours. mostly editor. Really like this game)



    If you have steam version it should autoupdate. If you have GoG version go to your account on GoG and download the patch manually.



    Hope they fix the editor crashes when you load maps, although I don’t know if that’s possible.



    The performance after the patch is WAY MUCH BETTER 😛 Finally I can play the game normally 😛



    Thank you for the update and fixing so many things!

    1)But how about a Combat Map? It gets very annoying to have to scroll around everywhere to find enemy units still alive in combat….
    IMO that was the most important issue.

    2>) The difficult AI is welcome and adds more excitement to the game. But it also kind of makes the games such that it just becomes a battle between large armies of tier 4 units, and the smaller units just do not matter at all.



    I just opened Steam and I’m not getting any patch.



    I just opened Steam and I’m not getting any patch.

    The game updated itself automatically 2-3 minutes after the announcement for me. Perhaps you need to wait.



    What’s the build/version number?



    Are there any “stealth” changes, like the spell RUST?

    Lennart wrote:

    “Thank you for all of you feedback, and we’re looking to bring you many, many more updates! Up next are networking fixes (VPN / Hamachi support) and late game economy fixes. Please continue to provide your feedback in the forums!”

    Nice! 😀



    1.08 or 1.09, will have to check.



    It looks like I got the patch and didn’t notice it.



    Nice 😀



    Could you guys work on a lock cursor so that the game works better with multi-monitor displays?



    I’ve been playing in the beta stream since last Friday… But just thought I would chime in here and say nice job, Triumph! Excellent speed and you’ve obviously demonstrated a willingness to stick with the game and develop it into yet greater things. Well done and thank you!

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