VPN Multiplayer

This guide explains how to use 3th party VPN software for Age of Wonders 3 multiplayer.  This option is available from version 1.091 (beta patch) onward. We suggest this option if you are unable to configure your network to work with Age of Wonders 3 native network  support,  like  when you’re on university campus, a company network or you have other network configuration issues.

1. Install third party VPN software, for example: Hamachi or Tunngle.

2. Connect with your friends using the VPN software so you are all on the same network.

3. Start Age of Wonders III in Administrator Mode,  Choose Online Multiplayer and Select “Search Local”

Local screen

4. Switch the “adapter” to the one you are using:


5.  When Hosting a game (choose a network name)

Hosting Game

6. Or if you want to join a game: (choose same network name and VPN adapter as the host!)

Joining Game

Enjoy your Multiplayer!

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